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Max .

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Max A young nurse came bustling towards him, her face calm and serious. She was a pretty petite person and Magnus was a bit surprised when she easily picked Rose up out of his arms and put her onto a luxurious looking bed in the corner. Right away the nurse started checking Rose's vital signs, asking Magnus questions about what had happened without ever taking her eyes off of her patient.
"When did she faint?" She asked, not even glancing towards Magnus who stood awkwardly to the side, unsure of what to do.
"A few minutes ago." He answered, fiddling nervously with the hem of his shirt.
"I don't know what happened! She just, one moment we were... hugging and the next moment she just keeled over. Please tell me she's going to be alright." He pleaded. Finally the nurse looked over at him with a kind look.
"I can't promise anything, but most likely she just caught a virus or it was stress induced." She told Magnus in a soft voice, she could tell he really liked this girl. Magnus gave her a hopefully trusting smile and then knelt down by Rose, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.
"I swear you're going to be okay." He whispered, looking at her like there was nothing else in the world to look at.

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Max ((just a question, is it the curse that made her faint, or just stress?))

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((It's stress, although I am workshopping some curse involving fun for these two))

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Max ((So evil.))

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) A while later, Rose's blue eyes fluttered open and she inhaled sharply. Her mouth was dry, and her head was spinning but overall, she didn't feel any worse than she had. She saw Magnus kneeling by her side and her heart swelled. She was so sure that she loved him, but was scared to tell him, at least just yet. She saw an unfamiliar woman hovering over her before looking back at Magnus. How did she deserve someone like this? Especially considering everything that had happened within the past hour or so. She'd overreacted over something that was truly just Magnus trying to protect her, followed by lying to his face with no qualms. She pushed herself up on her elbows to try to sit up and her head began to pound

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Max Magnus hadn't left her side for a moment before she woke up. His knees ached from supporting his weight, but he refused to move at all. Instead he had stayed motionless by her bed, whispering sweet nothings to her motionless form. When her eyes suddenly fluttered open, he met her gaze with a relieved smile. His heart pounded wildly in his chest and his own bright eyes met her beautiful blue ones, sparkling with happiness that she had woken up.
"You're awake! Oh thank god." He murmured, stroking her hair absentmindedly as he stared at her lovingly. Never before had her eyes seemed so wonderful. He felt like they were bluer than ever, but maybe he had just been so scared that she would never open those eyes again that they looked so pretty. He kissed her lightly on the forehead before drawing back as she tried to sit up.
"Hey, hey, I know you want to go fight dragons or something, but you have to be careful alright?" He said quickly. Leaning closer he helped her sit up, keeping a hand on the small of her back as support. The nurse came back to check Rose's vitals again before fixing her with a stern look.
"I think the fainting was due to large amounts of stress, so do you mind telling me if maybe something bad happened during the day, or anything like that?" She asked, her gaze still stern but her voice soft.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Magnus' eyes meet hers, and his expression was so happy that she hated herself even more for what she had done. She smiled weakly up at him as he stroked her hair.She laughed softly when he told her to be careful. He was one to talk. She leaned on Magnus for support as he helped her sit and her back tingled where his hand touched. "Nothing that I haven't had to deal with before," Rose told the nurse. That was sort of true. She wanted to vomit or faint again as the lie rolled off of her tongue. How had she gotten so good at lying, when she shouldn't even be able to do it in the first place? "I didn't eat much today, so maybe that's what caused it?" Rose offered pleadingly. "And when I was younger, I had some problems with that. I'd forget to eat a lot and I'd get dizzy or faint." That was one of the only true things she'd said pretty much all day.

