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Post your approved therapists and psychiatrists here.

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Name: Mairead "Mary" Thatcher

Age: 31

Gender: F

Appearance: It's apparent to anyone that Mairead has an Irish background. Her light blonde hair is in waves down to her shoulder blades, and her wide, blue eyes come straight from Ireland. She isn't very tall (only 5'3), but her perfect posture and graceful carriage seemingly add an inch or two to her height. Her skin is smooth and pale, according to her ethnic background, and it's so white that you can see purple and green-blue veins, especially on the undersides of her forearms. She never looks unkempt or disorganized; her appearance is always professional and neat down to the very last detail. Even her fingernails are always shaped correctly with clear polish or the occasional shade of green or blue. Her figure isn't the most desirable; she has little to no curves, and her bosom is nothing to be envious of. She is more petite in frame, though, but you can tell she's worked some tough jobs as she does possess a moderate amount of muscle.
Mairead's preferred style of clothing is loose, flowy, and gauzy. She also prefers neutral colors, nothing bold or bright. Normally she can be seen wearing a maxi-length dress, though they are almost never form-fitting in any way, or jeans and a patterned blouse. Floral patterns are her favorites, and she has penchant for anything lacy. As for footwear, she normally wears flats and, very rarely, heels, though they are more like wedges than actual heels.

Personality: Time has mellowed out Mairead's personality a little bit. She has a softer, gentler touch than her former, outspoken nature. She still struggles with speaking her mind without thinking, but her self-control has definitely improved over the years. She also still believes that honesty is the best policy but for different reasons. When she was younger, she only believed in it because it gave her an excuse to speak more painful truths that did not build anyone up, but now she believes in it because she knows that dishonesty and lying hurt relationships, though she does acknowledge that being honest is not saying everything that comes to mind. Some things are better left unsaid.
She truly does care about other people, but since she spent so much of her life only caring about herself, she has to work hard not to revert back to old tendencies. Being a therapist has helped her greatly in this field, though she has to be careful not to start oversharing about her own problems to her patients and has to remember that the session is not about her. Plus, the patient is paying her for a service, so she should perform the service. Or so she tells herself anyway.
Her patience has grown over the years as well. She still has issues with it, but her self-control has developed enough to where she can hide it from most people, unless they know her really well. She's had to learn the hard way that you cannot be a therapist without patience; nothing moves slower than human behavior, not to mention changes in behavior. Because of her strong work ethic, she's making real progress in her patience level, and even some of her patients she's had for a long time have noticed a difference. It's made her and her methods more effective.
Naturally, she loves learning new things and acquiring more knowledge, especially about the magic arts. This has made her very effective when it comes to special cases concerning magic.

History: Mairead grew up on a farm, and as a child, she loved it and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Her woodland magic thrived out in the country, and she became very capable as she grew older. She could coax the trees into making a cave-like shelter for her or help struggling plants grow. Her magic was especially useful when she was old enough to help out around the farm. She helped plants grow stronger and healthier, producing sweeter fruits or juicier tomatoes, and could repair some of the plants that were damaged and clinging on to life after an especially bad storm. Her family's farm soon grew to be very popular, and they made more money off their crops than they ever had before.
However, things didn't stay that way for long. On one of her trips to the nearby town, she "fell in love" with a city boy. She harbored romantic feelings for him for a long time before he asked to move their friendship up to the next level. She was overjoyed and immediately said yes. Unfortunately, her parents did not approve. She was only truly happy when she was with her boyfriend; around the house she moped and slacked off on her chores and didn't do her homework. The crops still brought in money, but they were nowhere near where they had been when Mairead helped them grow and flourish. Eventually, she started failing school, and that was when her parents had had it. They wouldn't let her see her city boyfriend or go out and party. She was only to leave the house to do her chores or to help out the neighbors come harvest season.
By now she hated the country and made sure her entire family knew it. She longed for the day that she would be eighteen so that she could run away and live in the city with her boyfriend for eternity. Her parents hoped that she would return to her old self if she didn't see the city boy who'd put so many ideas into her head, but Mairead only grew more obsessed as time went on. She secretly wrote him letters and had one of her girlfriends deliver them in the city for her. She and her boyfriend planned out their life together; it was the only thing that kept her going sometimes. If ever things were looking bad or she missed him sorely as she often did, she would just count down the days until she escaped. His letters were literally her life blood.
Finally the day came when she turned eighteen. She graduated from school with her high school diploma (she'd managed to salvage her grades several years ago) and almost immediately packed her things to return to the city. Her parents tried to warn her that she was making a mistake, but she didn't care. She tuned them out as she had always done. The last time she swung off that porch railing would be the last time she ever saw the house. Her parents drove her into town, and once they arrived, a teary farewell ensued. The tears were mostly her parents', but she did shed a tear or two. They'd always been in her life, and now they wouldn't. It was scarier than she'd imagined it in her head. In her mind, it was a glorious scenario where all her longings were fulfilled, and her old family no longer mattered. As she now realized, that was not reality. She embraced her parents one last time and bid them farewell. She wouldn't see them again for ten years.
Mairead lived contentedly with her boyfriend for a couple years. They both worked jobs to pay their apartment's rent, though they weren't high paying jobs as neither of them had a college education and very little experience out in the real world on their own. Eventually, Mairead caught him cheating and left him, broken and sad. She had no place to go and returning to her family to explain her failures was not an option, at least in her mind it wasn't. So, she hitch-hiked to the next town, which was a major city, and settled down their. She got a new job, though it wasn't enough to pay her landlord with, so she took on a few, questionable jobs on the side to earn the extra money she needed. Her life was a mess for the next several years as she moved from place to place, until finally she hit rock bottom and was forced to call her parents to bail her out of jail for getting involved with a drug gang. She refused to go home, but her parents offered to help put her through college. She majored in psychology and counseling, and now here she is at Character Therapy, a founding member of Silvermaple Counseling.

Specialty: Cases concerning magic


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Name: Rowan Tarquin Darkwoode

Age: 29

Gender: M

Appearance: Rowan has thick, orange-red hair parted to one side and normally slicked back, though there are always a few, rebellious strands that threaten to fall in front of his face. His eyes are a vivid, emerald green that look almost like marbles because of the way the light reflects off them, and thick, dark set sets of lashes that any girl would envy frame his eyes. Like your typical redhead, Rowan has pasty, pale skin, which tends to make hi m look like he's made out of porcelain china in contrast to his bright hair color. He's tried to tan over the years but to no avail; he just burns right up. He has a tall, lanky build with some moderate muscle in his biceps and triceps, but otherwise, he's one of the skinniest people you'll ever meet. He's roughly 5'9, which is mostly due to his lean, bony legs. His face has sharp, angular features and high cheekbones, though his facial features are not as sharp as his younger sister's. He has medium-sized ears and nose, and he has a moderately broad forehead. He also takes great pains to ensure he uses good hygiene. His teeth are nearly pearly white, though he has a small mouth and doesn't smile much so they aren't seen often enough. His teeth are relatively straight, though one of his canines is a little too far forward, and his lips are very small in accordance with the size of his mouth. He's always clean-shaven; it's entirely possible that no one has ever seen him with any amount of stubble on his face. His finger and toenails are usually clipped down very neatly, but the edges will occasionally be a bit ragged if he's been chewing on them, a habit he's working hard to get rid of.

Personality: Rowan is a nerdy scholar and an intense bookworm. In fact, his love for reading is really the only thing about him you could ever describe as intense. He's generally laid back and tends to go with the flow, and he's extremely flexible. He won't compromise his values, however. He doesn't stand up or draw attention to himself otherwise, but he will always do whatever he can to protect the weak.
He's possibly one of the most selfless people on the planet. He enjoys helping others and serving in his community whenever he can, but he doesn't do it for the glory or recognition. He just likes doing the right thing and how it feels when he puts someone else's needs in front of his own.
Rowan is also very dependable, organized, and accountable. He can't stand leaving anything half-done and always puts in his best effort, even if he won't get anything out of it. However, this is also known as being a perfectionist, and he cannot let go of something without spending hours making it just so. He's almost never good enough for himself, and he truly is his own worst critic. This can severely cripple him in environments where he doesn't have enough time or simply is unable to achieve perfection on his own, inner meter stick. He is very detail-oriented, but he also knows how to step back, take a look at the big picture, and think in the long term. He's actually a decent strategist and can easily predict future events based on past decisions, feelings, and behaviors, which is part of why he makes an excellent counselor.
He is ever patient and is able to relate and sympathize to his clients and other people in his life. Growing up, he went through several hard times and is better able to relate to people suffering trauma or mental disorders, especially his clients, than most other people, including therapists.
He has a very caring nature, and as his relationships with people develop, he becomes loyal and protective over them. The last things he wants is for someone to get hurt, especially if that someone is one of his patients. He really does try hard to make connections with his patients and tries to be a genuine person, which is the main reason why he is one of the more popular therapists in the group. His philosophy in his words is, "be a decent person, help others in need, know that there are two sides to every story, use common sense, and don't live like you have forever on this earth."
However, like everyone, Rowan is a hypocrite, especially when it comes to his little sister. Some tragic things happened when he was on the verge of adulthood, and he blames his sister for everything, not taking into account her version of events. He is so blinded by his grief and anger over it that he can't even fathom the possibility of trying to understand her side of the story. He's dealt with on-and-off depression ever since but has made tremendous progress in making a new life for himself.
He sometimes stresses the importance of family to his patients as he's seen it work wonderfully before, but he has no desire to ever be in contact with any of his remaining family.
In short, while he can be a hypocrite, he's wise for his age and is intelligent, genuine, and generous and always stands up for those who can't.

