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For discussion of Among The Hidden

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SPOILER ALERT: There will be spoilers!

Well, I have already read this one so I am super excited for this discussion!
I loved the characters! I was really into the friendship between Luke and Jen! I was devastated when Jen died. I was hoping they could become closer. :) But that's just me and my crave for romances! :D
I love how Jen is serious at times but a little bit loony. And by a little bit. I MEAN A LOT! She is considerate, determined, and doesn't want to free the illegal third children for herself. She wants to do it for everyone. She reminds me of myself.
Luke was also a very nice charrie! He was terrified at first but because braver with time! He reminds me of my own little brother, who is ironically named, Luke. And guess what!? They are both the youngest, third child! I just thought that was cool and sad.
I am currently on the sixth book. Among the Enemy. I can't wait to see what happens!

Favorite Part/Happiest Moment: When Luke and Jen meet for the first time.
Least Favorite Part/Saddest Moment: When Jen dies
Favorite Characters: Jen Talbot, Luke Garner, Nini Idi
Least Favorite Character: Aldous Krakenour and the entire Population Police

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Jenny Clark | 238 comments Mod
I need to read Among the Enemy and Among the Free. I started reading this series when I was 10 or 11. My favarite was Among the Betrayed.

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