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Max Magnus met her soft smile with a huge on of his own, all smiles and pure happiness that Rose was okay. Brushing her hair away from her face again, he leaned in slightly to listen to her talk to the nurse. He had always known that Rose was pretty careful when it came to food. Like most Evergirls and boys, she was careful about her figure. But he had just assumed that she was like that because she was in the school for Good.
"How come you never told me that stuff?" He asked softly. He wasn't hurt that she hadn't told him, but he was more just worried for her health now. The nurse just nodded and smiled a her.
"Alright, just get some rest and hopefully you'll be feeling better soon." She said before walking off to go grab some water for her.
Magnus stayed by her, moving so he was sitting on the side of her bed.
"Are you feeling a little bit better though?" He asked, brow furrowed.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Rose glanced at Magnus, worried that he was hurt by her not telling him, but he just seemed concerned. Wow, so, in addition to blowing up at him for keeping an understandable secret and lying to him, she was also accidentally keeping things from him. How sick did you have to be to accidentally keep secrets? "Oh, I suppose I never considered it all that important," Rose said, looking up at Magnus. She watched the nurse walk away before turning back to Magnus. "I'm feeling much better now," she told him. That was stretching things a bit. What was happening? She just couldn't stop herself, could she?

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Max Magnus frowned at her, but it was a playful smile.
"Everything about you is important to me." He told her teasingly before leaning over and kissing her lightly again. He just couldn't spend enough time with Rose, he was totally addicted to her.
"Ugh, sorry, that sounded super cheesy." He said sheepishly as he looked adoringly at her. Finally assure that she was in fact feeling a little bit better, he relaxed a little bit. He couldn't stand the idea that Rose was hurt or unhappy. Despite how much he loved her though, he couldn't help but still feel hurt by her reaction to his lie. He knew that it was bad to lie and all, but he had been doing it for a good reason. He had been doing it to protect everyone he loved from his evil sister.
"Look, Rose, about my sister. I'm really sorry." He told her softly, he was sorry. Even if he was hurt by how angry she had gotten.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Rose smiled at Magnus' reply, but the knot in her stomach only twisted tighter. Boy, if he knew... "No, no, cheesy is good," she told him, reaching up and fixing a hair that had slipped out of place. How was he so perfect? She was feeling worse and worse for lying to him, especially considering the way that she had reacted when she had found out that he was keeping a reasonable secret from her. If he had known she would respond the way she had, well, Rose could understand why he had chosen not to say anything. She knew that he had meant well, and had been doing to to protect people, which was more than Rose could say. Her secret was just to protect her family's reputation. If word got out that the next generation of Evil had actually won against her family, they'd be a joke. And as much as Rose hated lying to Magnus, she hated the idea of her perfect image being tarnished even more. Wow, when had she become so self centered? When she realized Magnus was speaking again, she focused back in on him. "I'm sorry too," she said frankly. "I should have given you more of a chance to explain things without jumping to conclusions that were completely unfair. Unfair to you, I mean."

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Max Even the light touch of her hand against his forehead as she pushed a piece of hair out of his face was nicer than anything Magnus had ever known. To have someone like Rose, someone who cared about him just as much as he cared about them. Magnus had always wanted that more than anything. There was not a single Everboy who had never dreamed about having the perfect girl. Fairy tales of beautiful princess had always been a part of Magnus's life. But when he had met Rose, he had realized that those princesses in those storybooks were nothing like her. She was better than any girl in a book. Sure, she was just as beautiful and lovely as those girls, but she was more than that. She was funny and witty and smart as well. She was a person, not just a pretend drawing of a ballroom clad girl dancing with her perfect prince.
"Rose?" He said softly, all of a sudden really nervous. He had wanted to say this forever, but had never had the courage to do. But after this, he wanted her to know that he loved her more than anything.
"I think... I think I'm in love with you." Magnus paused to take a breath.
"No... I don't think. I know i'm in love with you." He said more firmly this time.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) “Hm?” she asked when he said her name. She could tell from his tone that he was nervous about what he was about to say. Was he going to end things between them? No, they made up from after the argument, and Rose was sure that Magnus felt the same way about her that she did about him. What was it then? Oh, God, was he going to ask if she was hiding something from him? How would she even respond to that? She met his eyes, unsure of what he was about to say. When he told her that he was in love with her, her heart caught in her throat and her mouth literally opened in surprise. She closed her mouth and swallowed, still wondering if she had heard him right. She looked back up at him to see if he really meant it. Based on his earnest expression, he really did. Wow, that had not been what she was expecting. “Oh, Magnus,” she said, her voice quiet as a soft smile spread across her face. She reached up and cupped his face in her hands before drawing him into a long, sweet kiss. She felt her heart pound, and was sure he could too.