History: Rowan actually grew up in Europe. His father was Greek, and his mother was an American touring Greece when they first met. The way his father tells it is that it was love at first sight. Rowan doesn't believe in love at first sight or, even, true love, but he admits the sentiment is nice. Apparently his father, Tanner Darkwoode, and his mother, Grace Durin, were married almost a year later and settled down in Greece for a few years.
Rowan's older sister, Cat, was born in their parents' first house, and about a year later he was born. He has no memories of his home in Greece because soon after he was born, his parents moved and hit the road. His parents never told him why, but they traveled around the globe constantly throughout his childhood.
When he was two years old, his little brother, Tory, was born while they were in Italy, and two more years after that his youngest sibling, Chloe, was born while they were on the road.
The family moved back to Greece for a short time and became very close with another family that moved from place to place quite frequently. The Allens were a pair of brothers and their wives and children, and both families became quite close. Their parents and the Allen brothers got along well, and all the children formed friendships with each other. Both families decided to move again, but this time they did it together. Rowan has been to Russia, Poland, Germany, the former Yugoslavia, France, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Australia, and the United States, where he now lives, and the bonds he formed with his siblings and the Allen children strengthened throughout all this.
However, when he was ten years old, his mother mysteriously died from electrocution while she was in the bathtub one evening before his father was home from work. His sister Cat was the one who stumbled upon the body and bravely handled it. She kept the other children away and showed her father the bathroom when he finally came home. There was no phone call to the police, and no one ever said anything about how she died. Grace was buried in Greece during their last trip there, and soon after the burial, both families moved. That was the last time Rowan would ever be in the country of his birth, and he's never wanted to go back because of the unpleasant memories associated with it.
Eventually, he found out that Chloe had accidentally electrocuted Grace with her magic, and while it did take him a while to accept it, he didn't harbor much resentment towards her. In the Darkwoode family, death was frequent and almost normal.
His great-aunt and great-uncle died next from mysterious causes that no one ever bothered to explain to him. He had a feeling that Chloe and Cat both knew, but they never said anything, leaving him and Tory in the dark.
Rowan loved his siblings, but he was the closest with Cat, then Tory, and lastly, Chloe. Like the scholar he was, he studied his own magic and the magics of his siblings and "cousins" (the Allens), and even wrote a few of his own books on his observations and theories about the laws of magic in the world. Much of it was speculation, but he was able to define and determine his siblings' magic fairly accurately. Another thing he would do with his siblings was read to them or teach them science about the way things worked. At an early age he was able to assume a teacher or mentor-like role to Tory, Chloe, and Cat, even though she was older than him.
Eventually, the family moved to Australia, and they stayed there longer than they'd stayed anywhere else before. When they finally had to leave, they moved to the United States, but not everyone in the family was happy about it. Rowan's grandparents moved back to Europe and were killed during a terrorist attack, and his Aunt McKenna moved back to Australia but died in a plane crash on the way there. Then his beloved sister, his role model, his everything, was tragically murdered by a doctor who had been hunting the magical for years. His other sister survived and found her way back home, but things went downhill even further. The last death was that of his father. No one ever determined the cause of death, but Rowan and Tory both blamed Chloe, who denied having anything to do with it. Neither of them believed her, and the remaining family split apart. Rowan and Tory moved away together and left Chloe, who was barely a teenager at the time, to survive on her own. After some time, Rowan and Tory parted ways. Rowan wanted to live in a world with no magic where he could be just a normal, average person, but Tory did not feel the same. After a big argument, they went their own, separate ways and haven't heard from each other since.
Rowan struggled to get by and eventually was able to attend college where he majored in counseling and minored in sociology. He was founding member of Character Therapy and is now working on his Master's and only has to finish his dissertation.

Specialty: None.

Other: None.

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Ash B. Winchester - Part One

Name: Ash Brighid Winchester

Age: 89 (looks 22)

Gender: F

Appearance: Ash has straight, black hair down to her shoulder blades, but she normally puts her wavy locks of hair into a messy, low ponytail or parts it to one side or the other. Her eyes are warm and reflective, like a shiny glass marble, and her irises are light gray with tendrils of rich, brown and gold hues. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and Ash’s eyes indeed display intense amounts of emotion and thought so much so that her moods are almost contagious if you look into her eyes. She has a willowy, slender frame, but though she has very few curves, her legs, torso, and neck are gorgeously elongated to exactly the right degree, giving her an air of grace and sophistication. Her height is roughly 5’7 and a half inches, and her skin is sheet white, almost giving off a sort of dim, warm glow. Her fingers are very long and slender, and she keeps her nails trimmed very neatly so that they don’t scratch herself or other people. She has hardly any muscle anywhere on her body and consequently, has almost zero strength whatsoever. With her alabaster skin and elegant frame, she more than resembles a porcelain doll with her small features and excellent posture. Ash’s face is slightly more of a round shape, and most if not all of her facial features are very soft and gentle, enhancing the warm but quiet aura that seems to emanate off her. She has small lips and ears, and her nose is a bit small as well. Her eyelashes are very short, and her eyebrows are thin. She has very few scars or markings on her otherwise ghostly complexion, but the three, largest ones are crooked, jagged lines on her back, shoulder blades, and waist. A few, smaller ones are on the undersides of both wrists, and her thighs also have similar scars. Two, large, feathery, white wings extend from her shoulder blades, seemingly the only part of her that actually has some muscle except for her back, which is exceptionally strong. She possesses no tattoos or piercings, except for one piercing in her left ear.
Ash’s fashion tastes are pretty simple; she tries her best to stay away from more flashy or eye-catching clothes. Normally, she just wears a pair of ripped jeans with a lacy top and cropped jean jacket or a sweater and scarf in colder weather. She either wears combat boots or sandals, depending on the season, and is an expert with hair. She’ll even do some of the younger girls’ hairs if they ask her to, but makeup is something she rarely wears. She likes painting her nails with sparkly nail polish (usually pink or silver), and also likes to tie a red or blue bandana around her ponytail or neck.

Personality: Ash is the most patient person you will ever meet. She never gives up on people no matter what, even if they intentionally hurt her, and continues to see the best in people. She doesn't let one person's actions affect her behavior or color her vision, and she has faith that anyone can change and turn their life around. Even the most despicable and evil can find redemption. The one major drawback to this is that it's made her very gullible and even a little naive. Unfortunately, this has made her an easy target, and people go out of their way to trick or prank her. She's getting better at reading people and telling when they're not being forthcoming, but it is still a struggle for her. She can even be taken for a fool by people she knows well. She does see the bad in people; she's not blind to it just because she chooses to focus on the good. In fact, she's counseled criminals before and has been relatively successful.
Ash lives to listen to people’s problems, give them advice, or help them figure things out. She loves solving problems and will sometimes solve problems for people who don’t want her help on accident. That being said, most of the time she knows when to back off and let people sort things out for themselves.
She tends to take on a nurturing, mother hen type role, but she can morph into a mama bear if someone threatens or hurts her family or someone close to her. She loves playing people's guardian angel or fairy godmother, and she's at her best when she's looking after others. She can be a little overbearing at times, but she does have other people's best interests in mind.
Ash is a natural leader but does not enjoy leading. She is often called upon to referee disputes as she is known for being a fair and impartial judge.

