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Post your approved patients here.

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Name: Andune "Andy" Zoya

Age: 19

Gender: F

Appearance: Andune has stick-straight, light blonde hair a few inches past her shoulders. She normally wears it in a french braid down her back or in a messy bun on the crown of her head, but she prefers to wear it down. The reason she doesn't is because when her hair is down, it makes her look younger. She has light gray eyes with ocean blue flecks and long, back lashes. Her skin is creamy, flawless, and pale, and she possesses a slender frame. She has angular, sharp facial features but is generally perceived as beautiful in a strange sort of way.
She prefers to wear jeans and tees and never goes anywhere without her combat boots and feather earrings.

Personality: Andune is a master at compartmentalizing things, but she takes it to an unhealthy level, which is part of the reason why she is here. She's incredibly astute, though she refuses to acknowledge many of her own strengths, including this one. It's hard to get under her skin and irritate her, and she has a great many natural leadership traits. She tries not to be too controlling, bossy, or obnoxious, but she tries so hard that she actually ends up being too lenient, letting people walk over her and knock her down. She is respectful and aware of people's differences, so much so that she can delegate tasks off to people and organize them in such a way for maximum efficiency without much help. She has an extremely strong will but will bend when she needs to. However, she does not let herself feel many emotions, and she always puts duty and the happiness of everyone around her before everything.

History: Andune was the leader of a region controlled by a growing empire from a young age in a magical bubble located in the far north of our world. Before she was elected the leader of her region, she fell head over heels for a boy from another region within the empire, and their relationship resulted in a little, baby girl with fiery red hair. Andune had to give the baby up in secret, so she went behind everyone's back (including her former lover) and gave her daughter up to a couple in the region of the child's father. Shortly after, she was elected leader, and with the pressing matters of rebellion and espionage, she had no time to care even for herself, often skipping meals and sleep. She thinks every day of her only child but does not wish to ever see her.

Therapist: Marshall Eldridge

Why You Brought Them Here: Andune only focuses on other people, ignoring her own feelings for a long, long time. She needs to learn healthier behaviors, identify her emotions, and make peace with and acknowledge her past.


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Name: Demetrie Komova

Age: 29

Gender: M

Appearance: Demetrie has thick, slick-backed dark brown hair with natural caramel highlights. His wide eyes are the color of amber, and he always has a little stubble on his face. A clean-shaven Demetrie is a very rare sight. His skin is smooth and sunkissed, and his muscles ripple powerfully beneath it. In short, he's ripped from his time as an officer in the Russian military.
He normally dresses very neatly and nicely in long pants (usually slacks), dress shirts, and black, leather boots. However, no amount of coercing will convince him to wear a tie.

Personality: Demetrie is quiet, careful, and reserved. He's a bookworm, a loner, and an anxious older brother to his only sibling, Ivankov. In fact, his caution borders on paranoia. However, he is extremely intelligent, even if he gets anxious over literally everything, especially when it requires him to leave the safety of his own home.

History: Demetrie and his brother basically grew up alone, especially once their parents became KGB agents. His parents thought their children were none the wiser, but Demetrie figured it out pretty quickly, thanks to his paranoia. He never told Ivan, wanting to spare his younger brother the worry and fear that his parents might never come back home. Eventually, that day did come. Demetrie and Ivan both joined the Russian military but defected to the States after about a decade traversing throughout all of Russia. Now they get by working for organized crime.

Therapist: Hayley Tenney

Why You Brought Them Here: Paranoia, trauma


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Name: Rowena Madalaine Eldritch

Age: 18

Gender: F

Appearance: Rowena has choppy, chestnut brown hair to her shoulders and dark, caramel eyes. Unlike her younger twin, she's quite buff and is all muscle. She's not as curvy as she desires, but she would never sacrifice efficiency for appearances.
Normally she wears jean shorts, tees, tanktops, and combat boots.

Personality: Rowena is rather brash and blunt. She completely lacks any theory of mind and often hurts other people's feelings without knowing it. Although she has brawn, she decidedly does not have the brains too. She tends to focus on the details and is a perfectionist, but she cannot think in the long term or look at the bigger picture. Luckily, her older brother is more suited for that and balances her out. She cares little for people but loves her family, though she's not always the best at showing it. Her current relationship with her twin is proof of that.

History: Rowena and her brother have been subject to intense military training ever since they were born. Her sister, though, was ill suited for it, and her mother quickly abandoned Phaedra, though not before forcing her and her twin to spar. Rowena always won, but that never seemed to bother her. Phaedra just had a different skill set, she supposed. As she grew older, she spent less and less time with her twin, since Phaedra was so much weaker than her. Now she hardly pays any attention to her. Jasper and Toby teamed up to send her to therapy too, hoping to repair the broken relationship between the twin sisters.

Therapist: Callahan Norris

Why You Brought Them Here: Family issues, depression


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Name: Barnabas Jack Goodwin (goes by Jack)

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jack has scruffy, thick, brown hair that serves to shade his face and distract from his deep, hazel eyes as well as his thin eyebrows and short lashes. He has a somewhat muscular figure from working out in the basement of his house, but his baggy clothes normally cover up any muscle that could possibly be visible. His hands and feet are rough and calloused, and his skin is borderline tan, though his face is much paler than the rest of him.
Jack normally wears somewhat baggy clothes, mainly old jeans or sweatpants, and t-shirts, along with a baseball cap. He has scuffed, grayed tennis shoes that used to be an aegean blue which he wears everywhere, just like his soft, denim-blue jacket with its white border.

Personality: Though Jack looks a little shifty on the outside, he's soft-hearted and kind on the inside. He just chooses not to show this side of him on the outside. Instead, he's wary, cautious, and aloof, always looking to avoid engaging in conversation. He doesn't trust anyone, and avoids any situation where he doesn't have the upper hand, which is almost every situation. Instead of reading, he would rather walk around his small town and enjoy the air, whether it be cold, hot, or in between. And instead of having warm, family dinners, Jack tries to avoid any events with his family. However, he's sarcastic and witty, and loyal to any friend he makes, which isn't many. He isn't normally generous, but he is a softy on the inside. It's rare that anyone actually figures that out about him; most don't get past the glares he shoots at anyone who approaches him or the rude, aloof attitude he gives them when they try to have a conversation. Jack is very introverted, but he's also a very outdoorsy person. He feels like he's suffocating if he's cooped up inside for too long. He hates it when anyone, including himself, blames him for things he isn't responsible for, and he's slow to point fingers at others because of this. In addition, Jack is very irresponsible, which is unfortunate since his mother relies on him frequently. Overall, Jack is a young kid who tries not to let anyone get near him, as if he's afraid of making a friend, but once he does, he is kind, loyal, and a big softy.

History: When he was five, Jack's father left, leaving his mother to support him and his two siblings: Adamina and Blythe Goodwin. Unfortunately, his mother took on a full time job, relying on Jack to get his little sister, Blythe, up and ready for school in the mornings and to feed her dinner in the evenings. While she was gone, Jack and Blythe, or Bly, as he called her, developed a close relationship. In addition, they used their time alone to do many things that their mother wouldn't have approved of, like playing with Jack's fire magic, watching movies that may or may not have been appropriate for Blythe, and spending money on candy and fast food dinners. His older sister Adamina, commonly called Addie, had moved out to a dorm as soon as she started college though the college wasn't far away at all. Since then, Addie practically never came around, leaving Jack and Blythe on their own. Unfortunately, one afternoon while their mother was gone, Jack and Blythe took a walk. When passing the school, Jack played around with his fire magic and accidentally started a fire which burnt part of the school. The two's walk to school increased after that since they had to go to one farther away. Although his mother doesn't seem to pay too much attention, she did notice that Jack started to seem depressed and secluded, which is why he's here currently.