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Max Rose's silence was deafening. The way her mouth dropped open a little bit and she stared at him with such surprise, those moments were the best/worst moments of Magnus's life. On the one hand he was over-joyed. He had finally said it, damned the fact that she might not love him back. Despite all his cowardice in the past, he had finally pulled it together and said it. That part of him was ready to take her rejection if it came. But the other part of him, was terrified. He couldn't tell what her reaction would be yet after surprise, and he was scared. What if she really didn't love him? What if he had just made a huge idiot of himself? That part of him was not ready for her to tell him that his feelings were one-sided. But then she smiled, and it was beautiful. Magnus let himself melt into her kiss, and he could feel her heartbeat on the inside of her wrist, fast and loud. And he could feel his own heartbeat too, matching hers with a thundering intensity.
"I have wanted to say that forever." He admitted when they finally pulled away.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) As they kissed, Rose’s mind was spinning, trying to figure out what she needed to do next. Should she say it back? Obviously, but how could she with the huge lie between them that Magnus didn’t even know about? If she really loved him, she wouldn’t lie to him, right? People who love each other don’t lie to each other, or at least, that was what she’d always been taught. But maybe, just maybe she was lying to him because she loved him. The moment she realized that, the chaos inside her began to die down. Yes, lying was less than ideal, but she was doing it for a good reason. By the time they finally had to pull away, Rose was at relatively at peace with the whole thing. She’d probably freak out about it later, but for now, she let it be. She smiled at Magnus again when he told her that he’d been wanting to say it. “Why didn’t you? You know that I love you too,” Rose said, glad to have said it and gotten it out. It was way less scary to be the second one to say those three little words than it was to be the first person. That made her melt even more at Magnus’ words. He’d taken the jump and said it, risking whatever she might say

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Max Rose probably already knew why Magnus had waited so long to say that. It wasn't exactly every day you told someone you loved them for the first time. Rose would know how much courage it took to actually say that.
"Yeah, well, i'm a scardy-cat" He answered jokingly before he captured her lips again in his, pulling her close. He knew that Rose should probably be sleeping, or at least resting her eyes after the whole fainting thing, but Magnus was just so happy that he couldn't handle leaving her alone right now. All he could think of was that he was in love with her, and she was in love with him. He wasn't thinking about his sister, or all his problems. It was just him and her, together.
"I was thinking... maybe a romantic evening? good idea?" He asked, grinning at her.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Rose laughed a little before his lips met hers again and he pulled her close. One of her hands was in his hair, mussing the normally perfectly styled hair, and the other was cupping his face. God, here was this amazing, sweet guy, and he had chosen her out of all of the girls in the school. She gasped for breath when they separated and wanted to kiss him again, but stopped herself. She nodded at his suggestion and smiled widely. “That sounds great, provided I’m allowed to leave?” she said, noticing the nurse had come back over.