History: Ash was born of a powerful archangel and a human woman, but the god her father served had no tolerance for his angels in relationships with mortals, not to mention an angel having a child with a mortal. She lived with her mother for the majority of her childhood in a small farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. They grew most of their own food and raised chickens, cows, and other animals. They also hired a few farmhands who lived with them in their house to help with the chores and tasks of running a farm. Ash’s mother always picked the farmhands they hired with great care. She couldn’t have anyone going off into any of the closest towns and telling everyone about the woman and her half-angelic daughter who lived in the country.
Ash never saw her father much, but he tried to visit her and her mother whenever he could. He taught her how to control her abilities as best he could with the limited time he had to spend with her. As a result, Ash had to learn how to master her powers mostly on her own, a process that ended up taking years. Her healing magic was the easiest to learn, but her empathic abilities were much more difficult to control. Sometimes no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t feel anything at all, but other times she felt everything from everyone around her all at once, causing her to have severe breakdowns. The stress was so great that it would often cause her to experience psychotic episodes. During these episodes, she became paranoid, delusional, agitated and even suffered from hallucinations. She became convinced that someone was following her at all times, people were out to hurt her, and her thoughts were being controlled externally. She even had audio and visual hallucinations, such as voices in her head and seeing things or people that weren’t really there. These episodes could last anywhere from simply a week to over a month. The random, uncontrollable visions she sometimes received didn’t help matters either. Sometimes she would regain consciousness in a place that was different from the one she originally passed out in. As a young child, she hated and feared it, but as she got older, she just accepted it, since there was nothing she could do to change what happened occasionally. The visions usually came in short bursts and hardly ever made any kind of sense. It was like focusing so intensely on one part of the picture that it was impossible to see the whole of it.
Despite her fragile mental health, most of Ash’s childhood was relatively happy. She loved living on the farm because she got to play with all the animals, and she even got to help the farmhands or her mother when one of their animals was giving birth. Because of her love for nature, living out in the wide open country was perfect for her. She loved to camp out in the fields, and oftentimes she would coax one or two of the farmhands to join her. Sometimes she would sleep in the barn during warm summer nights up in the loft, listening to the restless snorts of the horses below and the gentle brays of the one donkey they owned. She’d take any excuse to be outside and slept outside or in the barn or out by the sheep pen more often than she slept in her own bed.
Her chores around the farm included feeding and gathering eggs from the chickens, helping her mother prepare the meals for themselves and the farmhands, feeding and watering the horses, mucking out the horses’ stalls, weeding the garden, and dusting and cleaning around the house. However, she and the farmhands often played games in the evening to determine who had to do the nastier jobs (like mucking out the stalls) the next day. Usually they played some form of poker, betting chores instead of money. Ash’s mother was not particularly happy that some of the farmhands had taught her poker, but as long as they only bet their tasks and everything got done, she allowed it. Ash was never much good at poker; she didn’t have a very good poker face and usually ended up cleaning the horses’ stalls. However, she didn’t really mind as much. She liked being around the horses and other animals in the barn. She often played with the lambs in the sheep pen or with the sheepdog, Bernard, in her free time, and she liked to comfort the sheep when the farmhands sheared their wool in the summertime. Her presence always calmed the farm animals. There were also a few cats who hung around the barn, and she named all of them and learned how to sew little toys for them to play with.
A few times a year, tornadoes formed in their area, and they would all have to hide in the cellar built right underneath the house. The tornadoes didn’t usually touch down near the farm, but it did happen more than once, killing most of the crops. Once Ash got a handle on her healing powers, however, she was able to mend most of the plants, saving the farm from financial disaster.
Ash was hardly ever allowed to leave the farm and go to the nearest town to sell crops and cattle as her parents worried that she would be exposed as a half-angel. She wasn’t able to keep her wings hidden for long periods of time until she was much older, and she didn’t have a good handle on her magic. Besides that, her father was well known throughout this rural part of the country, and she looked a lot like him. Hoping that no one would make the connection was too great a risk. The punishment for a half breed like Ash was death. Her father’s god had no tolerance for illegitimate children, especially those with mortal blood.
Even though she longed to see what the outside world was like, there were enough things to do on the farm that kept her mind and body busy. One summer night when she was laying in the loft as usual, she heard one of the horses snorting and moving around restlessly below. She peered over the edge and saw that one of their pregnant mares was making all the noise, acting as if she was in labor. Ash frowned as she climbed down the ladder. The mare, Apolline, wasn’t due for another several weeks. Gently she felt the horse’s muscles, being as slow and careful as possible so that the agitated mare wouldn’t lash out at her. Ash knew by now the physical signs of labor in farm animals, but she was also connected to them in a strange way. Both her instincts and observations agreed that Apolline was having her foal tonight despite being very early. Ash was about to run to the main house to get help, but then the mare lay down. Ash realized that Apolline was foaling right now, and she didn’t have time to get anyone else. So, she unlatched the stall door and sat next to the horse, talking gently to her. She knew the mare couldn’t understand what she was saying, but Apolline could understand tone. Just as the front legs of the foal emerged, one of the farmhands ran into the barn, having been walking by the barn and hearing Apolline’s distress. Together, Ash and the farmhand watched in awe as the head of the foal arrived followed by its neck, back, and hind legs. The foal was surprisingly small and snuggled up to its mother after Ash and the farmhand identified it as a female. Both Ash and the farmhand stayed the night with the mother and foal, falling asleep in the hay. When they woke up early the next morning to the rooster’s crowing, the foal was curled up, shivering. Ash draped a blanket over it, and that seemed to help.

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Ash B. Winchester - Part Two

History cont'd:
She got out of most of her chores that day, since she volunteered to keep an eye on the newborn and its mother. However, most of the day the foal didn’t even attempt to walk, which was worrisome. Foals normally began walking within hours after being born. Ash didn’t know what was wrong with foal; she just knew that something was terribly wrong with it. Her mother and the farmhands agreed with her when they came to check on the foal. Ash’s mother really didn’t want to call a veterinarian up to the farm, so she decided they would wait until morning and talk about getting the foal help.
Ash slept with Apolline and her foal again that night, reading them both stories from her favorite storybooks. She had even drawn some of her own pictures in it to go along with the stories. As she was reading the fairytale about the princess and the eleven swans, something clicked in her head. She put the book down and rubbed the foal, closing her eyes. She couldn’t describe what was wrong or how she fixed it. She just felt it. She hadn’t really healed anything of this size before; usually she just mended plants or small birds, but she knew the foal would be alright now.
The next morning when she woke up, the foal was walking around on wobbly legs and licking Ash’s face. When her mother and the farmhands arrived, they were relieved to see that the foal was out of the woods. Ash tried explaining how she had healed the foal, but it was difficult since she didn’t really know what she had fixed. She just sensed something wrong and set it right.
From then on, the foal was her constant companion once it was weaned from its mother. She named it Ember for its glossy, black coat, and once it was old enough, she would ride bareback, the two galloping through the fields. Her mother had a hard time getting her to do her chores around the farm after that, but she did appreciate that Ash had a companion besides her and the farmhands. She tried her best to make a good life for Ash, but she knew that her daughter seemed to want to leave the farm more and more every day. She would do anything to keep her daughter safe, even if it meant Ash could never leave.
As Ash entered her teenage years, she became more distant from her mother and even the farmhands she’d grown up with. A longing to be free churned the bitterness and resentment that had long been festering in the pit of her stomach. Now that she had gained better control over her wings, she often flew high above the clouds to be alone with her thoughts or just overhead of the farm animals, especially the horses. She liked to race Ember when she was supposed to be out doing her chores, pushing her strong wings to the very limit. Usually she won but not without a struggle; Ember was a devilishly fast mare with a determined spirit.
Still, even though Ember was her closest friend, she longed to go out into the world, to meet new people, to see new things, and to do things for herself. She argued about leaving the farm constantly with her mother almost every single chance she got. The rare times her father visited were generally unhappy; she badgered him as much as she could about letting her just ride to town with one of the farmhands the next time they had business in town, but her father wouldn’t allow it. They’d end up having shouting matches every time he visited.
Eventually, she got so fed up with all the rules that she took off and flew to the nearest town herself. She landed about a mile away from the town, shifted into her human form, and walked the rest of the way. When she entered the town, a festival was going on. A parade was in the street, confetti and candy were sprinkled everywhere, triumphant music filled every corner with jubilant notes, and people crowded the streets, the adults taking pictures while the children tried to gather as much candy as possible. Ash loved it. She liked having open fields and skies, but they got terribly lonely. Here, with all the people and energy, she felt much more at ease.
She set out to explore the town, stopping only once to join in the festival dances. After a little practice, she thought she’d gotten the hang of it. Since she didn’t have any money, she just window-shopped. She especially liked the dress shops with all their patterns and silk ribbons and intricate jewelry. She even tried on a few necklaces and rings, wishing she had money to buy them.
Ash was so exhilarated and enthralled by everything, especially the fireworks once it got dark… until she realized her mother would be worried to death about her, since she had just taken off without telling anyone. She slipped out of the town and, while everyone was captivated by the firecrackers, leapt into the air with the aid of her white wings. She flew as fast as she could, draining herself until finally she tumbled down into one of the fields. There was no time to dust herself off; even though she was utterly exhausted, she sprinted towards the main house. Her mother was pacing back and forth on the porch, not noticing Ash until she was climbing up the steps to the wraparound porch. When her mother found out where she had been, she lectured Ash for a good thirty minutes before falling silent and retreating to her bedroom. Ash could hear her mother crying softly on the other side of the door and decided to sleep in the loft of the barn, feeling like an intruder in her own house.
The mood of the next several days was solemn and gray. Ash actually did her chores on time, waiting to play with Ember until after all the work had been done. Her mother would hardly speak to her unless it was related to the farm work, and Ash tried as hard as she could to make things easier for her mother. She even got up earlier than usual to make breakfast for her mother and all the farmhands and insisted on cleaning the kitchen herself. Until that night, she had never seen or heard her mother cry, and it was a sound she never wanted to hear again. No matter how angry she got at her mother for never letting her leave, she couldn’t bear to see her mother hurt like that.
Gradually, Ash and her mother began to speak to each other again, but just as that was starting to happen, her father dropped in for a surprise visit, the expression on his face a mix of anger and regret. Someone had recognized Ash as a half-angel, and it had gotten back to the deity Athanasius served. A long argument ensued, and in the end, they decided that Ash and her mother had to move somewhere else. Athanasius promised to be back the next day to help them, but before he could return, a host of angels arrived at the farm, setting fire to everything. Ash’s mother was unable to make it out of the house alive, and all the farmhands were slaughtered at the hands of the angels. Just when Ash thought it was all over for her, Athanasius appeared, taking on the angels to allow his daughter to escape. He never made it out of the farm alive.
Ash fled the farm, flying high above the clouds to avoid detection by any of the humans below. Living on her own was rough, but growing up on a farm had prepared her for survival. She mostly lived in secluded places: a thick forest, an abandoned “haunted” house, ghost towns, etc. As she got older, she found that she had stopped aging like humans. She seemed to be stuck in the form of a young adult, or she was just aging so imperceptibly slowly. She lived in almost complete solitude, reliving her parents’ deaths and how she had caused them over and over again like a movie in her head that looped on and on and on into infinity. During this time, she lost her curious and spunky spirit, dragging her wings from one place to another. Sure, she finally got to see the world, but it didn’t seem so bright without her family, including her parents, the farmhands, and the animals, especially Ember. Ember had burned to death when the barn was set on fire while Ash had been trying to get her mother out of the burning main house. She hadn’t been able to save a single person that night, and she despised herself for it.
Eventually it got to the point where Ash could barely function. She had just given up and was wasting away in a ghost town. She hardly ate, rarely went outside, and almost never did anything but lounge around, drinking old whiskey in the abandoned saloon she’d been staying in. But as it turned out, fate had something different in mind for her.
One day, what looked like a caravan came through the ghost town. Ash didn’t even make any attempt to see what was happening; she didn’t have the interest to investigate in the least. A couple of the people, presumably from the caravan, came into the saloon with jovial expressions and playful banter, but when they saw her, one of them nodded at the others. They approached Ash, who was scooting warily away from them until they cornered her against the wall. They tied her up and dragged her outside where the rest of the caravan was waiting. They were strangely dressed, and some of them had swords strapped to their belts. Others had revolvers, and some carried no visible weapons. But what struck Ash the most was that they all had wings. The majority had darker wings, but there were still several with white wings like hers. She was shoved into a car, and someone slammed the door shut behind her. She was so disoriented that she didn’t realize there was someone else in the vehicle with her: A dark-winged angel, who looked only a few years older than her. The girl apologized for the way the other angels treated her and untied her hands. She introduced herself as Nirvana Winchester, Ash’s half-sister. She told Ash that she was Athanasius’s older daughter, and that all the angels in the caravan were half angel and half human. The ones with the dark wings were ones born from a fallen angel or ones whose wings had turned dark. Ash wanted to ask her half-sister why her wings were dark, but Nirvana seemed like she didn’t want to talk about it. Nirvana invited her to join the caravan, and Ash accepted. The idea of traveling with other people exhilarated her, bringing back some of the spirit she’d lost. Traveling was nice and all, but the ‘with other people’ part was what excited her the most, especially the prospect of getting to know her half-sister.
Ash learned how to fit in well with the caravan. They taught her all kinds of useful skills, like how to defend herself, how to sneak around without being seen, and how to persuade people, among other things. Some of the more experienced angels taught her how to use a sword, which she enjoyed more than shooting a revolver, though she had developed into a pretty good shot. The angels traipsed all across the world, punishing murderers, thieves, and all kinds of evildoers. They also conned people to pay for gas and food and the like. Ash became one of the best with her empathic abilities; the other angels had helped her finally master her powers, though her random visions of the future never got better. She’d still pass out for no reason, but she had gotten better at interpreting the visions.
Ash thought she had found a family with the other angels, but she was wrong. Nirvana made an offhand comment one day without thinking, and after much arguing, Ash found out that Nirvana was the one who had informed Athanasius’s father of her existence. She also found out that the angels in the caravan were bounty hunters, and the people they harmed weren’t always bad people. They were just targets of other, more powerful people. Ash left the caravan in the middle of the night, heartbroken at her half-sister’s betrayal. She made a life for herself in the States, put herself through school, and became a therapist at Silvermaple.

