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♥Booknerdswift♥ The Mortal Instruments, Divergent, and Harry Potter all meet in one fan fiction.

Clary tries to help Jace meet Will, but instead of going to the past, they go to the future. They stay for awhile before remembering where they were headed. They go to England, but present England and not even London, which is where they meet Harry Potter and the gang.

The Mortal Instruments takes place when Jace learns what his real name is. Divergent after initiation happens, but as if an attack never happened on the Abnegation. Harry Potter during sixth year.

Not responsible for spoilers. HP won't happen until the middle or a quarter way through so yeah.... Chapter One is up next

♥Booknerdswift♥ TMI

Jace glares at Clary. He knows she didn't mean to make a Portal, but a warning would've been nice. He looks around, and doesn't see anyone he recognizes. They were supposed to go to his past. People are walking in the streets, all wearing different colors, but the colors are the same. Black, blue, gray, black and white, and red and yellow. That's all he sees. Jace sees Clary walking away from him. He quickly grabs her arm and pulls her to him. She looks at him like he's crazy.

"Clary! Where are we?!" Jace whisper yells at Clary.

"How am I supposed to know Jace? Let go of me." Clary replies. She yanks her arm away and goes off to look for someone.

Jace watches her for a few seconds before storming after her. He finds her talking to two people in black. "Who are you?"

The girl looks him up and down. "Tris Prior." The girl says.

"Four." The boy next to her says.

Jace snorts. "Four? As in the number?"

The boy, Four, narrows his eyes. "I have very good aim with knives, so you're lucky there aren't any around." The girl puts a hand on Four's arm.

"Four, they're clearly lost, yet they're wearing Dauntless colors." The girl says.

"Tris, they're not from the faction. They must be people from outside the fence. How they got in here I have no clue, but trusting people from outside the fence are untrustworthy." Four says.

"How? How do you know people beyond the fence are untrustworthy?" Tris exclaims. Her voice is getting higher and higher.

Four takes a deep breath. "Your wearing black."

"Yeah, we know that." Jace snaps. "It is how we fight off demons from mundanes."

"Mundanes mean humans in the human world." Clary says, catching their confused look at the word mundane. They soon explain everything to each other. Clary and Jace explain what they are and their terms while Tris and Four explain their side.

Tris takes Clary's wrist and drags her away, so it's just Jace and Four. Jace watches Clary's bright red flaming hair become distant until he can't see it anymore. "Where is she taking Clary?" Jace asks.

Four sighs. "Most likely back to the Dauntless compound." He looks down at his watch. "We should probably get going. We don't want to miss the train." Four starts heading off in the direction Tris and Clary went.

Train? Jace thinks. He shakes his head and follows. The ground starts rumbling under his feet as soon as he reaches where Four is. He sees Clary's flaming hair with Tris. Everyone around him starts running, so Jace does as well. When people start jumping onto the train, Jace looks confused, but jumps anyway. His hand finds a handle and he pulls himself in. He sees Four in the train car, leaning against the wall, arms crossed.

"Are you guys insane?! Jumping onto a moving train!" Jace practically yells at Four. He ignores the stares from the other people in the car.

Four rolls his eyes. A boy laughs. "Seriously? Insane? How else are you supposed to get to the Dauntless compound." The boy walks forward into the light. "I'm Will."

Jace remembers why he and Clary decided to make a portal; to find one of his relatives, Will Herondale. Jace wonders if this is his relative, but the scenery here makes it look like the future. Great. Not only did they go to the wrong place, but they also went to the future. "Jace." Jace says. He looks around.

Will narrows his eyes and looks at Jace curiously. "Where are you from?"

"New York City." Jace says with no emotion. He watches everything go by in a blur. Will doesn't say anything else and neither does Jace. Pretty soon, people are getting ready to get off. He watches as people take a running start and jumps off. Jace being Jace, loving action like this, jumps. He lands on a roof and stumbles a little before gaining his balance. He looks around and sees red hair off the roof. He runs over and sees Clary dangling there, trying to pull herself up. Jace grabs both of her wrists and pulls her up. He brings his arms around her and looks around for Tris and Four. He sees them arguing with a lot of gesturing to them.

They walk over to them and Tris explains where they are, what to do, and where to go afterwards. Jace and Clary watch as people start disappearing off the roof. They look at each other and head towards the end. They jump off together and Jace can hear Clary screaming. They soon land face first into a net. Jace crawls off first before helping Clary. Four and Tris soon meet them. Tris explains where they are again and then leads them down to the Pit. They sit down at a table and there's hamburger there.

Four elbows Tris. "Remember when you first came here?"

Tris rolls her eyes and laughs. "Well, wouldn't you if you had Stiff food? Oh wait, you have." Four shudders at the thought of Stiff food, whatever that is. Tris catches they're confused look and explains. "Abnegation, one of the five factions we-er I-told you about. Stiff is what all the other factions call Abnegation members."

Jace nods, understanding some of it, but doesn't feel like asking. They eat in silence, only breaking it to ask the other about where they're from. Soon, other people join and one of them is Will.

Tris introduces them as Will, Christina, Shauna, Lynn, Marlene, Zeke, and Uriah. They talk and Jace and Clary get up, feeling like outsiders. They walk around, not knowing where they're going. Someone calls their name and they turn around.

"You're going to be lost easily. Took me some time before I found my way around without getting lost. I'm Christina." The girl says, even though we met. "Come, I'll show you around."

Jace and Clary look at each other an shrug. They follow Christina as she talks about each place and everything. As they pass each place, people talk about them. Christina stops at an apartment and explains that this is Four's place. She says that she argued with him when they left if they could stay there, after all, there is an extra bedroom. Christina opens it up and leads them to the bedroom.

"Since you'll be staying here for some time, you're going to need clothes, so since I still have some Dauntless Initiate points that haven't expired yet, you guys can use them." Christina says.

Later that night, as Jace and Clary are in their room, the door to the apartment opens and Four and Tris come stumbling in. Jace immediately knows they're drunk. Jace walks back to Clary and tells her to go to sleep and that he'll keep watch. Clary starts arguing but sees Jace's look. She crawls into bed and watches Jace. Jace stays up for most of the night before dozing off.


The next morning, Jace wakes up, confused about his surroundings. He soon remembers that he was trying to go back in time to meet Will, not to the future. He looks back to the bed to find Clary behind him already. She kisses the side of his neck. He smiles and kisses het back. He forces himself to stop so he can change. After he changes, he and Clary head out. He sees Four and Tris still in bed, their arms and legs are intertwined. Jace rolls his eyes and retraces their steps back to the Pit. They see the people that they met yesterday already there. When Jace and Clary sit down, Zeke asks where Four and Tris are.

"Simple. In bed." Jace says.

Zeke snorts. "Figures. Ever since Four let Tris move in he's been getting crazier and crazier. Sure, going into his fear landscape everyday was crazy, but this is crazier."

Jace looks confused and once he finishes eating, he gets up with Clary behind him.

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