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Max Magnus grinned against her lips as she tangled her fingers into his hair. He, and every other Ever knew that he spent a lot of time making sure his hair was perfect. Not that he minded Rose messing it up, but he had to smile as she tousled it up carelessly.
"Careful! You're going to ruin my reputation as the perfect hair guy!" He teased, gently brushing his hands through her own beautiful locks. As they parted. Magnus made sure that they were still close together, unwilling to part from her. When the nurse walked back over to them she pursed her lips at Rose's question. Before she could say no though, Magnus took matters into his own hands.
"You wouldn't want to ruin young love would you? I mean, what if my taking her on a date would result in a fairy tale?" He asked pensively, looking at the nurse with an innocent smile. She shook her head at him but eventually broke into a grin and made a shooing gesture with her hand.
"Go have fun. But you watch how you're feeling." She finally relented, but gave Rose a stern look.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Rose laughed inwardly at Magnus' argument to the nurse. She arched an eyebrow at him when he claimed that the date might result in a fairy tale, but let him keep talking. Part of the reason Rose liked Magnus was the way that he could get just about anyone to do just about anything, but not in a bad way, he would just convince them that it was the right thing to do. Rose would do that was well, but she was more manipulative and tricky about it. She wondered if Magnus had seen that side of her, really seen it. Rose smiled and thanked the nurse and began to get up. As she stood, she felt a wave of dizziness, but she ignored it and it passed quickly. She threaded her arm through Magnus' and leaned her head on his shoulder as they walked out of the infirmary.

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Max Magnus could see Rose's skeptical face through his peripheral vision, but chose to ignore it. He knew that he had some talents, and convincing people of things was one of them. He had always been good at it, and after training as a prince, he had gotten even better. He never lied, but simply said it as though it was supposed to be. When people thought you knew what was right, they usually followed along. People were naturally sheep, and they just needed a Shepard to lead them. As Rose got up, Magnus was quick to make sure she stayed steadily on her feet. He was half tempted to just pick her up, but he knew she would probably find that offensive, so he didn't.
"You okay?" He asked softly, eyebrows creased with concern.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "I'm fine," Rose said, the dizziness mostly better, especially if she leaned on Magnus a bit. Glancing up at him, she could tell her was still worried, which made her smile. "Really, I promise I'm fine." With her free hand, she smoothed her hair, which was surprisingly neat for someone who had passed out and had several passionate kisses in the past hour. She was starting to realize how draining the whole thing had been, but right now, she just wanted to spend time with Magnus. She felt like they had broken through several barriers tonight, like their relationship was somehow more real now

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((Aw, thanks!))

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Max Magnus put a hand around her waist since he knew that even if Rose tried to convince him that she was okay, she might not be. She tough that way, probably tougher than anyone else he knew. Leading her out to the patio that was just outside the dining pavilion. There were already fairy lights all around the chairs (since the Good side was always quite stylish) and Magnus sat her down gently in one of the chairs.
"Stay here and i'll be back in a second okay?" He said gently, grinning boyishly at her.
"Oh, and close your eyes." He added as he backed away back into the dining pavilion.

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Max ((Yeah, they're cute!))

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Rose smiled up as Magnus wrapped an arm around her waist and they made their way outside. He was such a sweetheart. As they made their out to the patio, her eyes widen slightly. She'd never been out around the school at night, so this was the first time she'd ever seen this. She lowered herself into a seat and arched an eyebrow at Magnus. What was he planning? She did close her eyes, but she was thinking about peeking. The curiosity was starting to get the better of her when she heard him return

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Max Magnus had planned this all out a long time ago, he had just been looking for a good time to act on his plan. He had managed to compile a list of all of Rose's favorite foods and since he liked to cook, he learned how to make dishes with those foods. It had taken him a while to convince the kitchen staff to let him use their kitchen, but he had managed to convince them and now, he had all the dishes ready to go for her. Coming back with all the different dishes he set them out in front of her.
"Hey, no looking!" He teased as he saw her eyes flutter slightly.
"Alright, you can look now." He added after a few moments. It was the ultimate romantic dinner, since he had even put candles on the table. He knew that Rose was still very careful about what she ate, so he had made sure everything was low fat, low sugar and high in minerals.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((OMG, he is literally the perfect guy He's adorable, sweet, looks like Zac Efron, AND he cooks!))
Rose smiled when he told her not to look and closed her eyes all the way. When he told her she could look, her eyes opened, then widened when she saw what he had done. Her favorite foods were arranged on a table that even had little candles on it. Her heart melted as she took the scene in and even more when she glanced over at Magnus. "Oh, wow," she said softly. This was one of the most romantic things anyone had ever done for her, and it meant even more because it was coming from Magnus.