Specialties: None


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Name: Josefina Mia (goes by Mia) Wells

Age: 24

Gender: F

Appearance: Mia has silky, caramel hair with natural, ginger highlights about an inch below her shoulders and wide, hazel eyes framed by short, dark lashes. Her skin is evenly tanned, but it isn't olive toned like Topaz's skin almost is. She has a small, heart-shaped face with defined cheekbones and thin, pink lips. Her eyebrows are slightly lighter than her hair, but they have a natural, sharp arch. Most of her skin is rough, bruised, scarred, or calloused, but despite this, her fingers are still gracefully slender. Her legs are longer than her torso, but even so she's only about 5'6 with a frame that may have been considered petite at one time. Now, however, it's more muscled than most women and about on par with a man's body. Her abs are clearly defined, except when she's wearing her armor, and she's got an amazingly strong back. Her shoulders are broad, and she possesses few curves, made strictly of muscle and sinew.
Normally she wears jeans, a tank top with thick straps, a leather jacket, and combat boots.

Personality: Mia seems quiet and almost shy at first, but she pays more attention to her and others' words than most, weighing her words carefully before speaking. She is never truly at ease; she's a soldier through and through, always keeping a sharp eye out for danger and motives others have to cause trouble or danger. Because of this, there are few people she trusts, Topaz being the one she trusts the most, but many of her men have also earned her respect and trust throughout her career. She's extremely organized and put together and leadership comes as naturally to her as breathing. Like Topaz, she cares for all her men, but she's not as emotionless. In fact, she feels too much emotion, which is probably why Topaz and her work together so well; they balance each other out. Mia constantly surprises people by having odd, unexpected, or abnormal reactions to things that can range from normal to unusual. She has a kind heart but is suspicious of everyone. Being extremely paranoid is probably a side effect from her career, but it affects almost everything she does. Sometimes it's bad enough that she can't even trust Topaz, which has caused major problems between them in the past that ended up affecting their troops. Mia expects people to be mature and responsible; she doesn't do any hand-holding and believes the best way to learn how to fly is to get suddenly pushed out of the nest. She's a tough teacher, but her methods have proven successful. Off the battlefield, she lets loose and takes some risks that she wouldn't be willing to make otherwise. She genuinely cares about other people (her soldiers above all else), but she's too paranoid to actually help them much, aside from her men.

History: Mia grew up the youngest in a house full of boys. Her mother died when she was very young, so she has no real memories of her. Just fragments and pictures and dreams. Sometimes she can't tell if something is an actual memory or just a dream her brain concocted. She has four older brothers, most of whom ended up in the military, so she learned to play rougher and harder than any of the girls her age liked. She didn't like tea parties or princesses or dolls. Her interests revolved around battle, blades, and strategy. She and her brothers would reenact historical or fictional wars, though she was forced to be the damsel in distress more than once, much to her chagrin. Her brothers left one by one to the military life, except one: Sebastian. He became a doctor and started an outreach to help the soldiers and their families. By the time Mia reached adulthood, she knew what she wanted to do. Join the military. She rose through the ranks quickly and served under a man nicknamed Topaz. They hated each other at first, but a grudging respect started to grow, and now she would trust him with her life.
Eventually, she wanted out and went back to school to major in psychology and counseling. She has a Bachelor's degree and now helps Sebastian and their mother with their outreach. Sebastian recommends her to his patients; he takes care of their bodies, and Mia takes care of their minds.

Specialty: PTSD, anything concerning the military.


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Name: Callahan Norris

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Callahan has dark brown hair, dull blue eyes, and light eyebrows that transition into his broad forehead and sharp, long nose. Surrounding his lips is a small stubble forming above his upper lip and on his chin. A long, thick neck leads to his muscular arms and legs as well as strong build. He stands at about 5'10 with slightly tanned, smooth skin, though his hands and feet are rather rough. He has good posture, and a small smile is normally on his lips, creating a genuine expression on his face.
Callahan normally wears long black or gray pants, an ironed, long-sleeved shirt, and tie to work or meetings with others. However, when he is simply relaxing at his house in the evenings or during summer, he likes to wear khakis, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes.

Personality: Callahan is a thoughtful, understanding, and observant guy. He is very calm and can be a little quiet at first, but he opens up fairly quickly. Callahan can be somewhat pessimistic at times, though that's something he's been trying to change over the years. In addition, he's very serious. He is hardly ever sarcastic, and rarely jokes around. He finds it annoying when others joke frequently, but he normally just puts up with it and doesn't say anything. However, he is a great listener, knowing when it's time to speak and when it's time to be silent. Callahan has very developed opinions, but he isn't forceful with them at all. He values his friendships with others, and always makes an effort to forgive or apologize if needed, though sometimes he struggles with this. In most things, Callahan is very laid back, and would rather listen to others than talk.

History: Growing up, the work of Callahan's father required the small family to move frequently. Neither child liked the constant moving, but eventually they each adjusted to it. Callahan and his older sister became each other's best friends, though they did make a few friends that they kept in contact with over the years. As he grew up, Callahan began enjoying the traveling. By the time he graduated high school, he could say he'd been to 29 of 50 states. He took a break year in which he continued to travel a little bit as well as find a steady job in Florida, where he went to college when he turned 19. He graduated college with a degree in psychology and got a job working here.

Specialty (optional): None


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Name: Hayley Mathilde Tenney

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hayley has thick, straight, light, chocolatey brown hair to her shoulder blades, cut evenly on the bottom and usually free of any tangles. She has hazel eyes with touches of sparkling green, surrounded by long black eyelashes. Her figure is moderately curvy, with square hips, petite waist, and broad, but slender shoulders. She usually has a suntanned complexion, and sometimes just a tad of rosiness in her cheeks. Hayley has a tattoo on her inner right wrist: the word “ohana” in a clean, elegant script, symbolizing her love of her family.
She normally wears modest t-shirts depicting her favorite movies, tv shows, bands, or funny sayings, paired with sweatpants and light tennis shoes.

Personality: Hayley is governed by her patience. She seems to know just the right amount of leeway to give any certain person, and how best to challenge them. Of course, there is always a point at which she becomes frustrated, and she does have a bit of a temper too despite how much she shoves it down at work. She feels passionately about her work and kids, especially since being a therapist has been something she’s wanted to do since her oldest kid was born.
Hayley has a great amount of self-control, and she only lets her anger out when she thinks someone really needs to hear it. She didn’t used to be this way; when she was younger, her temper was a very huge problem for her. It took a lot of work to change it, but now sometimes she feels like people don’t take her seriously when she doesn’t get mad.
She’s also very opinionated. She’s extremely stubborn and pigheaded when it comes to things she’s though hard about, but once again her self-control tends to quiet this part of her so she can listen better. When she thinks someone needs a rude awakening though, she’s usually right and won’t hesitate to slap them in the face with reality and hold them accountable.
With those she doesn’t know as well, she’s gentle and treads carefully. Hayley really only lets go of her self-control with people she’s known for a long time, and won’t get mad if she confronts them about things. But until she knows them better, she tries to give them the best advice and hope that they choose to use it.

