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brainstorms and i'll probably come up with a list of wants soon

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ella :
. i feel like he'd befriend her to get insight into how district one worked but also lowkey actually like her
. but the two of them would just be v untrusting of one another but still wanting to be friends

. all district 9 kids belong to jem so yes he will be june's older brother
. also he would 100% try to find june a job
. but also: "dont stress i will protect u"

taemin fc
. hmmm idk i feel like they might have some sort of a dynamic but also his defining characteristic is he wanted to be a doctor and he likes helping people
. i guess he might kinda share ideologies w amandeep? he's kinda like not happy w the rebels, but also not that happy w the govt either bc being one of the bosses of everything hes sorta disillusioned now
alessia :
ahn + charlie r both d1 security so they might have smth? also chuntao and charlie would not get along at all bc charlie would constantly be like tryna get him to care abt stuff

". the brightest sunshine to ever shine
. but she grew up with many brothers so she knows how to aim her spit" ok tamy sounds like she would get along v well w sooyoung
general free-for-all :
sooyoung (🐍)
. ppl to snake
. fellow snakes
. legit friendos
. small children to care abt

. someone from d1 who recognises him as the dude on the wanted posters?
. someone give him somewhere to sleep pls (ft angst over him feeling guilty for putting them in danger)

. lower district friendos
. just. friendos.
. rich ppl who his parents want him to get along with but he doesn't bc ew

. fellow nerds
. friendos
. romantic angst w my claustrophobic boy

dear me give him a name u dumb idiot
. idk man hes just a nice dude who does stuff that hes told to and is salty abt stuff
. if u can find angst then sure thing bud

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