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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fiction - Girl dies in bike accident, father mourns. [s]

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Jobi Dan'Sy | 3 comments Don't know the year but it's contemporary.

This book MIGHT be set on the shore (Cape Cod?), a young girl (maybe 12-ish) is allowed to ride her bike with a friend, gets hit by a car, and dies. The father doesn't handle it well, mourns deeply, mom divorces him. He stays alone in the house. I think he owned a house painting business or something like that but he stops working... ends up contacting one of his former workers as a drug connection. The worker reluctantly hooks him up. He becomes addicted.

The only other detail I remember is vague... the father ends up sleeping in the cemetery... I think multiple times. I think a couple of teenage girls see him there but I could be confusing this detail with another book.

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Jobi Dan'Sy | 3 comments Yes! Thank you!

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