Therapist: Thora

Why You Brought Them Here: Depressed, too secluded from others


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Name: Phaedra Seiran Eldritch

Age: 18

Gender: F

Appearance: Phaedra has stick-straight, light blonde hair an inch past her shoulders, and the ends have been tinged with various, deep hues of blues and greens. She normally keeps it up in a messy bun on the crown of her head with a few, curling strands hanging down, or sometimes she parts it on the right side and allows it to hang freely. Her enchanting, sea-green eyes with electric blue strands weaving around the irises match some of the colors on the ends of her hair, and long, black eyelashes frame her eyes. She has a lithe frame and pale, smooth skin, especially on her hands. Her height is about 5’7, making her shorter than her older twin sister. She’s very petite with slender fingers and possesses hardly any upper body strength. Her high cheekbones are a prominent feature of her face, but her overall face is not angular or bony like her twin’s. She has a slightly rounder face with small lips, ears, and nose, but her eyes are very wide in contrast. She has delicate feet, a trim waist, and graceful hips that sway elegantly as she walks. A perfect portrait of royal serenity, she has amazingly straight posture and somehow manages to retain an air of sophistication and charisma no matter what the situation. She has a few, small scars on her shoulder blades, lower back, thighs, and stomach from being subjected to intense training by her parents. She has a single tattoo of a pine tree on the inside of her right ankle but does not possess any other such markings.
Her dragon form is of a moderate size, and her scales are shades of silvers and pearl-whites with electric blue markings that appear when she uses her portal magic. Such markings also appear on her skin when she is in her human form.
Her clothing style is simple but elegant and refined, mostly consisting of flowing maxi skirts and lacy blouses. She always wears pastels or light colors and usually has a small handbag to match her outfit. She hardly ever wears heels, finding them impractical and difficult to walk in, and instead wears sandals or flats, only donning heels for the most formal of occasions. Her ears and neck are always adorned with simple but tasteful necklaces and earrings, and she also never goes anywhere without a shawl or long, cardigan sweater.

Personality: Phaedra is the introverted, intellectual one of the Eldritch siblings, but it only adds to her charm and charisma. Like her younger sibling, she’s very observant and can pick up on emotions easily, but she is not as good at predicting what people will do. The gentlest and kindest of the five Eldritch children, Phaedra is so nurturing and compassionate that it makes up for the lack of sympathy and charity present in her siblings. Based on her sweet personality and caring nature, one might think that she is a true optimist, but in fact, that’s not exactly true. The seemingly one negative trait about her is that she’s a mix of pessimism and optimism, though she would say she’s a realist. However, she puts on a cheerful and lighthearted mask when she is around people who are not one of her siblings, especially when she is with her cousins.
Physically, Phaedra is harmless, and most people write her off completely as non-threatening. She lacks ambition and honestly could care less about ascending the throne, but that’s where people are wrong. They assume that because she has no plans to take the throne for herself that she has no interest in it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While she doesn’t want to be the one to take the throne, she wants the next ruler to be someone benevolent who lines up as closely as possible with her own personal principles.
Although she’s a bit of a pessimist, she loves people. She sees everyone as an individual and is an avid people-watcher, making up stories about random people that pass by her. Human nature and customs fascinate her, but she often over-analyzes things to the point of almost being a bit paranoid.
It’s very difficult for Phaedra to relax since she is always worrying over things. She worries often for her siblings and often for the Kromla throne and its future king or queen, so she tries to be as helpful as possible to Toby and Rowena. Though her twin is not her first choice for a successor, she doesn’t want some of the other entitled brats she’s related to to be king or queen. From past encounters, she’s learned that most of them would be tyrants on the throne.
Phaedra is also a firm pacifist; she hates to see people get hurt, hurt themselves, or hurt them herself, and she’d probably breakdown if she ever injured someone. She adores life and never has to be told to stop and smell the roses. She’s definitely not an aggressive person, but she is excellent at diplomacy and compromising and can cool almost any situation down.
One of her favorite activities is taking a walk outside while thinking over principles and theories, analyzing and evaluating them. She feels most at peace during such times of solitude, but she still loves to be around other people, just not every second of the day.
Phaedra is one of the most patient people on the planet and as such, is hard to rile up. She has a very caring heart and can always see the good in people. Unfortunately, that has caused her to be very gullible and easily tricked. She focuses solely on the good in people but forgets to remember that there is evil and ill-will present in people also. Because of this, she has been the victim of countless jokes and pranks, but she still maintains her gentle personality despite becoming very frustrated with her siblings’ attempts to use her naivete to trick her.
Phaedra is also easily distracted and finds it hard to concentrate on one thing for too long. Most people think she’s a bit flighty and irresponsible, but she doesn’t have the attention span for anything but her favorite interests: mathematics, languages, philosophy, and helping other people. Her love language is acts of service or gifts, and she shows affection and receives affection through both.
Even though she seems cheery and elegant on the outside, there’s a gaping hole in her heart from being hurt by twin sister. She’s become much more prickly, bitter, and slightly cynical, but she wears a poised, sophisticated mask around everyone at all times, the only exception being when Jasper is around. When she is around someone she trusts, her entire appearance seems to shift. Her eyes lose their graceful merriment, becoming dull and sad, and her shoulders and back slump over a bit. She becomes extremely quiet and reserved and does not possess the energy or motivation to do more than nod or shake her head a few times. She tries to be good and kind to everyone except herself. She’s especially hard on herself and punishes herself for even the slightest misstep. Confusion often clouds her thinking when it concerns her twin; her depression has led her to believe that Rowena dislikes her because if she didn’t hate her, she wouldn’t fight or hurt her, and no one has been successful in trying to convince her that that is not true.
Over the past several years, she’s become an excellent actress, though not quite on par with Rose, but she cannot tell a lie to someone’s face to save her life. Instead, she’s found other ways of making people think she’s saying one thing when actually she’s saying something completely different.
Despite being more than a little gullible and pessimistic, Phaedra s a caring, sweet girl who can get along with almost anyone, and she’d never hurt a fly.

History: As the third child of Valerian and Atalanta Eldritch, Phaedra was mostly neglected by both parents. Her mother was too busy grooming her older brother and older twin sister for the Kromla throne, and her father was preoccupied with trying to make sure Atalanta didn’t completely ruin the two eldest Eldritch children with her schemes and dreams. However, as much as she would have liked to have a closer relationship with her parents, she did not envy her older siblings in any way, shape, or form. Every now and then, she’d feel a little hurt that Valerian and Atalanta were almost unaware of her existence, but the feeling was quickly gone when she remembered how Tobias and Rowena were treated. Their mother viewed them more as robots than as actual people, and Phaedra was glad that she held little interest to her mother. Besides, in the abundance of free time she had, she could work on her true passions: mathematics and languages. From a young age, she’d had an aptitude for learning languages, even making up some of her own. Phae was a polyglot to be certain, and none of her siblings could rival her in either mathematics or languages, Rose being the only one who could come close to her concerning math.
When she was little, she’d dream up whole, new imaginary worlds, spending hours on nailing down the languages of the regions as well as the cultures, religions, species, governments, and geographical features. She even let both of her younger siblings in on the fun, but she was known to be bossy with her make-believe worlds, controlling how her siblings were allowed to play in them.
From a very young age (practically the day she first was able to stand), Phaedra and Rowena were subject to intense training with their older brother Toby, learning magical and combat skills and stretching their magics to the limit. Toby and Rowena excelled at using their magic and skills for destruction and general mayhem, but Phae’s magic was mostly defensive. She went through terrible punishments from her mother for not being able to perform like her elder two siblings, but eventually Atalanta gave up on her in frustration, going on to ignore her for the most part, which Phaedra had no quarrel with.
She was never very close to any of her siblings, except Rowena and Jasper, since she generally tried to ignore Rose and Toby was too busy to spend time with her. Her early childhood was spent watching over Jasper and Rose after they were born, and she loved both of them dearly. However, when they both grew older, she found that Rose left a foul taste in her mouth. The younger girl seemed not to care for people, viewing them as objects rather than actual people with feelings and thoughts, but at least Phae’s relationship with Jasper stayed true. The older girl found happiness in playing with the sibling right after her, and over the years, she and Jasper became great friends and confided in each other.
When Jasper and Rose were old enough to be subject to the same training that Phae herself had been subject to, Atalanta forced her to spar with her twin, Rowena, but Phaedra didn’t want to hurt her sister or anyone else for that matter. Fortunately for the twins, Rowena had no problem attacking her twin; there was no telling what horrid punishments Atalanta would concoct if they disobeyed her. Over time, Phae learned to get used to fighting her twin, though she was never strong enough to beat her, but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Once, Rose actually managed to beat Toby, and Atalanta was furious, keeping them locked underground in the labyrinth doing god-knows-what to them for an entire week. After that, Phaedra was careful not to anger her mother and tried to fight back a little in her and Rowena’s sparring sessions. Of course, she could never hope to beat her twin, but she wanted to be extra careful around her mother. Atalanta had once beaten her for not trying hard enough when she pitted Phae against Toby, yet another battle she would never win.
Although the sparring sessions she was subject to left plenty of physical scars on her skin, not all her injuries were visible. Being forced to attack Rowena took its toll on her mental state, hurtling her into a downward spiral of depression and self-harming.