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Max ((If only all guys were like this!))

All Magnus had wanted was that smile from Rose. And he had gotten exactly what he wanted. The look she gave him made him want to melt into a puddle of water on the floor. Of course, that wasn't possible, so instead he just grinned back at her.
"So, you like it?" He asked, even though he already knew the answer. Pulling up a chair next to Rose he flopped down and stretched out his legs. He was just glad that he had made Rose happy. That was the goal of good right? To be brave and kind, and make people happy.

((Do we want Marina to come in sometime and ruin it all?))

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((Of course cause we’re evil and won’t let our characters be happy))

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) “I love it,” Rose told him, her smile widening when she saw his look. He looked so thrilled to have pleased her which only made her even more happy and in love with in him in that moment. As he sat down next to him, she looked over at him and reached for his hand. As he took it, she intertwined her fingers with his. He looked so happy and at peace right then that Rose was glad she hasn’t told him about her mess earlier, because if she had, Magnus being Magnus would probably be trying to help her fix it or something right now instead of this. She smiled over at him again as she began to speak. “How long did it take you to plan this?” She asked him, sounding in awe of what he had done

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Max Magnus looked over at their intertwined hands with a faint smile. Even little things like that still filled him with joy, even though they had been dating for a while now. Rose was right to think that Magnus was happy right now, if maybe not fully at peace but still happy. But she was wrong to think that hiding something from him was going to make him any happier. Magnus lived his life for other people. As the heir to a throne, he lived his life for his people and his castle. With his friends, he lived to make them smile and laugh and to help them out when they needed it. With Rose, he lived to just be with her and make her happy. So, not telling him something really was taking away a part of who he was when it came to people he loved. But for now, he didn't know anything was wrong so he just smiled and chuckled softly.
"A while. The kitchen staff were not to keen on having a bumbling fool like me in the kitchen." He admitted.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Oh, you made all this?" Rose said, her smile somehow growing even wider. She had thought that he had asked the kitchen staff for her favorite food and arranged things with them, which was thoughtful and amazing in and of itself. But realizing that he had taken the time to make all this made it that much more amazing and meaningful to her. She placed her free hand on top of the hand she was holding and began to gently rub his knuckles as they continued talking. Some would have been surprised by the amount of physical contact coming from the normally very self contained girl, but with Magnus, things were just different. She liked her friends, but in general, she just didn't particularly like being touched in any way, shape, or form. But Magnus was something else for her. With him, it just didn't matter to her

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Max Magnus grinned at her and shrugged his shoulders slightly.
"Yeah" He said with another shrug.
"With a lot of help though... It turns out fire and I don't get along too well." He added with a chuckle. He had had a bit of a disastrous encounter with the oven and it had resulted in the need of a new hair cut since he singed off the bottom of his hair when trying to fry onions. Eventually he had actually been able to finish that stuff, but only with an extreme amount of help from the kitchen staff. Most of them had not been too thrilled, but they had done what it took to get him out of the kitchen. Intertwining his fingers with her he smiled at her softly.
"It sounded like you hadn't had the best of days, I thought you might need it."

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((Should I bring Marina in now?))

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Max ((go for it! We will make them suffer!))

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((*evil laugh*))

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "It's perfect," Rose told him, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. A part of her still felt terrible for keeping secrets from him, but the other part told her that it was for the best both for Magnus and their relationship. She rested her head on his shoulder for a moment and exhaled. She began to speak again when she heard a loud rustling noise nearby. She sat right up and squeezed Magnus' hand. She didn't know if he'd heard it too, but she was just on edge. When she had listened and didn't hear anything else, she turned back to Magnus. "I wonder what that might have been?" she said, half hoping he would have some idea. She never knew if he did or not because as soon as he began to speak, she heard another noise and a tall, curly haired girl strolled into the space.

