Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1) Cinder question

Is it worth finishing?
Shy Shy Jul 28, 2014 07:58PM
I'm not sure if I want to continue reading this book.

It started out pretty slow but after sometime it's mind-blowing. It's suspenseful and just has a good flow after you get into it! Don't stop now! Scarlet and Cress are also really good!

You should definitley finish 'Cinder' at first i couldn't get the consept of their world but as i read on i was AMAZING!! Totally worth the read!

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Is it worth finishing?

And a thousand more yesses!

If you don't like it at all now, I would say find something else to read instead. It gets a little better right after the beginning, then stays about the same for the rest of the book. I did enjoy it, but was kinda disappointed upon finishing it as I expected it to be better.

It gets really great. All of the books in The Lunar Chronicles are good.

I found the book incredible in the way of action and fantasy, but also strong plot and characters. You need to keep on reading for so many more surprises that can only be achieved through the series.
i bet many would agree too.

Is it a good book? I want to read it ;D

:) It starts out slow, but if you push yourself to get past the first bit, it's well worth your time.

Cinder's completely amazing, once you get past the slow parts you definitely won't want to put it down.

It had a super slow start for me too and it took me several weekes to get a few chapters in but I swear to you I was around chapter 8 when suddenly I was sucked in and I finished it in a night- I completely think it was worth it!

You have to get through Cinder and get used to the world more then when you get to Scarlet and Cress and you won't be able to put the book down! Personally Cress is my favourite and I can't wait for Winter.

Cinder is exactly what it looks to be. It's a retelling of a famous fairy tale with some cyber and extraterrestrial embellishments. If you find fairy tales a bit ho-hum or lacking something, then Cinder may be a bit of a been there, done that type of book for you.

I read the book just to finish it. It wasn't so bad that I felt compelled to abandon it but I have no urge to read the sequels, either.

READ IT! :) Starts out a little slow, but gets amazing!

You must finish this book and the entire chronicles and all the novellas in between.

Cinder's amazing; don't stop now!

Cinder is slow for around eight chapters, but it does gets better as the story goes on.

It starts out slow, but don't give up. It's amazing!

it's funny - i avoided this series for any number of reasons for quite a long time but when i got a bit into it, i found that i can't really put it down, and i'm really anxious to see what happens next.

i'm with everyone here - keep reading and stick with it - things get complicated in a good way and the other characters that begin to get introduced make for a great story line.

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