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Phaedra Part Two

History cont'd: She stopped studying languages completely, having lost the motivation to do anything. During this time, it was Jasper who kept her going. When Phae was feeling really low and down, Jasper was the one who stopped her from giving up completely and tried his hardest to cheer her up with varying results. For several years Phaedra was stuck in the pit of depression, but over time both Jasper and Rowena managed to partly return her to the cheery person she used to be. She still had her down days, but overall she was able to at least pretend to be carefree around other people.
Even though Rowena had tried to help her when she realized what her twin was going through, Phaedra’s heart still ached at the mention of her sister. She had not become bitter towards her, but she avoided her as much as possible, fearing that Rowena would hurt or reject her. Her mother’s cruel words to her certainly didn’t help the situation either. After being told time and time again how worthless and pathetic she was compared to her twin, Phae started to believe Atalanta. She thought Rowena shared the same opinions with her mother, and that only drove the wedge between them further in. However, instead of painting Rowena or her mother as the villain, she cast herself as the antagonist and her family as the protagonists. She fell further into her self-deprecation, but luckily Jasper, the only one who seemed to care, made a point out of supporting her, helping her get through the days until she started to be able to stand on her own. It wasn’t that Jasper was the only one who cared. Toby was preoccupied trying to survive the intense training Atalanta was personally giving him, and Rowena was fairly busy too and also had trouble picking up on emotions. Rose probably did notice but actually did not care.
After Rose was sent to Mirrorwood, things settled down a bit in the Eldritch house. Phaedra continued to get better, her progress quickening a little when the youngest sibling left to be their parents’ spy at the academy. Now with Toby's help, Jasper got her into therapy to help her.

Therapist: Marshall Eldridge

Why You Brought Them Here: Depression, family issues


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Name: Ajax Jael Allen

Age: 19

Gender: M

Appearance: Ajax has shaggy, black-brown hair that is usually unkempt and reaches down to a little past his chin. He sometimes smooths it all back into a small braid when he feels like it, but usually he just lets it do whatever it wants. His eyes are a murky black with a few gold flecks near the pupils, and sometimes you can see shadows dancing in his eyes. It’s rumored that they even tell stories of mystical lore from the past, but no one knows for sure. His height is about 5’10 and a half, and he has a strong, muscular build. He has well-muscled arms, abs, and legs and has large hands and feet as well. His skin is evenly tanned, and he almost has a more ruddy complexion, his skin actually being closer in tone to olive though. He’s a bit more stockily built with lean, muscular legs and a proportional torso and legs. His bottom lip is slightly bigger than his top one, and he has high cheekbones and sharp facial features. He also has a slightly chiseled jaw and long, dark eyelashes that any girl would envy. Most of his skin is rough and calloused, but the skin on his face and lower back is actually very soft and gentle, like running your fingers through the silky fur of a cat. However, he does have a bit of stubble around his chin, and he normally only shaves it when it gets bad. His body is marred with scars all over, especially on his upper back, chest, abs, and shoulders. He has a small scar above his left eyebrow and another one near the right corner of his mouth. Two, large scars crisscross on his back, and a multitude of shorter ones reside in the skin over his abs and stomach. In flowing script, he has the phrase ‘Semper Fi’ (always faithful) tattooed on the inside of his right forearm, and the word ‘Umbra’ tattooed in cursive on his lower back. His third tattoo is a black lightning bolt on the back of his left shoulder, and his fourth and last tattoo is a crescent moon on the back of his right shoulder with the words ‘Lunae lumen’ (moonlight) in gorgeous script beneath the tattoo.
Ajax much prefers to wear comfy and maneuverable clothing, his favorites being sweatpants and loose T-shirts or tank tops that show off his well-muscled arms, since he can be a bit of a show-off. His favorite shirt is a worn, gray T-shirt that looks more than a little rag-tag with patches of different cloths mending the parts where holes have been ripped in it and a blue and gray plaid, flannel shirt over it that also looks a little worn with mismatched and missing buttons on the front. He usually wears either tennis shoes or a heavy pair of black combat boots with gray fur linings and brass buckles with his outfits. He also has his left ear pierced and always wears a small, silver hoop earring through it. The only other pieces of jewelry he wears are a silver band ring with little onyxes set into it around his right middle finger, a silver chain around his neck with a gold dream-catcher charm with blue, black, gold, and gray feathers, and black skull ring on his left index finger.

Personality: AJ’s defining characteristics are his moodiness, stubbornness, and mysteriousness. He’s prone to random and sudden mood swings for no apparent reason but is normally in quiet, defensive moods. He almost always has a huge ‘don’t talk to me’ sign on his forehead and gives out bad vibes to anyone nearby. He’s even more stubborn than he is moody, and his pride hinders him from admitting his mistakes even when proved wrong. He doesn’t like other people very much and consequently has developed an air of mystery surrounding him. He doesn’t talk much and is the master of the monosyllable, preferring to be left alone in his thoughts. His antisocial behaviors have certainly not made him any friends, and he usually ends up remaining a loner in any new situations he may find himself in. However, he prefers it that way, and because of his cynical outlook on life, would rather be alone than surrounded by human stupidity. He’s slightly depressed and on his especially low days, has taken to cutting on his wrists or stomach, the only thing stopping him at times being Chloe.
Chloe, his childhood friend, is the one of the only people he’s ever allowed himself to get close to, and his constant worries for her leaves little space for his loneliness and depression to steep. To those whom he allows to get close to, he’ll talk more and be more open, but he still is very monosyllabic, preferring to express his feelings with actions, not with words. Once someone has managed to befriend him, they’ve made a friend for life. Ajax will never leave his friends, unless they leave him, and is a loyal and fierce protector until the end. He’ll do anything for those close to him but frequently worries about said friends, wanting to do anything and everything to help them. He’s not particularly good with words, so he expresses his affection by performing acts of service. Even around people he likes, he doesn’t like physical contact much, the only person he ever really touched being Chloe since neither of them were much for physical touch, and Chloe needed the stimulation every now and then to be able to calm down when she was having one of her temper tantrums.
AJ is always wary of strangers and doesn’t trust easily, but if he can sense no ill will from someone, he’ll gladly help them out a bit. He’s not a particularly cruel person when it comes down to it, but he has no qualms about killing someone who he thinks deserves it. He operates by his own moral code, something that he hopes will rub off on others, and can at best be described as a both a vigilante and a villain. His methods are highly questionable, especially when his ex is involved, but he doesn’t kill just for the sake of killing. He won’t take jobs that are outright inhumane, but he has little problem being employed by drug cartels or gangs as long as the tasks don’t involve him killing off innocent people.
Though it’s rare that it comes out, AJ has an extremely soft side, especially for nature, baby animals, and Chloe. He keeps it mostly to himself, only ever showing it to Chloe who was the one person he cared for unconditionally, and enjoys tending to nature and frolicking with his forest friends through the trees. He has a bit of a nurturing side to him, often taking on the more feminine role in his and Chloe’s relationship (though it could hardly be described as conventional). He can be extremely gentle and patient when needed, but around most other people, he loses his temper fairly quickly.
His temper is nothing to sneeze at, for when he’s worked up into a real rage, he doesn’t know what’s up and what’s down, only those close enough to him being able to calm him back down. It’s rare that he reaches that point, and it’s tough to make him lose his temper at all. However, it is very easy to irritate him and test his patience, but he won’t lose his temper yet; he’ll just become more moody and will sulk for a while. When he does lose his temper, he doesn’t shout much but mainly takes his anger out physically on the closest thing, even if that thing happens to be another person. He can’t stand hurting his friends either intentionally or unintentionally and falls into a deep depression anytime that happens. Since he’s used to teaching his friends’ tormentors a lesson, he takes his anger out on himself when he is at fault for causing any harm or hurt to come to those close to him. It’s very hard to get him out of his self-deprecating phases as he is caught in a vicious cycle of punishing himself both mentally and physically.
His favorite pastimes include reading, carpentry, cuddling with Chloe when she allowed it, going on a mission, exercise, and playing with little animals.