History: Hayley was born the youngest of three. She was always close with her two older brothers, Nikola and Halsey, and they’d run around in the family’s fields like nobody’s business. Really, Hayley was only their half-sibling, as she was born out of relations between her mother and some other lowlife, but only Nikky knew besides their mother. Of course, if Hayley did find out, she’d have to say it wouldn’t be a surprise to her. Her mother absolutely loved losers, creating instances of abuse in the family. Nikky did his best to protect Hayley and her mother, but they all still earned a few bruises whenever their father was in a mood. Much to their relief, he died of a heart attack when Hayley was about 10, but it left her confused. She didn’t mourn him; all he ever did was make them and their mother unhappy. Yet, her mother spent the next year moping around and practically neglecting Hayley and her siblings. It didn’t take too long after that for her to bring another loser home, tearing up Hay’s life all over again. If anything, this guy was worse than the last one. He thought Hayley should be doing more work inside the house than out, and her mother agreed. Nikky and Hal fought him on this, but he wouldn’t budge. So Hayley spent the time she was forced inside fidgeting, her temper constantly boiling at how he treated her. When he lost all their money and they were forced to move to the city, she blew it and started screaming at him. She received a broken wrist from this instance, but her mother blamed it on her falling when she was outdoors when they went to the hospital. This drove both her brothers to anger, but she had to convince them not to act on it so they wouldn’t get hurt. With a bountiful amount of sadness at having to leave their home, the Bolstridges reluctantly moved to the city, taking up residence in the suburbs with the money they got from selling the house and fields.
Hayley entered high school at a brand new place, and with the mix of social navigation and her home life, she became more secluded and avoided everybody but her brothers at all costs. Of course, by then Nikky was 18, and he eagerly left home despite the fact that it meant leaving his siblings. Hayley always hated him for this, but she and Hal eventually forgave him.
About that time, Hayley and Hal started spending the evenings outside together - usually when the weather wasn’t extreme - to avoid their stepfather and some of the arguing that occurred in the evenings between their parents. They even met some of their neighbors, mainly Jayce Tenney, who was a jerk, but nice enough.
As she grew up, so did Hal and he left her too, alone in the midst of her mother and stepdad. It was honestly horrible for her to be so lonely then. With no one to protect her from him or her own temper, she and her stepdad were constantly at it. Her mother even forced her to stay home from school some days if she had any noticeable bruises. At least by then she only had one year left in her parents’ household. From the time she could get a job, she’d been saving up to go to college, and freedom was always evident in her mind. On her graduation day, both her parents were absent, so she celebrated with the few friends she had. She found out later that her stepdad had gotten drunk last night and her mother insisted on staying with him, which was why he missed it. Thankfully, that summer Nikky offered her a place to live with him, and she left without telling either of her parents. She stayed with him that summer, then went off for college that fall. She was only able to go for two years before her money wasn’t enough anymore, and she was forced to quit. Her mother contacted her then too, saying that her stepdad had left and wondering if she wanted to come visit for the summer. Reluctantly, Hayley returned home. From the last time she saw her, her mother had considerably improved. She wasn’t dating a loser this time, but actually a seemingly good guy. She decided to remain with her mother, for probably the next year, since she didn’t have very many options otherwise. Around the same time, their old neighbor Jayce Tenney, had come home too. The two started dating, and within the next year and a half, they married and moved into an apartment. A year later, Hayley got pregnant and the two had a boy, Asher. After their second son Blake was born, they realized that Asher seemed to have some severe anxiety issues. Since Hayley had always wanted to go back to college, they moved into an apartment closer to where she wanted to go, and Jay’s parents’ paid for her next two years. She received her major in psychology around the same time she had their third son, Sawyer. By then, they’d made their decision to keep both Blake and Ash at home, and they figured they’d do the same for Sawyer. They mainly decided to do so because of the issues each of their kids dealt with. Eventually - since they were always so low on money - Hayley had to make the hard decision to hire an aid who’d care for them while she was gone so she could work here at Silvermaple.

Specialty: Hayley is best at dealing with anxiety disorders, especially OCD, social, and separation anxiety. She’s also good with pretty much any type of disorder, but anxiety is what she’s most helpful with. She does well with younger kids and teens too.

Therapist or Psychiatrist: Therapist

Other: Hayley isn’t really the person to go to for those with family issues or conflict resolution, but as long as this isn’t the main focus of the patient it’s fine.

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Marshall P. Eldridge - Part One

Name: Marshall “Marsh” Pierre Eldridge

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Marshall’s floppy, light blonde hair lays flat in thin curls on the top of his head, usually only smoothed down by his hand every morning and left to its tangles. He has sparkling, bright blue eyes framed by long black lashes, and narrow, barely visible brows. Since his complexion is very fair, he normally has a sunburn across his freckled cheeks and nose, and an odd tan just outside his hairline, on his neck, shoulders, and arms. Marsh has a very strong build, with evidently muscular arms, legs, and abs, an effect of working on his family’s farm for the majority of his life.
Marsh still looks like he’s living out in the country. He wears jeans and cargo pants paired with t-shirts in the summer, and sweatpants, the same t-shirts, and a thick flannel jacket in the winter. He always has a pair of sturdy shoes on him in cold weather too, typically boots, but otherwise he likes to be barefoot so he just puts on flip flops so he can slip them off later.

Personality: Marsh has always been the quiet, invisible kid out of all his siblings. He’s more observant and a much better listener than most, and over time almost all his siblings and friends have brought whatever’s on their mind to him. Sometimes, those who don’t know him tend to think he’s practically zoning out whenever he’s in a public situation, but when there’s several people he’s less inclined to interact, unless they’re people he’s comfortable around. However, he does best in one-on-one situations. He talks easily, even though he usually just lets others’ get things off their chests. Marsh also has some good advice if they want it, but he also realizes that sometimes people just have that need to talk.
Marsh has never been the center of attention, and he’s never really wanted to be. His siblings have grown up and taken over the spotlight, so he’s used to being more ignored than others. Of course, he’s fine with this, since he’d rather stay quiet, but in some occasions it has bothered him. Over time, he’s realized it’s not necessarily an insult to him, especially because he does very well in smaller groups of people rather than larger.
Marshall is a very hard worker. He hates skimping, though he has been known to have bad habits of procrastinating before he was rudely awoken by an increase of his daily workload on his family’s farm. He tends to be a perfectionist sometimes, and he loves the satisfaction of doing things thoroughly and as best he can. This can lead to over-obsessing about things, but at least he spends a lot of time thinking on it.
He’s really selfless and does his best to be kind - which he excels at. Inside, he has a huge, gigantic soft side that’s easy to access, and he has trouble saying no whether it makes him the butt of a joke in a situation or not. Marshall is super sensitive too. He seems to know just the right things to say or do in order to comfort someone, and he always finds himself spending time with people who need him. This is probably why he’s an introvert, to be honest. People have seen him as a source of solace since he was young - for good reason - but being this way can be exhausting and he needs some time to himself at the end of every day.
Marsh might also be the least competitive person ever. Winning or losing has no effect on his actions. He’s content with both, but he’s usually happier when others win instead. Again, it comes back to his preference of hiding in the background. The excessive attention makes him uncomfortable, and since he really doesn’t care about winning he thinks it’d make more sense for someone else to win.
He doesn’t have great willpower unless there’s a reward at the end that’s actually appealing. Otherwise, he could procrastinate all day long without a second thought until the due date. He’ll always choose things he prefers to do over things he doesn’t - like pretty much everyone - but unlike most he doesn’t have the willpower to choose the things he doesn’t like. Marshall also lets people constantly walk over him, take advantage of him, and bully him. He hardly ever stands up for himself. Sometimes, he just doesn’t care enough to put himself in that extremely uncomfortable circumstance of doing so, other times he’s too afraid, and the rest of the time he just thinks waiting something out will make it go away. He can be very passive, and even more so in arguments. Mostly, he just sits there and takes whatever insults or accusations are thrown at him, acts like he isn’t hurt, and then stays on edge around that person until he feels like they’ve both moved on. He’s more likely to talk about his feelings in one-on-one situations after he’s cooled off, but oftentimes his sentences just come out wrong and he can’t quite explain it. He can be difficult too, and it’s like pulling teeth to get him to honestly talk about himself. It tends to deter people away from him, but he just can’t help it.
Marsh is usually relaxed. He hardly ever experiences anger unless he’s stayed hurt long enough for it to turn into that or if something somebody does really puts him on edge, but it takes a lot for either of those things to happen. He’s never over-controlling or uptight, and he really does just go with the flow. He has a great way of leadership, but he’s never given the chance and it makes him too uncomfortable, so he’d always make a better advisor than leader. He also always looks easy and cozy no matter the situation - even if his brain is screaming at him inside. It seems that a look of calmness is plastered on his face 24/7, something that even he doesn’t know how he accomplishes it.
Out of all his siblings, Marsh has been the best peacemaker. He never really engages in fights unless he’s extremely angry, and when others are around him they don’t seem to either. He’s good at snipping unhelpful comments in the bud and finding a reasonable solution that both parties like. He’s also talented at changing the topic, or glaring at people he’s close with to silence them.
Marsh learns best by seeing someone do it. He’s a very visual learner, and otherwise he has trouble understanding concepts. Because of this, he has notebooks full of drawings and designs on how things work, their processes and components, and pretty much everything. He isn’t the best at drawing, but his pictures are usually funny and actually kind of accurate. He loves to analyze and experiment too. One of the things he does most often is figure out how to improve designs by just toying around with them. He’s really smart in this area, and he’s even crudely upgraded some of his family’s farm to increase its efficiency.
Marsh has a really subtle, but good sense of humor. Most don’t actually realize it until they know him better, but he’s not horribly serious either. However, the people he’s very close with have caught on and often think him hilarious, but the rest only notice it sometimes.