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Max Magnus had indeed heard that rustling in the bushes, but he wasn't nearly as jumpy as Rose was. Turning to look at the bushes with a raised eyebrow, Magnus squeezed Rose's hand back. He was more worried about Rose honestly. He knew that she was always a bit on edge, any good fighter was always alert and ready, but she seemed more jumpy than usual. There was definitely something else that had been going on that she wasn't telling him. Magnus didn't want to pry or anything, but maybe he would ask her about it later.
"I don't know... maybe a rabbit or something? I'll go check." Magnus made a move to get up but before he had the chance, a very familiar person walked into the patio.
"Marina?" Magnus jumped out of his seat, putting himself between her and Rose on instinct.
"What are you doing here?" He asked cautiously. His voice was courteous and princely but his posture showed nothing but hostility.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Rose inhaled sharply at Magnus' reaction to the newcomer. She had no idea who this girl might be, but Magnus appeared to know her and dislike her to say the least. She rose(lol) and walked to Magnus, staying behind him for now at least. She bit her lip as she looked at the girl, trying to figure out a course of action.

Marina laughed at her brother and waved her hand at him as if shooing him away. Her attention was completely focused on the girl who was with him. This must be his special someone. Wow, she was doing well. She'd thought it would take some digging to find her, but here she was. "You must be Magnus' friend,"Marina said, smiling coldly. "I'm Marina, his baby sister. I expect he's told you as much about me as he's told me about you." The other girl was glaring at her, her blue eyes cold. Marina almost respected her, or she would have if the girl had come out from behind Magnus. "You know what's odd? The fact that the two of you look more like siblings than Maggie and I do." It was true too. They both had the same perfect blonde blue eyed look and they had an air about them like "we're what you want to be and we know it."

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Max ((we're what you want to be and we know it? Awesome!))

Oh, how Magnus hated the way his sister looked at him. The way she acted it was like he was just some pest, an annoying fly that has to be taken care of. Magnus had studied his entire life to be a king. He knew how to fight very well, and yer Marina acted like he was as dangerous as a 3 year old. It made Magnus crazy. What was worse, was that she didn't care about him, because she cared about Rose much more at the moment. For the time being, Marina seemed to be happy to just study Rose instead of actually doing anything. Magnus wasn't sure if he should be happy that she was just observing, or even more scared. He knew that there was no use hiding anything anymore, so he moved away a bit so Marina and Rose could fully see each other.
"Rose, this is my sister Marina." He said with an icy smile. He couldn't let himself be seen as weak, not around his sister. So, even when she used his old nickname, he refused to react.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Rose glared at the girl, trying to figure her out. Her normally sparkling blue eyes were cold and her smile was incredibly tight. She had just met this girl, but from what she knew thus far, she disliked her immensely. "Pleasure to meet you," she said in response, not bothering to even try to reply to Marina's little jabs. Her voice was clear and authoritative, but not as unkind as she expected it to come out. Anyone who didn't know her would probably think that Rose was truly glad to meet the other girl.

Marina raised an eyebrow as Magnus moved from between them and introduced the two girls and the other girl, Rose, replied. Marina thought that she and this Rose would probably be friends in another world, and Marina already had a bit of grudging respect for this princess. She pushed those thoughts aside and looked at the other girl as though she was Marina's next prey, which she pretty much was. It didn't matter whether or not Marina had a good opinion of the girl, she had to destroy her and everything about her. That would hurt Magnus even more than it would if she destroyed him. This girl didn't seem like the type to be easily scared away from a relationship, so Marina would have to probably manipulate her into breaking things off. Somehow convince her that it was best for Magnus or something along those lines. This was going to be such fun. "Really, darling, the pleasure's all mine," Marina replied, her voice sticky sweet.