History: Ajax grew up as a nomad for most of his childhood. His father was from Greece, and his mother was from modern-day Italy – the Roman Empire, to be exact. His father was actually an alien, whose species was gifted with long life as well as magic. He may look 19, but he is much older. He also grew up with his older brother, aunt, uncle, cousins, and another family who traveled with them: the Darkwoodes. He grew very close with one of them, a girl named Chloe, who was three years younger than him. Unfortunately, tragedy struck both their families in a never ending parade. First, some of Chloe’s relatives died, and then his parents were killed along with his aunt and uncle. He and Chloe fled, but by this time it was the middle of WWII. They were both captured along with several others like them with alien blood and experimented on. His code name was Hades since he had shadow magic, and he became one of the top operatives. Eventually, he managed to escape but met up with Chloe years later, and they became partners in crime. Literally. They ended up being one of the top criminal duos for hire in the underworld and even had some semblance of a relationship for a time. However, it all came to an end. Things within the exclusive society he was involved with fell apart, and Chloe deserted him. Now he’s on his own again.

Therapist: Hayley Tenney

Why You Brought Them Here: He has commitment issues whether he admits it or not, won’t stay in one place for very long, and needs to deal with his past.


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Tom W. Niles - Part One

Name: Tom William Niles

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tom has a thick, wavy mess of brown-black hair which usually takes on a shaggy appearance due to his lack of haircuts. His dull, gray-blue eyes, surrounded by his long, girly lashes, are normally cast downward, avoiding eye contact with others, though he doesn't let this prevent him from making observations about the place he is in and the people he's with. Above his eyes are his thin, barely visible eyebrows and small, pale forehead, his petite nose leading down to his slim lips that are somewhat reddened from his constant lip-biting habit. With his strong build, he stands at about 5'9, his noticeable muscles in his arms, legs, and calves adding to his overall strength. He has calloused, rugged hands and feet, mainly from using his hands for rough work around his home and from walking barefoot on rocks, sticks, and the hard ground as a child. On his sturdy, muscly upper left arm, he has a tattoo for the New York Yankees and on his other upper arm, a scarcely noticeable, white scar, but both are normally covered by the sleeves of his t-shirts. His complexion is very fair and pale, though it's become slightly more tan over the years for no apparent reason, and his posture remains excellent, just like it was when he was younger. However, he makes no effort to keep himself presentable to others; his hair is scruffy and mussed up, his fingernails are short and unkempt, and his clothing is rumpled from wearing it during the day and sleeping in the same outfit for about two to three days before he bothers to change into something new. Although he's fairly attractive, his disheveled look ruins any chance of a good, first impression.
Tom wears mainly casual clothes, never too worried about looking nice. Mostly, he'll be seen in blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt displaying his favorite rock bands, movies, etc. He never leaves home without his worn, well-loved, black leather jacket.

Personality: Tom is sensitive and caring - not. Tom is the epitome of snarkasm - a word he created to embody sarcasm and snarkiness. He always has something to say about everyone and the majority o it is as snide as all get-out. He’s very blatantly honest, which is the nice way of putting it. Among his favorite things to do, he loves to slap people in the face with reality, and shoot down their ridiculous fantasies. He enjoy this even more when these fantasies include more motivated and less snarky versions of himself. He is also the master of the monosyllable. His vague, unhelpful answers frustrate everyone into ignoring him, which is exactly what he’d prefer. He does let some exceptions pass though, the most common being, “that’s stupid.” Tom tends to be very moody and difficult. One moment, he’ll start up a conversation, and the next he’ll return to being the king of snarkiness, mutter something about needing to use the bathroom, and walk out the door. Tom also has a lot of attitude, and he never misses a chance to say no or make a rude comment. He likes to highlight who isn’t the brightest bulb in the hardware store of the people around him, too.
Tom is almost always lying even when his lies don’t make any sense or are very obviously false. Since he hates talking about himself, most of his responses on this topic are probably never true no matter how much evidence, or lack thereof, somebody forces at him. He’s easily irritable, and talking about himself, or more specifically his teen years, is one of his triggers. Tom has a cynical worldview and a lot of his snarky comments stem from that. He loves to point out the frivolities and stupidity of society, though it only serves to annoy him more. Most assume he likes being annoyed.
Tom never wastes his time with things that don’t concern himself. Another of his mastered skills is avoiding everything he needs to do, yet doesn’t want to. In fact, he flat-out refuses to, and it works quite well since he’s an adult now and there is no one to threaten him. The rest of the time, Tom just finds shortcuts so he can return to his life of ignorance and lazy again. The only thing he willingly drags himself to do is fixing things around his home base, but that’s only because he’s uncomfortable otherwise.
Tom may just be the most irresponsible person on the planet, and he’s a horrible example in every way. His most frequent words to children or teens are telling them to never repeat something he said. He does have a lot of issues though. He’s kind of an idiot when it comes to making smart choices, and guilt and depression have been some of his struggles for years.