History: Marshall was born a country boy, and he literally never plans on giving this up. He was brought into the middle of a big family. About all of his siblings were born a year apart, seven in all including him. He grew up experiencing the meaning of hard work because since the farm was his family’s sole income, there was a lot to do. Once school started, he and his siblings would have to get up at around four in the morning to eat, complete their chores, and then drive for one and a half hours to their school. Oftentimes, their uncle would pack them all into his fancy car since he lived fairly close by and take them all there. Otherwise, they’d be forced to have their parents drive them and risk being late. Then, when school ended, they’d ride the school bus as far as it went and walk the rest of the way. Nothing but more work awaited them at home. His sisters Karina and Amethyst would always prepare a huge dinner with their mom, while he and his older brothers Talbot and Peter and his younger brothers Thorsten and Angel would take care of the evening chores. After dinner, they’d pretty much fall straight asleep. It wasn’t uncommon for parents to pull their kids out of school to help with the harvest, but somehow - no matter how much they tried - their parents always just said they’d get it all done in the mornings and evenings. They hardly ever finished any homework or projects, and they used to fall asleep in school too, but their father absolutely refused to cease their learning. It was unfortunate, but Marsh and his siblings figured out how to put up with it over time. They were exhausted and not allotted much free time, but they were all extremely close with each other and they could make fun out of the work easily. Marshall always seemed a little more distant, but it was really only that being close with people just looked different for him. He and Peter were always closest with each other though. Peter was just a year older than him, and the ridiculous clown of the family. He was always doing the stupidest things, but he could make them all laugh no matter what. Marsh and him didn’t necessarily hang out in large groups of people since Peter was very extroverted, but they did share a room together. When they got into their teen years, they’d share everything with each other in the dark of the night. Both Peter’s and Marsh’s confessions spilled out, but whatever they said then wouldn’t be repeated. Since Marsh was a grade ahead of his age, he’d often hang with Peter’s friend circle. He and Peter were usually inseparable at school, and whenever there was a group project they’d get paired together. Of course, they never actually had time to do it so they later had to revise it. They’d each end up pairing up with one of the classroom overachievers or control freaks so they got a good grade but didn’t have to do anything.
Most of his siblings would always come to Marsh’s room when they had a problem. If they were especially upset or hurt, they’d come and hang out with him and Peter after dinner. Sometimes, when the weather was nice, he and whichever sibling felt bad would go out onto the porch and talk. Peter often pointed out that he could blackmail any one of them easily - that’s just exactly the kind of thing Peter would point out - but obviously Marsh would never want to betray somebody’s trust like that. As they grew older, Marsh’s reputation of being a good confidante only grew too. Some of his and Peter’s friends would even ask for his advice about girls, schools, siblings, or really just whatever. Marshall always loved to listen too, which was probably for the best.
At home, he was always the peacemaker. He’d easily help others out of their arguments, so there was never much fighting. Most of his time was spent on chores, but in the summer he’d catch some free time for reading books. Of course, his absolute favorite thing to do was help out on the farm. Everybody always thought he’d be the one the farm was left to after their parents died. He loved the animals, the work, the scents, and pretty much everything else. He also always hated school because of how different it was, but his parents weren’t about to leave his education up to him.
Of course, not all his siblings felt this way. The oldest, Talbot, grew up into a huge jerk who left home as soon as he could. He was constantly fighting with everyone, but especially their parents. He blamed them for really everything, and he often made remarks about all the things he’d do differently for his future kids or in his future life. As soon as he finished high school, he went off to the biggest school his money could afford and none of them have heard much from him since.

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Marshall P. Eldridge - Part Two

History Cont’d: Peter also didn’t want to stay on the farm his whole life, and neither did their older sister Karina, but they could hardly be compared to Tal. Both of them went off to university, but not before Peter could suggest that Marsh should do something with his own listening talents of his. They’d always joked about how Marshall would be a good therapist, but he actually started taking it seriously. A year later, when he was 17 and had just finished high school, he decided to go to university too before returning home to run the farm so his parents could retire. About halfway through his four years there, he received word that his parents had died. Apparently, throughout their many years on the farm, they’d been helping run some sort of undercover operation and they’d been discovered and killed for it. That was about all they were told. All of the siblings returned home for the funeral - even Talbot - and, like they all expected, Marsh was the one who inherited the land. Talbot left as quickly as he came, but he actually seemed more mature. He was still a corporate jerk though, in Marshall’s opinion. Karina had her own job to return to as well, but Peter, Thor, Amethyst, and Ang all decided to stick around and help him out. Marshall finished university online and then started looking around for a place to intern. Even though his parents had died and it had changed things, counseling was still something he really wanted to try. Since Peter and his other siblings were back in the house too, he figured he could still help run the farm and work at Silvermaple at the same time.

Specialty: He’s good at resolving conflicts, and also for those who just really have a lot on their minds.

Therapist or Psychiatrist: Intern under Ash


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Sabine P. Heller

Name: Sabine “Bine” Paula-Maria Heller

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sabine looks like she came straight from Germany, and it’s obvious she has a lot of Aryan in her bloodline too. She has very light blonde hair to her shoulder blades with natural waves adding in the only volume her thin hair possesses, and she normally lets it hang delicately around her shoulders. Her upturned, wide eyes are a deep, sapphire blue, surrounded by sparse lashes and brows. She can have such intense gazes - which is how most know she’s focused - where not even the biggest of distractions can disrupt her. Her face has never had any baby-ish looks to it, leaving her with a bony frame and very evident cheekbones and collarbones. Her lips and nose are really the only of her features that aren’t gaunt or unusually slender, but then again they aren’t perfectly full either. She carries herself with excellent posture, and her raised chin and long neck only add to her elegance. As soon as she sticks on her square, black-rimmed reading glasses and drops her head down though, that grace quickly vanishes and she appears a young woman immersed in whatever she’s looking at. She stands at about 5’7, but her frame is wiry and slender and she possesses little to no curves whatsoever. Thus, while people may be captivated by her dignity, her figure is a repellent. She weighs about 122 pounds, and she seems like a bit of a stick for her height.
Sabine’s clothes match her self-respect and poise. She wears modest sundresses during the warm months, usually with light straps and that reach her knees or lower, and paired with low heels. She’s hardly ever seen in dark colors, but rather she loves white, light blues, greens, pinks, and pastel purples. In the winter, she dons sweaters, blouses, her favorite pair of cobalt blue jeans, and fashionable, fur boots. Nothing she wears is ever too expensive, but honestly just whatever she scrounges up from sales, thrift stores, or “hand-me-downs” from her friends or cousins. She usually dusts on some light blush, pale pink lip gloss, and some mascara, but that’s about it for cosmetics.

Personality: Sabine is an intellectual. From her childhood, she’s learned how to analyze things logically, weigh options and evidence, study the thoughts of others, and then eventually form an inconclusive opinion - as her father would call it. She’s been taught never to label things, and that - since people are always discovering new ideas - she should never hesitate to reconsider a previous opinion. She’s talented at thinking things through and making decisions as best she can with the information in her possession. That said, when she’s very focused, being interrupted can set off her temper as it was always the Hellers’ household rule never to do so, but it doesn’t seem to be very common outside of her family. Thankfully, she never does get truly angry, but rather just very irritated and might not want to talk to you for another hour or two. Her grudges don’t last long though. In fact, she’s known for her infamously short grudges. The longest grudge she ever held was for just a few hours, and she completely forgot about it after that.
Sabine absolutely loves organization, especially the organizing part. When something becomes too cluttered in her office or home, she immediately takes the next slot of free time she has to clean it up, find some supplies from an office store to help, and then reclassify her files and materials. She finds it really increases her focus, which is already extremely deep, and it’s very satisfying to her.
Sabine isn’t for everybody, though. She’s hardly a warm and fuzzy person, and she holds everybody to high standards. She’s not the most sympathetic person, and even though she knows that she can’t always be hard and cold, it’s just her natural personality. The other thing about her is that she’s not a pushover; she grew up being held to high standards, and she doesn’t see much reason why others can’t eventually reach higher standards as well. As a young kid, she was always much more mature for her age, and that still resonates today.

History: Sabine was the third eldest of six other siblings. She was even born as part of a pair of twins, though she was born first and her twin Dietrich was always resentful of this. However, most always assumed she was much older than she really was. She didn’t just look it, she acted it.
She was born from a huge line of intellectual Germans who loved their country and were also thorough Christians. In fact, all of the Heller children were named after some of the people who conspired against Hitler. Sabine in particular was named after Sabine Bonhoeffer, Paula Bonhoeffer, and Maria von Wedemeyer.
Her father was a leader of a research team, and he was always teaching his children how to think well. Their mother was usually rather strict and taught them how to fend for themselves too. Either way, their parents were tough on them and expected them to use their brains. They tried their best to be forgiving, but it wasn’t something their parents excelled at.
As the first daughter out of two and completely surrounded by boys otherwise, she was always the most mature in any situation, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have a sense of humor. Of course, her patience tended to run low around them, but she loved them just the same.
Every summer, they’d leave for Germany to visit their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Sabine and the rest of her siblings even learned to speak German there. One summer, when she was sixteen, she got a boyfriend there. She always planned to move to Germany with him after she turned 18, but when she returned the next year she found him with somebody else. Her trust of people declined after that, and she never looked forward to their summer trips there, but she and Dietrich became a lot closer that year after she told him about it. Dietrich wanted to punch the guy out, but Sabine scolded him for saying so.
At night during the school year, her family would have dinner together without fail. They’d talk about what they’d learned or done, and it was typically the most serious part of dinner. Over time, less of her siblings would be there, and eventually it was her and Dietrich’s turn to go off to university. Jo, the youngest, was horribly upset that her only fellow girl was leaving, but Bine - the nickname Dietrich had given her - was actually excited at the prospect. She decided to major in psychology and counseling and she’s worked here ever since.