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Max Magnus watched the interaction with tense muscles. It was like watching a silent battle. Neither of them said anything rude or did anything violent but there was an undeniable tension that simmered between the two girls. magnus could only hope that Rose would win this silent war. He believed that Rose was just as tough as his sister, but the biggest problem was that Rose had morals. Marina would not pause for one second to wonder if what she was going was humane or good. A hero's greatest fault was their nobility, but it was also the exact thing that made them a hero.
"Marina, I know what you're thinking, and it's not going to work." Magnus said softly, his eyes glinting dangerously in the moonlight. Now that Rose had told him she loved him, he was sure that even Marina couldn't break them apart. He would not let her ruin the best part of his life.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Rose smiled tightly at her, trying to figure out some sort of weakness in the other girl. She knew that she had grown up with Magnus, which meant she had likely been raised similarly to Rose. She could use that. She knew it wouldn't exactly be easy for a girl like that to fit in in the School for Evil, which would probably be a sore spot for the other girl. She was worried that saying something about that might affect Magnus as badly or worse than it would Marina. "So, how's school going?" she finally said, sounding perfectly causal. She knew that pressuring that particular spot could hurt Magnus, but she wouldn't know until she tried it. She just hoped that he wouldn't think that she was cruel for it.

Marina tensed and inhaled, her fake smile disappearing for a moment before she pasted it back on. This girl was certainly not the normal perfect princess that she would expect her brother to date. She was certainly a littler meaner than the normal princess she came across. "Oh, wonderfully," she said through her teeth. That couldn't be further from the truth. Her classmates hated her, because she picked up on things faster than any of them, and her teachers hated her because of her goody two shoes brother and family.

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Max Magnus frowned slightly as he watched his sister. Something had shifted for a moment on Marina's expression. Her smile had fallen, if even for just a few moments before she regained her coy smile. Despite that, Magnus had lived with his sister for long enough to know when something was wrong. He quickly thought back to what Rose had said right before his sister's smile had dropped. Something about school? Magnus frowned ever so slightly as his mind whirled quickly in his head. Was his sister having a bad time in the School for Evil? How could that be possible, she was such a Queen Bee that he figured she would be having a ball there. Suddenly Magnus felt something weird in his chest. He felt... bad for her. He actually felt bad for his little sister because she wasn't having a good time at school. But then he remembered that she was in the School for Evil for a good reason and he hardened his heart against this.

"Come on Rose, we should just go." He said softly, not in the mood to fight his sister. All of a sudden he felt tired. So tired that he thought he might just pass out if he didn't go to sleep. Running his hand over his eyes he sighed softly towards the ground. This was not going to be a good year. Not with Marina here.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Of course, I would positively hate to keep you, Marina," Rose said, false sweetness dripping from her words. She did not like Marina and was fairly certain that there was no world where she had any kind of decent opinion of the girl. "It was lovely meeting you." She took Magnus' hand and looked up at him, ready to follow his lead for whatever happens next. She knew she was being a bit petty and cruel, and really hoped that Magnus wouldn't notice or at least wouldn't think less of her for it.

Marina scowled at the her brother before turning back to Rose. "Likewise," she said, her voice dripping with the same fake sweetness as the other girl's. As Rose and Magnus turned to leave, she laughed at Magnus. "Running away from your problems instead of addressing them already? You're certainly falling back into old habits, Maggie," she said causally as they began to leave. That should get a reaction out of one of them, although she didn't know or care which one it was.

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Max Wow. Magnus had never seen this side of Rose before. She was purely made up of sarcasm and disgust right now. Of course, that was by no means an incorrect way of talking to his sister, but he had just never seen this part of Rose. She was always the perfect princess with a calm answer to anything. Not that Magnus was a violent person either, but usually he was the one who ended up getting into fights, not Rose. Although this fight definitely was not a physical one. It was a fully a mental battle that was going on between his girlfriend and his sister. He felt a huge wave of relief as Rose agreed to leave with him. He just wanted to go away. To find somewhere were Marina wasn't. A place were he could just be Magnus, Rose's boyfriend, not Magnus, Marina's brother, or Magnus. the hopeless heir to a throne.