History: Born July 4th to Elizabeth and Arthur Niles, Tom grew up in a huge house with his rather wealthy parents and nine siblings. Most of his baby or toddler years were spent with Hannah and Olivia, the only siblings older than he. Apparently, both his sisters loved the idea of having a little brother, but Tom wasn’t necessarily amused. As a kid, most of his interests were looking at card decks, watching tv, or listening to music in his room. He wasn’t exactly the most outdoorsy kid.
When he turned five, he was enrolled in the private school his sisters had been going to since they were his age. They were definitely not as young as him, but he did pretty well besides the people. As a general rule, Tom ignored most of the kids his age. Making friends did not come naturally to him, and most of the time he wanted to be alone. In class, he was close to silent, never giving any indication that he was paying attention. Like the overly concerned people they were, his parents figured something was wrong since he was nothing like his bubbly sisters, but they were soon absorbed with other problems.
Baxter Niles arrived that October, and it took forever for Tom to get used to the screaming kid that everybody ran to and smiled over practically every second of the day. Eventually, Tom adapted and went back to his normal lifestyle, completely ignoring the new baby.
At around eight years old, Elizabeth and Arthur decided that he should be allowed to go to some of their fancy parties and operas and whatever else they did as part of the wealthy community. Tom had never expressed any interest in these events whatsoever, but soon he was dressed up in a suit and ready to go to some musical that would probably bore him to death. Well, while he actually enjoyed the musical, or more like he enjoyed making fun of it, he kept fidgeting. His parents figured musicals weren’t for him, but to him and his two older sisters to the next kid-friendly, corporate party. Once again, he was dressed up in the uncomfortable, but supposedly “adorable” suit, paraded around his father’s business partners and associates, then told to sit in a corner with his sisters and make sure he behaved. Of course, Tom was about to do anything but sit in a corner with his sisters. He actually went up to the bar and asked the bartender for a drink, which was how he learned about alchohol, and then after that he wandered around with a Sprite. When it was finally time to go home, Tom was exhausted and fell asleep in his suit.
After another two years of this, Benjamin was born. Tom was ten years old at the time, and five year old Baxter was just starting to become actually annoying. That was probably why Tom hated Ben’s arrival a lot more. Yet again, here was another dumb kid who people would obsess over, but more than that it meant relatives and friends of his parents coming to visit, and sometimes even staying if they lived far away. Sometimes his Uncle George, Aunt Victoria, or Uncle Alan would come up and bug him, but for the most part, they left him alone. During this period of time, Tom holed up in his room with his favorite movies and rock music. He eventually came to the conclusion that his parents were selfish and self-absorbed, and all he knew was that he didn’t want to be like them. It was in his teen years that he actually became more rebellious. He wore t-shirts with his favorite movies, bands, phrases, and tv shows on them, old jeans, and his favorite black leather jacket. According to his parents, this wasn’t the way they wanted a young man to dress, but according to Tom, he was apparently a young man and that’s what he liked to wear. His parents continued to favor perfect Olivia and successful Hannah, and they loved their little children. Tom never seemed to fit in to that equation. It was also in his teen years that his sleep schedule changed dramatically. Tom had always had nightmares or restless nights, but he finally just gave up on trying to sleep when he wasn’t tired. Instead, with his parents unwisely on the other side of the house, he watched movies in his room all night and fell asleep whenever he fell asleep. With his nocturnal habits and careless attitude, he started to flunk out of school. During his junior year, when he was sixteen, he barely passed. Part of that could be accredited to his frequent babysitting habits. When he was about fourteen, he expressed that he had no interest in going to the parties or other social outings. His parents respected that, unlike most other things, and instead just asked him to babysit his younger siblings. By that time, his twin siblings, Aspen and Alexander, and his other brother Halley, who’d been named after Edmond Halley the astronomer, were already born. So, it essentially became his job. He didn’t really mind - it was already better than going to parties - but anyone who knew Tom would know that he wasn’t exactly a fan of kids. As they got older and his youngest sister Ethel was born, Tom decided one night to teach them poker. His parents had shown their disapproval of gambling before, but anyway, Tom had a ton of leftover money from times he asked them for it (normally to go to the movies or buy a tape for his cassette player or a movie he especially liked) and it wasn’t like he used his money that often. So, they gambled with his money and sometimes added in books they didn’t want or rights over the tv remote for a week. Later that evening, his parents noticed an abundance of money in Alexander’s room. It turned out that his little brother was pretty good at gambling. Anyway, Tom told them the truth and in turn received a scolding from his father. In other words, the lesson learned for Tom was to make Alexander hide his winnings better.
As Halley got older, he also got quieter. In fact, his first and only word was, “Tommy.” It made sense since Tom was definitely Halley’s favorite, but Tom had told people to stop calling him that years ago. He hated that nickname, and it made him irritated whenever someone used it. In any case, Tom and Halley were rather close in Tom’s high school years. Halley was a night owl like Tom, and whenever their parents were gone at a party, Halley would crawl into Tom’s bed after all the other kids had gone to sleep, watch movies with him, and eventually fall asleep next to him.
The winter of his junior year, over Christmas, Hannah’s wedding came. In Tom’s opinion, it was a huge ordeal for one marriage, but with his parents’ money, pretty much anything they wanted they would have. Blake Foster, Hannah’s fiancé, was nice enough. To him, Blake was just really different from himself. He was successful, determined, smart, so of course his parents loved him.

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Tom W. Niles - Part Two

History: Aspen was supposed to be the flower girl, and Tom had the hardest time getting her to cooperate, but the wedding was pulled off in the few weeks before Christmas, and Hannah and Blake went off again.
Eventually, Tom’s senior year of high school came. The summer before his senior year started also brought his last sibling, Catrina, making his sibling total nine. He barely made it through the fall semester of his senior year, receiving low C’s and B’s in pretty much every subject except for math, which was the only one he remotely enjoyed. That winter break, he got a bunch of pairs of jeans, money, and an earful about his grades. In the spring, he didn’t change anything though. In fact, after the first two months, he would’ve flunked out no matter what. He just didn’t have the patience or the motivation to do it, especially since he thought it was stupid.
In mid-April, Tom’s older sisters, Hannah and Olivia, returned from their colleges for spring break. His parents’ concern was immediately taken off him, their attention now directed to talking with the “perfect” children about college and life. Tom’s brother in law, Blake, who Tom mildly approved of, came too, and so did his and Hannah’s baby girl, Ainsley. One Sunday, his parents decided to take Olivia, Hannah, and Blake out to lunch, bringing Ainsley along too and leaving Tom at home to babysit Catrina and his other siblings. Tragically, they were hit by a drunk driver, and only his two sisters Hannah and Olivia survived. Both of them died shortly after on the operating table. Tom’s life was turned upside down. His parents apparently didn’t leave him much money, so he was forced to sell their house. Most of his siblings were placed in group homes or foster homes, but by the time July rolled around and he turned 18, Tom reluctantly thought he needed to care for Catrina - who hadn’t been homed yet. Of course, he was nowhere near ready for this. After a week, he dropped her off at his Uncle Alan’s home and disappeared off into the night on his motorcycle - which he had bought and been fixing up since high school. By that time, he’d also gotten his New York Yankees tattoo on his shoulder. He’d done it illegally when he was sixteen.
After driving through the night, his bike broke down and left him stranded in a town. He did a couple odd jobs here and there to afford parts, and then he kept moving. Because he never did well in school and didn’t go to college, he was hardly a use to anybody. He often resorted to thieving. One evening, he actually ran into Chip Anderson on a thieving job. Chip convinced him to band together, so they’ve been working together ever since. They live in what Tom dubbed ‘the base,’ a house on the edge of town that’s practically falling apart, but Chip refuses to allocate any cash towards it. Tom has his movie collection and bike with him there. He even has his own bedroom, but he’s slept on the couch since his first week there. There’s just something about his bed that reminds him of everything he doesn’t want to be reminded of. He spends most of his time fixing up what he can, repairing his bike, thieving, watching tv, or snorting at the stupidity of the townspeople. Chip is forcing him to go to therapy. He’s not happy about it.

Therapist: Rowan

Why They Are Here: He has unhealthy habits in dealing with his emotions, and he’s been depressed probably since high school.