Specialty (optional): None

Therapist or Psychiatrist: Therapist


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Name: Sebastian John Wells

Age: 28

Gender: M

Appearance: Sebastian has curly, light brown locks that somehow manage to look neat in a messy sort of way. He has wide eyes of cerulean blue that tumble and crash like the ocean, and his skin is evenly sunkissed and smooth. His height is roughly 5'10, and he has a lean, lanky build with very little muscle. Despite not being muscular, he does look very healthy. He possesses no scars or birthmarks, but he does have a tattoo on his right forearm of his siblings' initials: J, J, W, and M.
Sebastian enjoys dressing up and is usually wearing a nice dress shirt and slacks. He also likes to wear leather dress shoes, vests, and patterned bow ties.

Personality: Sebastian is a passionate person, but he doesn't act like it. He is quiet-mannered and polite, never interrupting anyone except in the direst of circumstances. He is typically very laid back and relaxed, and while some may mistake this for indifference, it is because he has a kind nature and truly cares for his patients. He would rather listen than talk, only speaking if he has a useful comment or suggestion. Because he is not the most talkative person, he may not be the right psychiatrist for everyone, and some people have gotten the impression that he is apathetic in the past, though that is not the case. He simply only likes to talk if he has something helpful or useful to say. He is very good at dealing with stress and has good time management skills. He is by no means a perfectionist like his younger sister, but he is a loyal and compassionate friend and does his best to take care of himself in order to help his patients to the best of his ability.

History: Sebastian is the third out of five children. His two elder brothers are Jean and Johannes, and his younger siblings are Wolfgang and Mia. His father, uncles, and grandfathers had all served in different wars in the past, and military service was a tradition in his family as well as a rite of passage. In the Wells family, no one was considered a true man until he had served. His mother and her side of the family were mostly musicians and artists, and he and most of his siblings were named after famous composers. The eldest sibling was named after Jean Sibelius, the second for Johannes Brahms, himself for Johan Sebastian Bach, and the youngest brother after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His sister, Josefina Mia, was the only one not named after a composer, but he suspected his father had tired of naming his sons after musicians and composers as it distracted from the family legacy. He also suspected that his mother had hoped he and his siblings would not serve in the military and had thought naming them after composers might steer them towards the arts.
Sadly, his mother died shortly after his sister was born, and suddenly he felt the weight of responsibility fall on his young shoulders. It wasn’t as heavy as his eldest brother’s, but he was forced to carry more than his fair share since the brother just before him, Johannes, often disappeared and left everyone else to pick up the slack. Sebastian was mainly in charge of looking after Mia, which took a great deal of work and a lot of patience. Perhaps it was best that Johannes was absent more often than not; he didn’t have an ounce of patience. Luckily, Sebastian was the most naturally patient of all five siblings and got along the best with Mia.
The five siblings became closer and closer as the months and years passed by after their mother Clara’s death, and their father, Frederic, rigorously drilled and prepared them to carry on the family legacy. Sebastian enjoyed learning alongside his siblings and bonding with them, but despite his father’s wishes, he didn’t want to serve in the military. However, he never voiced his doubts to anyone except Jean and eventually Mia. Jean was more sympathetic, but eager Mia didn’t understand at the time. Still, both of them promised to stay silent on the matter. Sebastian just hoped that his service would be short and that he could return to civilian life and pursue a career he was interested in: medicine.
When Jean left for the marines, Sebastian felt more alone than ever. Now that the eldest brother was gone, more of his father’s attention was spent on him and Johannes, training and preparing them for their futures. Then Johannes joined the army, and Sebastian was expected to be next. But when the time came, he couldn’t bring himself to go through with it. His father called him a coward and an embarrassment to the family legacy, but surprisingly, Mia intervened for him. It seemed that she had really grown up, and Sebastian was disappointed that he’d missed it. But he was grateful that his sister at least had come around. His father’s anger lessened some since Mia was his favorite after Jean and Johannes, but he was still very displeased and gave Sebastian an ultimatum: join the military in one year or find somewhere else to live.
Sebastian was torn. He didn’t want to join the military, but he also didn’t want to leave his family, especially Mia, and had nowhere else to go. In the end, he gave in to his father and promised to join the military after one more year. It took a visit from his uncle to change his mind. His mother had one sibling, her brother Robert, who was an anesthesiologist, and he had recently decided to move closer to be with his sister’s widower and children. He convinced Sebastian to pursue his passion and offered to let him stay in his new place until he got his degree and could support himself. Sebastian accepted, though his father warned him not to come back looking for any help when he would inevitably fail school. However, Sebastian worked hard and graduated with flying colors a couple years early. He started his own practice and eventually reached out to his father, who is starting to find a grudging respect for him and his success as a respected doctor. He often partners with his sister Mia, and both of them offer discounted sessions to people who have served in the military or as first responders.

Specialty (optional): PTSD

Other: Offers discounted sessions to first responders and people who have served in the military.

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Garrison Kelly (cybador) Name: Jerry Frost

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jerry has light brown hair combed over to the right side of his head as well as a bushy beard that extends to his collar bones. He is a Caucasian man with icy blue eyes and a normal physical build. He is often seen wearing glasses, a red sweater vest with a white dress shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. He is often compared to a younger and more handsome Colonel Saunders, which is appropriate since his favorite food is fried chicken.

Personality: Although he presents himself with a calm demeanor, he’s not afraid to rock out to his favorite heavy metal music and has seen a few mosh pits in his day. Despite his resume of concerts, he considers himself an extreme introvert. He’s passionate about creativity of all sorts whether it’s writing, painting, music, or otherwise. He takes it personally whenever someone with a STEM degree rubs their financial status in his face. He identifies as an atheist liberal, but promises not to inject his personal views into his conversations with patients.

History: From an incredibly young age, Jerry has been told by his parents to pursue financial stability over personal happiness. Both of his parents had STEM degrees and that’s how they were able to stay a middle class family. However, Jerry’s appetite for creativity was too strong to be suppressed, his favorite form of expressions being writing and music. When he announced he was majoring in art in college, he got into a verbal spat with his parents and was eventually kicked out of the house for being a “deadbeat”. Jerry eventually graduated from college with his artistic degrees, but could only find work frying chicken at KFC. He worked extra hours to support another college degree: psychology. He put himself in a great deal of debt and now wants to use his psychology degree to help pay it off. Plus, he wants to help others who had their creativity and individuality suppressed throughout their young years.

Specialty (optional): Art therapy.

Therapist or Psychiatrist: Therapist

Other: His favorite movie of all time is Pink Floyd the Wall due to its realistic portrayal of personal insanity and suppression of creative freedom. While Pink Floyd’s music will always have a special place in his heart, heavy metal is where he really finds his mojo. His favorite bands include Pantera, Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine, and Soulfly to name a few.

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Name: Thora Ingrid Fischer

Age: 25

Gender: F

Appearance: (view spoiler)

Personality: Thora is sweet but spunky woman. She tackles challenges and anything that comes her way head-on, but she is not always the most organized person. Nevertheless, she does her best to be organized with her work and patients and is more disorganized in other areas of her life. She likes to try new things, travel to new places, and go on adventures, and she is always looking to learn, grow, and adapt new methods to help her patients. Generally she is a relaxed person and doesn’t mind discussing whatever her patient wants to get off their chest even if it wasn’t the original plan for the session. She prefers to go with the flow, but she is absolutely not a doormat. She doesn’t allow herself to be pushed around, and while she likes to go where things take her, she won’t let other people bully her.