"What the hell did you just say?" He growled, turning back to Marina. Well, apparently his temper overrode his need to get away. He was not going to let Marina step all over him like that, but he didn't know how to stop her. He had spent his entire life just ducking his head to whatever Marina said to him. She had always been the powerful one in his family, and he had just let her do and say anything because he hadn't believed that he had the power to change anything. Now, he tried his hardest to convince himself that he was just as strong as her, that he could beat her. But a part of him still cowered away, the brother who feared his little sister because somehow she was the better one.
"I do not run. And don't call me that." He hissed, walking towards Marina with a steady look in his eyes.

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((Also, I've fleshed out my evil idea about the curse and stuff. So, Marina somehow finds out about Rose's aunt and how Rose is probably cursed as well, and tells Rose that she's going to tell everyone. Rose being Rose and caring about appearances thinks that the two options are to stay with Magnus and potentially ruin his reputation with hers or to break things off with him so that he won't be involved with the mess that happens after. When she's trying to break up with him, she says some hurtful stuff because she thinks that if she hurts him, he'll leave her alone. She avoids him after that and he finds out about the curse from Marina or from some other classmate(I haven't decided whether or not Marina follows through with her threat), and is hurt that she didn't tell him but also thinks that it might have something to do with why she broke up with him, but he's still pretty hurt by everything that's happened. Her 16th birthday happens and she pricks her finger and falls asleep and then Magnus finds out exactly why she did what she did and he kisses her awake. What do you think? It's still a work in progress, and I'm open to any ideas you might have for it))

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Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Marina inhaled sharply, a little scared. So, there was something to her brother other than weakness. Maybe his stupid school had done him some good after all. She shook off the fear and laughed at him. She had done exactly what she had meant to do - provoke him in front of his precious girlfriend and either expose him as a weak fool or make him look like the bad guy. If this girl was anything like the typical princess, she'd either leave him because of the weakness or leave him because she was scared that he wasn't "purely good" or something like that. "I'll call you whatever I want. I don't think I am the one you should be worrying about right now," she said coyly before turning on her heel to leave.

Rose was surprised at Magnus' reaction, but she watched everything play out. She was a little scared, but she knew Magnus and she knew that he was the most Ever person anyone could hope to meet. She trusted him, so if he reacted like this, there was a good reason. From what she knew and had seen of Marina, this little brat deserved it. She crossed her arms and observed quietly.

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Max ((Awesome idea! Lots of drama in store for them! I don't have any ideas at the moment, but if I do, i'll be sure to tell you))

That look. The intake of breath. The way she almost took a mental step back. It showed that maybe, somehow, Marina was scared. Actually, scared might be a little bit over the top, but she was certainly nervous. She probably wasn't used to resistance from her older brother. But now he was finally offering something to fight against, and she was in for a surprise. Bravery was one of the first most important things about being an Ever. Before coming to the School for Good, Magnus had been lacking that skill very very much. But now he wasn't going to let Marina beat him.

But this wasn't just about bravery. It was about revenge too. He wanted revenge for all those years of her torturing his everyday life. He wanted revenge for always being the other kid, while Marina was the star. So it wasn't noble when he stalked up to her, eyes alight with dark flames.
"You don't get to walk away Marina. Not this time." His voice was quiet but as hard as iron. He forgot that Rose was there in that moment. He no longer was trying to impress her, or thinking about if he might scare her. He just wanted to hurt his sister back.
"I know that you are jealous Marina. Because I will have everything you never can. Sure, our parents might love you more than they have ever loved me, but when it comes to the throne that doesn't matter. I will be king one day and you will never be anything more than what you are now. I will have the power you never can. So sure, make fun of me now all you want, but one day I will be king and you will respond to my orders." His voice had taken on a little bit of a sing-songy tune as he grinned wickedly at his sister, saying what he had wanted to say for so long.

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