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Andromeda M. M. Keller - Part One

Name: Andromeda “Andrea” “Andy” Minerva Margaux Keller

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Andromeda has black curls that reach just below her shoulders, with natural hints of dark brown throughout her thick hair. It’s pretty much always swept back into a high ponytail unless Matthias has offered to weave it into a short, single braid for her. She has sea green eyes with intermittent flecks of silver and blue throughout, and thin, but lengthy lashes. Her forehead almost always has wisps of hair stuck to it purely from sweat; the same could be said for the sides of her face as well. Andrea has clear, porcelain skin, but when she spends a day in the sun a faint smackle of freckles dots her cheekbones. Oftentimes, when she’s especially hot, upset, or flustered, her face heats up to a bright red - the only color her skin ever possesses without makeup or sunburns. She’s known to blush easily, but that’s about the only change in her face. She’s mastered hiding her feelings by maintaining a blank face, mostly with people she isn’t comfortable around. Andy has a slender build, and she may even be a bit underweight for her height and age. She does hold quite a bit of muscle in her legs, abs, and arms, but she still looks fragile despite this. Her own brothers have often told her that one would think she’d break if someone touched her, and it’s a common perception among others too. Andrea is very wiry, and because of this she often looks taller than she is. Nonetheless, she’s about 5’2, meaning she’s almost always towered over. She is averagely curvy, but it’s more or less visible depending on what exactly she is wearing. Andromeda has obtained several scars over time, the most prominent of these a white scratch in the left corner of her head. She’s never forgotten to place her hair over it since the day she got it, and it’s slowly lost its redness. She also has a tangled mass of intertwined scratches on her right shoulder. There’s usually a few unhealed cuts knotted into the throng of marks, but besides the occasional random, scarred up cut on the rest of her body she has no other blemishes.
Andromeda usually wears her same military pants, shirt, and boots, though sometimes she’ll switch out her military pants for cargos or her shirt for a black, gray, or camo tank top. Most of her clothes are a dark, olive green in order to roughly follow military uniform, and it’s odd to see any one of the Kellers in a different color. The only time she is allowed to change out of her normally grimy and tattered uniform is during the evening at dinner - where she wears a dress and cardigan or jeans and a blouse - or at nighttime when her sole uniform is being washed. If she’s not around her parents during the daytime, she likes to wear her sleeping clothes, a tank top and pajama pants or shorts. Andromeda is expected to dress up in radiant evening gowns that compliment her figure, paired with sparkling necklaces over her delicate collarbone, dangly silver earrings, and heels whenever her parents invite guests over, host, or attend parties. Most of her gowns are greens, lavenders, blues, mahoganies, and whites, all with expensive materials and detail. She also has her hair styled by the servants and her makeup done on special occasions. However, she hates all of these clothes. Andy loves to wear Matthias’ sweatpants, cargo pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets. Whenever she’s with him, she changes out of her usual clothing immediately and wears what he gives her. She wishes she could be in them all the time, but obviously that’s not happening.

Personality: Andromeda is just simply worried. When people knock on her door, call her name, or give her any sort of attention at all, it sets her off into a spiral of anxiety that doesn’t go away until long after everyone has left her alone. She’s always trying to keep her head down and stay in the shadows, but obviously she can’t avoid things forever. Avoiding things tends to be her solution to everything, unfortunately. To her though, after facing her problems and working hard to improve them, it has never helped and this is her last resort. Andromeda stays alone as much as possible, and she’s even skipped out on meals to do so as well. She sleeps, drives herself crazy with studying and reading, finds secluded places in the house besides her room - anything to remain as busy as possible. It may be exhausting to her, but it’s the only way she can be as afraid as she is and not break down several times a day. In her mind, it’s just simply the only thing that’s worked, whether her living quality is horrible or not.
Andromeda has huge trust issues, and for good reason. She hates when people touch her, talk to her, tease her, or really do anything with her. Being around others only continues her spirals of anxiety, but after the harm her parents and brothers have put her through - and still put her through - no one can blame her. Andrea has never been able to suppress her flinches that come from physical contact, but this makes her feel only more worthless. Her brothers have never had any hatred of being touched; why should she? Either way, she’s paranoid and wary of pretty much everybody, except her best friend Matthias. With him, she’s completely relaxed and she only flinches out of memory, not of any actual fear of him. He’s always cared about her, and he’s the only one that has earned her full trust. Even though he tells her that most people are much more trustworthy than her family, she just can’t help but back away from them and watch their every move. She hates being approached by anyone - except Matt, of course - as she always fears they’re going to do something to hurt her.
Andromeda also has self-esteem issues. She only feels more worthless every day, and it doesn’t help that everyone in her house is counting each and every one of her failures. She’s so used to hearing it, it’s become part of her subconscious. Even when she’s alone, Andrea can practically hear her parents or brothers continually disapproving or teasing. It’s become an unfortunate habit for her to compare herself to her brothers, too, though she knows she will never measure up to them. The constant knowledge that her feminist parents believed someday she was going to be an honored general, but now they can’t even look at her is torture to her. She’s often revisiting her previous actions and agonizing over them, taking every possible alternate path to see if she could’ve impressed them, yet she’s never been able to give herself any grace in this area. If her own family wishes they had a different sister or brother in her place, then clearly she must not be trying hard enough. Of course, there’s always Matthias and his older brother, but that’s two people out of literally everybody else. How is she supposed to interpret that?
Since she’s been so isolated from birth, she never seems to understand what is normal and what isn’t. She spent the majority of her life thinking normal parents were like her own, normal siblings were like her own, normal lives were like her own. Being away from her home often leaves her confused, and sometimes really upset. When she sees parents hugging their kids or telling them how much they love them, it sets her off. Sometimes she wants to scream that they’re faking it, but other times she wonders if they really mean it. It’s the same way with humor. Over time, she’s adopted Matthias’ and Drew’s sense of humor, but at first she was completely confused. Humor to her was always being teased up until she met them.
Andrea has an exceptional memory and focus, but most haven’t taken the time to notice. She’s never thought it was a great quality, and so rarely shares it with others or uses it. It takes her a very short time to memorize things, and studying and academics have been her strong points for years. She also has a long attention span. Focusing for several hours at a time comes easier to her, and she hardly minds sitting down. Her focus most likely comes from her introvertedness, although she is alone for much more than is healthy. The only person who doesn’t exhaust her is Matthias, but only Matthias. Everyone else, including Drew, tires her easily.
Andromeda used to have a strong will. She was stubborn, and she was always rude back to her brothers when they teased her. She even spoke back to her parents, but over time that changed. As her self-worth decreased, so did her will. She stopped standing up for herself, telling herself that they were right. Ultimately, this has turned into a continual spiral that is one of the bigger causes of her depression. Andy is also very fragile, and the littlest things send her into a panic attack. She relives moments or experiences frequently, blaming herself for not doing better. Because of these things, she has a hard time connecting with anybody, and that’s why Matthias is her only - and best - friend.
Andy’s emotions and thoughts are very hard to tug out of her. She doesn’t ever really say what she wants to, but rather what her parents or brothers would say. Her whole life, she’s been shoving all her emotions off the surface and bottling them up, doing her best to ignore them. It took her years to open up to her best friend, and expressing thoughts and feelings are just generally hard for her. Matthias still has to try - sometimes for days, at least - for her to talk to him about whatever’s going on, and even more so for her to speak truly from her own self and not out of knowledge of what her family thinks.

History: “You aren’t good enough.” Those are the words that Andromeda has heard since she was a young girl, and over time they’ve pressed her into cowering in her room with worries, tears, and horrible self-esteem. Andromeda Minerva Margaux Keller was supposed to be a leader, a strong fighter, a military woman, and a winner. Instead, the family received a tiny girl who wasn’t smart enough or strong enough to ever win. And if she couldn’t ever win, how in the world was she supposed to earn any respect? She was the one who proved her parents’ feminist ideas wrong, and her brothers make sure she knows it. She was the one who is the continual disappointment, and her parents make sure she knows this, too.
Andromeda was the fourth Keller child, and the first daughter to General Keller and his wife Lilith. They had high hopes for her, and the first nine or ten years of her life they spent whispering to her about how someday she’d be just like her father: an honored leader full of courage and strength. She was the one her parents envisioned guiding troops home after a brilliantly won battle, all carefully orchestrated by her. Her older brothers, Astaron and Talon, were always jealous of her, and they were constantly pushing her down when their parents weren’t looking. They’d purposefully frame her for their planned mishaps, hoping their parents would finally pay them some attention. Little Andromeda couldn’t do any wrong in General Mikhail Keller’s and Lilith’s eyes though, and they often just said that she was above cleaning up messes, or that Astaron and Talon must’ve gotten in her way so it wasn’t really her fault. From the start, her eldest brothers were her enemies, but she couldn’t ever convince them not to be. They were envious, and so despised her. Castor, the brother closest in age to her, thankfully wasn’t like this though. In fact, his indifference to what their parents said was always what she admired most about him. The two became fast friends, and wherever he went, little Andromeda was never far behind. The two were frequently playing with each other in the huge, expansive grounds of the Kellers’ mansion, and they’d spend hours playing hide and seek. But soon, both she and Castor learned to read and it wasn’t fun and games anymore.

