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*Mrs. Brightside* | 175 comments Hey!

So yeah, I want to do your third idea(:

message 2: by Carlsbad (new)

Carlsbad | 52 comments That works for me!(:

So how many characters did you want to play each?

*Mrs. Brightside* | 175 comments So it's couples, right?

I'm willing to play 4-5 characters. I'm assuming one of them would die, and did you want just one person bad in the group, or it's an actual couple?

message 4: by Carlsbad (new)

Carlsbad | 52 comments It can be, I mean they don't all have to be romantically together. A couple can be siblings or just good friends. It's really up to you.

Do you want to make it an even 4 each? As for the bad guy we can either have it someone in the group/a couple in the group/ or a stranger who is just out for blood?

*Mrs. Brightside* | 175 comments Okay, that sounds good to me.

Sure, no problem! And whichever you prefer, we can do.

message 6: by Carlsbad (new)

Carlsbad | 52 comments I don't know do you want to make characters, start the role play and see where things head?

*Mrs. Brightside* | 175 comments Well I think we should determine who's the killer first?

message 8: by Carlsbad (new)

Carlsbad | 52 comments Okay! We could do a couple then if you want? That way we could both be a killer.

*Mrs. Brightside* | 175 comments Hahaha, sure!

Now we can make characters(:

message 10: by *Mrs. Brightside* (last edited Aug 11, 2014 12:18AM) (new)

*Mrs. Brightside* | 175 comments Brother: The Goofball
Name: Felix Wayne
Age: 19

message 11: by *Mrs. Brightside* (last edited Aug 11, 2014 12:24AM) (new)

*Mrs. Brightside* | 175 comments Killer Girlfriend: Odd
Name: Angelica Sporks
Age: 22

message 12: by *Mrs. Brightside* (last edited Aug 11, 2014 01:01AM) (new)

*Mrs. Brightside* | 175 comments Boyfriend: Cautious
Name: Andrew Stone
Age: 25

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