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Mark Ueber | 255 comments Mod
Often stories focus on the captivity of women and children and not on the pain of their re-entry into the outside world. What were some of Ma’s and Jack’s biggest struggles, and how did they work against each other?
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Mark Ueber | 255 comments Mod
The source of conflict between Ma and Jack seems to be rooted in Ma's wanting to get out of Room and stay out vs. the sense of security and familiarity Jack felt in Room and the fear and confusion he feels after leaving Room. The difficulty Jack has interacting with other children at the playground is an example of the stress Jack feels as a result of is involuntarily sheltered upbringing. Also, having to explain every little thing to him, and his resistance to new experiences, had to be exhausting.

Many aspects of the book seem to serve as commentary on our times. I suppose the difficulty Jack has in acclimating serves as a warning to parents not to overly shelter their children. Jack might be like the homeschooled child who can't function at college because he doesn't have the emotional and social skills to be flexible.

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