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History Cont’d: Since all their children were going to be in the military, Mikhail and Lilith didn’t see any reason to give them a normal education. Why not prepare them for their inevitable future instead? The Keller children grew up isolated in their mansion, homeschooled, with a special, custom curriculum: war. From the time she could read well enough, they shoved histories, memoirs, tactical texts - or really anything that involved the military - at her, then tested her on them. Because of her excellent memory, she did very well, only fueling her parents’ high expectations and standards for her. They taught her archery, navigation, gun handling, trench building, among other things. They made her practice her reflexes and fast thinking, and once she reached a certain age she was allowed to work out with her brothers and father. But that was just the beginning. She needed to fight.
She’d grown up watching her brothers tussle around with each other and their father, but an organized, structured fight was never instituted until she was about eleven or so. Her parents first experimented around with the idea with their brothers, and it soon escalated into a part of their daily routine. Andromeda was given another year to grow before she was involved, so instead she simply watched and took notes. It was hard for her to not notice how it seemed to put a competitive or resentful separation between her brothers, and she often dreaded the day her parents would have her fight them. Her younger sisters, Hecate, Selene, and Athena, were still too young, so she would be forced to fight her six feet brothers when she was barely 4’9 herself. When she was twelve, that day came. Her parents were ecstatic, hopeful, and her brothers couldn’t wait to make her fail. Castor had been encouraging to her all morning, and she actually went into the fight with her head high. The fights did have rules, of course. They were one-on-one, no weapons, just pure combat. In one swift move, Astaron knocked the wind out of her and stuck his foot on her chest, claiming his victory. Her mother was surprised, but she figured it might take her a few tries. She fought Talon the next day, and he bruised her face. She was so unused to the pain that she fell to the ground crying. He and Astaron just smirked over her. Castor came the next day. He was sluggish and weak - nowhere near like he was with Astaron and Talon - and she suspected that he let her beat him. But at least she beat someone, right? Her first victory was celebrated, and their parents confidence in her was restored. The fights continued, with her almost always losing to Astaron and Talon, and almost always winning against Castor. Her parents’ confidence began dropping after a year of fights without much wins on her part. Her father announced his new rule that year - which only was going to apply to her. For every week that she lost every one of her fights, they’d etch a little slash into her shoulder. “Just something to remind you,” he’d murmured. With her new “motivation,” Andromeda worked much harder on training than studying, so she flunked out on “school” as well as fighting. Her parents just grew more and more disappointed, and so did she. With every fight she lost, more and more of their hope for her was gone. Eventually, she began skipping their family dinners just to avoid the humiliation and teasing she received every evening. It was awful. Even though weapons weren’t allowed, sometimes her older brothers would bring some sort of knife with them, and they’d dart in and scrape her with it. When her mother turned a blind eye to this for the first time, she knew that she was a worthless disappointment. She was not going to be a general; she wasn’t going to the military. She was not impressive or wonderful, and her parents didn’t mind that her siblings treated her like trash. Of course, Castor tried his best, but he’d let her stop winning a long time ago. Ever since he appeared one morning with a bruise and cut on his cheek, he’d fought without mercy. In fact, most everything he did without mercy. He made Andromeda cry plenty of times, but she knew how cruel their parents could be. She’d experienced it firsthand. But still, the thing she admired most about Castor was gone now, and it hurt.
Not everything in her life was fighting and military though. Since her parents had founded the town and were some of the most respectable figures - making them untouchable and free to do as they pleased, even if it meant isolating their children and being awful to them - they often hosted fantastically enormous, gorgeous parties. They’d pair their children up into twos, meaning that Castor would escort Andromeda around. They’d hook arms, pretend to be satisfied and happy with their lives, boast about their wonderful parents, mingle, and she’d look beautiful and injury-free for these nights. She hated how fake she had to be, but she couldn’t imagine what her parents would do to her if she did anything other than this. One of these parties had served as a going-away celebration for her father, who’d decided to return to the military when she was fourteen. Her favorite party happened when she was ten, though. It was there that she met her best friend, Matthias Allen. She escaped Castor’s eyes, and spent the evening hiding in her room with him. As an introvert, she was never much for parties. He taught her about card games, jokes, pranks, and life as a normal kid. It was the first time she realized that not every family was like her, and it brought on her struggle with what exactly was normal and what wasn’t. Nevertheless, she had the most fun with Matthias than she’d had in a long time. He was usually present at all the parties since his dad had died in the war and he was the subject of tons of the Kellers’ charities, but he was always without his mom. Most of the time, he came alone. Apparently, he lived in the suburbs of the city, but the main reason he came was to be with her. She started sneaking out in the late evenings and climbing over her parents’ tall gate to spend time with him, and he’d often take her out for ice cream. She snuck out almost every night after the fights started. He’d patch her up without question, feed her, and comfort her, even if she never told him what was going on. Slowly, she trusted him more and more, but he just never knew exactly everything. One night, after she’d been left hopeless and injured from another fight, she absolutely refused to return home. Matthias let her borrow his sweatpants, a tee, and his favorite blue jacket so she didn’t have to stay in her uniform, and then her tucked her into his bed and slept out on the couch. It was the first time she’d met his brother Drew, but she was kind of confused by his sense of humor, if not by the huge difference between him and her own siblings. He was a jock that didn’t know how to behave around girls though, so the first time she ever saw him was when he was tapping along to rock music wearing just cargo pants. It took some convincing to let Andy stay, but he finally consented. He was really overprotective of Matthias, but a huge pushover, too. The Allen boys’ mother stayed with a friend that was closer to her job during the weekdays, so they had very little parental supervision. Luckily, Andy’s breakdown happened on a weeknight. It was during their times together that she got her nicknames. She absolutely hated it when other people called her Andromeda - it reminded her too much of her family - and he noticed this, so he nicknamed her Andy. That nickname was kind of just for him though, and somehow she got to introducing herself as Andrea. Matty never told her this, but his only girlfriend broke up with him because he showed her up. Andy had needed him on the night of one of his dates, and it was always just his rule that she came first. She had bigger problems. It happened to him a lot; some of his friends just didn’t understand and that was fine by him. Andrea was his best friend; he’d choose her any day. The night that she slept over at his house was also the night she spilled everything to him. She told him about Astaron, Talon, Castor, her parents, the fighting, the military, everything. Matthias just sat there and let her pour her heart out. He was super sensitive, and he did his best to comfort her. The next day, she unfortunately had to return home. Her mother was horribly angry, and with Astaron to back her up she earned the scar on her forehead. Andy still snuck out though, never giving away Matthias. She just had to do it smarter. There were a few other times she refused to go home, and Matty always made her stay in his bed while he took the couch. Soon, he realized that she needed more help than he could give. With some advice from others (mainly Crabby) - though never his mother, who didn’t even know Andy existed - he learned about Silvermaple and is taking her here.

Therapist: Thora

Why They Are Here: Andromeda has been isolated, has an awful, dysfunctional family, and struggles with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.


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Garrison Kelly (cybador)

Name: Windham Xavier

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Appearance: Light green skin, pointy ears, long blond hair, toned body, and light blue eyes. Whenever he’s not fighting, he wears a white puffy shirt, black baggy pants, and brown sandals. Whenever he’s on the battlefield, he wears a gray armored bodysuit underneath a purple chest top, purple legless shorts, and black fuzzy boots. His weapon of choice is a chain whip.

