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What age do you think CoHarts books are acceptable?

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message 1: by Barbie (new)

Barbie | 1 comments I’m curious if any of her books are would be appropriate for an 11 yr old? I know Ugly Love is out of the question but I can’t remember about the other ones.

message 2: by Alexandria (new)

Alexandria  St Delphi  (books__life) | 3 comments the slammed series is classified as YA. but it does have sex in it. I started reading her books at age 17. so far I have read all except without merit and they all have sex and deal with heavy life issues.

message 3: by Alice (new)

Alice | 1 comments I'd say they aren't for 11 years old, they have sex and sometimes explicit language in them.

Gaby (lookingatbooks) (lookingatbooks) | 1 comments Definitely not okay for 11 years old. I’ve read every one of them but It Ends With Us (I know what that ones about though). Not a single book she’s written is appropriate for a child. Every book of hers is romance and deals with one heavy topic or another. Abuse is common in her book themes, as well. Without Merit is about suicide^. And the Losing Hope series deals with something pretty traumatic and definitely not okay for an 11 year old to read. Even though her books have teenage characters in some, they’re adult.

Andreia Butterfly ❤Audiobook Addict❤ reads 24hrs (andreiafernandes) How old are Colleen Hoover main protagonists, generally speaking?

message 6: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Dill | 1 comments No! I wouldn’t even want my teen to be exposed to the sex scenes and language. Anyone over 18 is ok. I would recommend reading the book first before you consider letting her read. They are fantastic books but not apppropriate for a child

message 7: by Sally (new)

Sally Rowan Baratta | 7 comments Absolutely not ok for young kids/pre-teens. Not even ok for my mom unfortunately. ☹️

message 8: by molly! (new)

molly! | 4 comments I believe 15+ readers to be acceptable, considering them to become exposed to sex, language and occasionally foul behaviour.

message 9: by Kristin ∞ (new)

Kristin ∞ i feel like 15+ if you’re a mature 15year old

message 10: by jae (new)

jae | 1 comments coming from a 15 year old, i think that 15+ makes sense but it all depends on maturity.

message 11: by Mel (new)

Mel definitely 18+. I would make an exemption for 15/16 yo if they are mature enough, it depends on the child. Any younger it'd be very inappropriate

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