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message 1: by Louise (new)

Louise Titchener | 11 comments Historical Mystery
Free Sunday May 6 thru Tuesday May 8
1885—Florida, wild pigs, wild people and Trouble in Tampa!
Amazon Kindle link to the book:

message 2: by J.R. (new)

J.R. | 13 comments Do you like a little mystery with your history? Then The Bartered Body may be what you're looking for.
When thieves steal the body of a dead woman from a funeral parlor Sheriff Syl Tilghman is faced with the most perplexing case in his career as a lawman.
Syl’s investigation is furthered complicated by the arrival in town of a former flame who threatens his relationship with his sweetheart Lydia Longlow, clashes with his old enemy former burgess McLean Ruppenthal, a string of armed robberies and a record snowstorm that shuts down train traffic, cuts off telegraph service and freezes cattle in the field.

It will take all of Syl’s skills and the help of his deputy and friends to untangle the various threads and bring the criminals to justice.
Available in print and electronic formats.

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