Personality: Quiet, introverted, emotionally tender, and eerily calm even during moments of anger. He’s politically progressive and worships the lion god Mageta. He rarely swears except when pushed beyond his means.

History: An accomplished artist and warrior, Windham is the prince of the Xavier Village, a small forest full of likeminded elves whose national product is not only his art, but also fruits and vegetables. When citizens of his village mysteriously disappear, Windham sets out to find them against the orders of his queen sister Llewellyn. Windham infiltrates a mercenary organization called Shadow Asylum to get the answers he needs. After a battery of abusive tests, he’s assigned to spy on Queen Shelly Atwood, a sex trafficker and manipulative temptress. He gets caught during his mission and is subjected to a week of being Queen Atwood’s personal sex slave. He successfully escapes, but not without a head full of trauma and getting fired from Shadow Asylum.

Therapist: It doesn’t matter to him as long as they can take away his pain.

Why You Brought Them Here: PTSD and nightmares, both revolving around being raped by Shelly and her seven foot tall stepbrother Torger Manson.

Other: Even in a progressive society like the Xavier Village, Windham still feels the need to keep quiet about his sexual preferences, even more so now that he’s been raped.

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Eilonwy V. Masters - Part One
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Eilonwy V. Masters - Part Two
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Eilonwy V. Masters - Part Three
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Eilonwy V. Masters - Part Four
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Eilonwy V. Masters - Part Five
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Kylie ~ Pirate Queen Sura Rose (pirate_queen) | 14 comments Name: Sura Rose

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sura is a bit on the tall side, standing at 5'7". She has long, dirty blonde hair that goes to the middle of her back. With her career, she usually just leaves her hair down to do as it wants but sometimes she'll style it to keep it out of the way. Her eyes are a dark brown color with flecks of grey in them. While she may not have any powers, many men tend to find themselves captivated if they look in her eyes for too long. She has a slim and lean-muscled build with Caucasian skin that has a natural tan to it from all her time spent on her ship. She has also received a few different scars in her career.
Reference pic:

Personality: For those that have only heard of Sura by reputation, they would say she's a fierce and ruthless pirate captain. Those that know her personally know that she is this and more. She does not fail to speak her mind and she hates being forced to do something. She can be quite crafty and mischievous when she wants to be. While she may seem intimidating to a lot of people, she's generally a friendly person. Sure she doesn't go around making friends with everyone she meets - she has made a fair amount of enemies in her pirate career. A lot of it depends on the person and the situation, as well as if they have Sura's trust. If you betray that trust, however, especially if you harm her or someone she cares about, be prepared to be on the wrong end of her sword.

History: Sura comes from a pirate family and is the second youngest out of her siblings. Her parents had their own ship but they had a house on land for the children to stay in when they weren't on trips with their parents. When Sura was sixteen, however, her whole life changed drastically. Her parents were just returning from a trip when they were attacked and killed by Blackbeard. He left their ship, not thinking much of it just like he did of her parents. He didn't stop there, though. In the middle of the night he paid men to go to the house and set it on fire. Her older brother Logan helped her get out before going back in for their little sister and oldest brother. She never saw any of them come back out, though. At that point, Sura made it her mission to get revenge on Blackbeard. Taking her parents' ship, she got a crew together and first found the men that burned down the house, killing them. At that point, the hunt for Blackbeard was on and along the way she started making a name for herself and building a reputation.

During her mission, she met a man - Adrian. He and his brother Kaiden ended up traveling with her for awhile and along the way she found herself falling in love with Adrian. Deep down she knew he likely wasn't the greatest man, but her heart couldn't seem to help itself.

She finally caught up with Blackbeard and got her revenge, but what she discovered among his crew was someone she thought to be dead - her brother Logan was alive. Yet he wasn't quite the same man. He lost his memory in the fire and Blackbeard used it against him, making him think Blackbeard was his father and Sura and her parents were the enemies. Sura was able to break through to him, however, and he slowly started regaining his true memories. After Blackbeard's demise, Logan took over his ship and crew as captain, going off on his own journeys but still keeping in touch with his sister. Adrian and Kaiden also went off to continue their trade, sure that Adrian and Sura would be seeing each other again.

On her further travels, Sura met some friends that were on a mission to save the world from demons that were trying to escape ancient temples. She also met Mattis, a ship captain that traded goods. She actually rescued him and his crew from another pirate ship that attacked them during a bad thunderstorm. She considered that highly unfair and sank the pirate ship before rescuing Mattis and his men. She ended up falling in love with Mattis and felt conflicted between him and Adrian. She knew Mattis was a good man through and through. When Adrian had Mattis nearly beat to death, that's when she really compared her relationship with each man and chose Mattis. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. Mattis was killed during the big battle with the demons trying to save her life. It crushed Sura watching the man she loved die in her arms. When she and her friends completed their mission and left the place, she came across Adrian again. In her heartbroken state, he nearly convinced her to join him and his brother on their journey, but her brother and friends came to the rescue. Sura left Adrian, planning to never see him again, and went on vacation with her brother to heal from the loss of Mattis.

Therapist (if any):

Psychiatrist (if any):

Why You Brought Them Here: She knows Adrian isn't good for her, but her heart has conflicting feelings about him. She also feels like she needs to be somewhere where she can heal and come to terms with everything that's happened in her life.


Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Name: Tobias Mitchell Roberts, a.k.a. Toby.

Age: 20

Gender: Male, straight

Appearance: description

Personality: Toby's personality is a bit complicated. Usually, on his good days, he is really quiet and doesn't talk much. He prefers drawing in his notepad and listening to music with his earbuds.
On his bad days, he yells and gets angry over the stupidest little things. He can get so upset or angry with something that he will often end up breaking down and crying.
He is really confused with himself and needs help, whether he realizes it or not.

History: When Toby was about ten years old, his mother disappeared. She didn't die, but simply up and left him and his father. He was angry with this, and became a grumpy child who got into fights at school often. He seemed disrespectful to his father and anyone who tried talking to him. His father, on the other hand, also fell into a state similar to Toby's, though worse. He started drinking. He drank himself drunk so much, that he ended up being drunker than he was sober. When Toby would get home from school, Toby's father usually beat him or hit him, or acted pretty nastily. So thus, Toby began to hate being at home.
At age 11, Toby was spending less and less time at home, sneaking out at night and getting into trouble. At first, they were minor things. He'd break someone's window or run through people's property with a few other ragtag boys, living freely at their own will.
By the time Toby was 16, he avoided home completely. He had grown into a strong young man with a nasty temper. He was ready to strike down anyone who dared talk against him or badly about the smallest thing connected with himself. He started living with a gang, becoming even wilder. By now, he had a large list of crimes: assault, overwhelming vandalism and theft, one murder-though he had never meant to kill them, and underage drinking.
When he was 17, he found a discarded newspaper that listed his father in the obituary. He felt more relieved than upset, and continued on with his wild behavior.
Then, at age 20, he was caught breaking into a bank with his gang members. The members, all older than him, were sentenced and separated from him, and Toby was sent to get some rehabilitation.

Therapist (if any): None yet

Psychiatrist (if any): None yet

Why You Brought Them Here: Toby was arrested and brought here by the police after time in jail, because they feel that receiving some therapy may help his sentence lighten-even though it's pretty heavy. And he really just needs help, no matter the amount of crimes he's committed. Under it all, Toby is just a scared young man who is so lost he doesn't even know what is really right or wrong anymore.

Disorders (if any): He will have panic attacks when thinking about his past or the crimes he's committed, or just random times. He has a voice inside his head that sometimes talks to him, and it doesn't sound like him. It's got to be someone in his head.
He'll wake up screaming sometimes because of his father, even if that was from years ago.
Nightmares still plague him.

playing the piano
being alone

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