History: Thora was born during a harsh blizzard in the middle of nowhere in Norway. She was the fourth child in her family and the first girl. Her three older brothers were Baldr, Tyr, and Fenrir, and she became especially close with Fenrir. She grew up in a large house that had to constantly be built onto to make room for the siblings that came after her. She learned to work the land alongside her father and brothers and bonded closely with them, but she didn’t enjoy wrestling with Baldr, Tyr, and Fenrir on the ground. Baldr and Tyr were close like she was with Fenrir, but the four of them also kept close together. Baldr made it his business to look out for the entire family and protect them while fighting with Tyr over who got to be the alpha male with Fenrir jumping in every now and then to liven things up and always picking a different side. Thora used to try to break them apart but quickly learned that it was no use and simply wandered off elsewhere as most fights ended with Fenrir getting his poor butt kicked once Tyr and Baldr got tired of fighting each other and decided to gang up on him. Thora would tend to Fenrir’s wounds sometimes since they lived miles from the nearest city, but usually he wasn’t hurt too seriously. Tyr and Baldr had learned to control their strength by this time; there were more than a couple near-death experiences between the three boys when they were younger.
After Thora was born, her brother Freyr came along next, and shortly after came her first sister, Saga. Freyr ended up being very gentle and quiet, but Saga turned out to be a female version of Baldr and Tyr. Thora was disappointed by this since she had always wanted a sister and not another Tyr or Baldr. Luckily, Freyr was the most non-violent person she’d ever met, though that wasn’t saying much since she hadn’t met anyone outside her family. After Saga, came her next brother, Forseti, who was a mix of several of her siblings. He was strong like Tyr, gentle like Freyr, and protective like Baldr. Thora rather liked him, but he remained the most secluded of her siblings and regularly isolated himself, working in the most desolate and distant parts of the farm. Despite her best efforts, Thora couldn’t become as close to him as she would have liked, but at least she still had Fenrir and the rest of her siblings. Once Forseti was born, the twins, Sigmund and Signy, were next to come into the world. Sigmund was the most social of her brothers even from a young age, and his younger sister by only a few minutes was always right on his heels. Signy learned to walk first and was always trying to tug Sigmund to his feet while Sigmund learned to talk first, though he and Signy had been babbling at each other in some kind of incoherent, clandestine language that only they shared for quite some time. Thora didn’t get along with Signy much better than Saga. Signy wasn’t Tyr or Baldr in female form, but she didn’t have much interest in Thora or anyone or anything else for that matter. The few mirrors in the household always seemed to find their way into Signy’s room, and her youngest sister hardly ever did anything to pull her own weight.
Next was Skadi, and Thora got along much better with her than her other sisters. She would never be as close with anyone as she was with Fenrir, Tyr, and Baldr, but Skadi became close to her too over time. Skadi always went for what she wanted, but she wasn’t as raucous as Saga and not at all self-centered and vain like Signy. Sigurd came after her and followed in the footsteps of Baldr and Tyr, though this wasn’t unexpected. Most of the boys in the family aspired to be like them except for Freyr and Forseti. Then the last sister, Idun, came along, and Thora was the closest with her out of all their sisters. Idun was a sweetheart and quickly became attached to Thora once she was spurned by Signy and scared off by Saga. Thora didn’t mind Idun trailing around after her. She had wanted a sister to be close with for so long, and while Skadi was nice, she didn’t share the same interests as Thora. The last siblings were Vidar and then Vali. The youngest brothers were exceptionally close and tried to be as much like Baldr and Tyr as possible.
When Thora was old enough, she decided to leave home like all three of her older siblings had done before her. Of course, Baldr had come back to take over the farm, and Tyr, being competitive, got his own farm next door. But still her goodbye was tearful, and she knew she would dearly miss her family, especially Fenrir, Baldr, Tyr, and Idun. She would miss Skadi too but in a different way. She traveled through Europe and eventually made her way to the States where she majored in psychology and got her license. She writes to her family weekly and keeps up with the ones in places with cell service via text and social media. Baldr finally got married, so then Tyr had to go and get himself hitched to a woman who left him once she realized his farm had no cell reception. Fenrir had traveled a little but then moved back home to work the farm, and Freyr moved to an actual city and became a well-known environmentalist throughout Scandinavia. Meanwhile, Saga also moved to a big city but was damaging and vandalizing the environment instead of trying to save it. Apparently she’d also talked both Freyr and Forseti into bailing her out of jail on multiple occasions. Forseti had stayed at home to help Baldr manage the farm along with Fenrir, Vidar, and Vali, and both Sigmund and Signy had left as soon as they were able to the city and then the States. Signy became a model, and Sigmund mooched off her successful career and dated several of her model friends. Skadi stayed in Norway for the most part, though she liked to sail to the Jutland Peninsula occasionally, and helped both Tyr and Baldr with their farms. But mostly Tyr. Sigurd crossed over to the dark side and moved in with Tyr, Idun was planning to go to school like Thora but in Norway in another couple years, and Vidar and Vali were both still at home helping maintain Baldr and Tyr’s farms. Thora keeps up with most of her siblings except for Saga, but Freyr updates her regularly about her sister’s most recent run-ins with the law.

Specialty (optional): Helping college students and high schoolers find a career they're passionate about, get a degree, or pursue another route to support themselves.


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Name: Maevis Lorelai Meyer

Age: 30

Gender: F

Appearance: Maevis has big blue eyes nearly the same shade as ice with tiny, thin ribbons of gray and white curling and twisting around the pupils. Her naturally dark brown hair (which she usually keeps in a high bun or ponytail) reaches a little past her shoulders but has been dyed jet black with long, purple-streaked bangs that rest just above her eyebrows. Her skin is a little paler than is usual from spending most of her time indoors, and her height is a little over 5’6. If she stands as straight and tall as she can, she can appear to be an additional inch taller, but since she prefers to slouch in the shadows, she seems shorter than she actually is. She has a slim, petite figure with a long torso and long legs and an angular, bony face. Her curves are basically nonexistent, but no one would ever know, since she prefers very baggy, loose clothing anyway. She has small hands, graceful, long fingers, and unusually small feet for her height, and her nails are extremely short and somewhat rough from being bitten constantly. She also has a tattoo of a small pine tree on the inside of her right foot, a phoenix tattoo behind her left shoulder, and a tattoo of a dark angel surrounded by lupines and stargazer lilies on the outside of her upper right arm.
Normally, she prefers to wear dark eye makeup and nail polish and black, blue, or purple lipstick. She usually wears loose, black, long-sleeved shirts, dark sweatpants or jeans, and long coats to match and heavy, clunky boots with her favorite, knee-high black and gray striped socks. She has both her ears pierced and likes to wear stud earrings best. Her right ear has a few more piercings than the left, and her belly, tongue, and bottom left lip are also pierced.

Personality: Maeve might be the shyest counselor at Silvermaple. She talks enough during her sessions of course, but she often nearly goes mute by the time the work day is over and just wants some much needed alone time and a glass of red wine to help her sleep. She is very disorganized in some things but very put together and prepared concerning her job. She implements a logical approach in her sessions, using facts and reason, and likes to have structure in her sessions. She also likes tradition and tends to lean towards tried and true methods. She doesn’t like to use new techniques unless they have been proven to work. Because she is so introverted and quiet, she likes to express herself through art and music. In her spare time, she likes to paint, sketch, sculpt, sing, and decorate small boxes and little glass bottles. She also plays the piano, guitar, harp, and cello and loves to read and organize her massive book collection. Her favorite music is from the 90’s, 80’s, and 70’s, and she enjoys watching old, black and white films and looking around antique furniture and clothing stores. Sometimes she is not the best at reading body language or in between the lines, but she has worked hard to become better at it. One of her greatest weaknesses is that she is overly sensitive to any sort of rejection, but she has learned to hide it and adopt thicker skin.

History: Maevis was the youngest of four children born to George and Mina Meyer. Her eldest sibling was her sister, Jacqueline, and her two brothers, James and Victor, were the second and third oldest children. From the time she took her first breath of oxygen, she was largely depressed and confused by everyone and everything around her, and her parents and siblings were almost equally confused by her odd behaviors and unusual sensitivities. For one thing, she would scream and cry ceaselessly if she was dressed in anything but breathable cotton with all the tags removed. Noises that didn’t bother anyone else drove her to meltdowns, bright, fluorescent lights made her fuss, and being around lots of people for even a moderate length of time upset her until she threw a fit. As she grew older, things didn’t get better. She would lock herself in her room for hours at a time, especially after being around other people for any moderate length of time. She didn’t like playing with other children much and strongly preferred being alone. Whenever she did play with her siblings or others, she was adamant that certain rules be followed whether they made sense or not and would have a meltdown if her playmates disregarded them. Since she dictated how others were allowed to play with her, her siblings and other children perceived her as bossy or bratty, no one realizing that it was anxiety manifesting and not her just acting spoiled. She also refused any physical touch and would not tolerate hugs, pats on the back, or any other contact. One year when she was still small, she was too shy and scared to thank her cousin for her Christmas present in front of everyone, so her mother forced her to hug her cousin, though it only happened after excessive persistence and a few tears and was followed by a meltdown in the car on the way home.
Maeve wasn’t sure when her father started drinking, but there was barely a time when she couldn’t remember her father not coming home from work intoxicated. Unfortunately, since she was the runt of the siblings in more ways than one, she was often the target of her father’s drunken rages, foul mouth, and bare fists. Her mother tried to help as best she could, covering up Maevis’s bruises with makeup and band-aids, but she was too terrified to stand up to her husband directly. Maevis’s siblings didn’t do much to help either. In fact, Jacqueline didn’t even make any effort whatsoever, and James followed in her footsteps. Victor was the only sibling who seemed to care about Maevis, but Jacqueline and James usually pressured him into staying silent and doing nothing. Maevis had always had a strained relationship with her siblings, which was partly due to her oddities and partly due to the fear her siblings would face standing up for her. It was better not to be associated with her at all, lest they endure the same abuse she did on an almost-daily basis. This was part of the reason that Maevis was always wearing dark colors and loose clothing that hid most of her skin from view. She didn’t want anyone to know how weak and helpless she was. In her mind, she was the dirt of the world, the dirt that everyone walked over, the dirt that everyone spat on, the dirt that must be cleared away.
Things only got worse as time went on. She was severely bullied in school and never made any friends. Her depression and anxiety increased exponentially to the point where she was contemplating suicide on a near daily basis and was self-harming: cutting, burning, choking herself with whatever she could get her hands on. Jacqueline and James both tormented her between school and when her drunken father would stumble through the door after work, and Victor stayed silent because he feared that Jacqueline and James would torture him too if he attempted to help his baby sister.
Eventually Jacqueline found a way to get rid of Maeve, and she and James sold her into human trafficking when she was fifteen. Maevis never talks about this period of her life and for good reason. After several years she got out and was finally diagnosed with high-functioning autism and then went through several years of therapy, medication, and some hospitalization. She managed to get her high school diploma online and then went through college, joined Silvermaple, got her doctorate with a ground-breaking dissertation on autism in girls from an insider’s perspective, and was promoted to partner at Silvermaple.

Specialty: High-functioning autism (specifically in girls and women), depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, psychosis, bipolar disorder, pathological and compulsive lying, and histrionic personality disorder.


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