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Mayowa Ajisafe (mayowaajisafe) | 8 comments The 80 - 20 No Wasting Of Time And Energy Guide To Book Marketing

Marketing can be a tricky job for authors, and when you consider the fact that there is too much of information out there online on what to do as well as varying, and sometimes, confusing marketing tips and strategies that does nothing but leave authors more confused than ever before on what really to do among all these load and tons of “to dos”.

As an author, time is really in short supply, and you should ask yourself this question – Is what I’m doing to get my books out there working at all?

If it’s not working, then the best thing to do is forget about that thing you are doing with no results at all, and find something else that works. But the question is what works?

I recently got an email from one author who has tried lot of stuff without getting any tangible results, and you find the exact mail he sent to me in the image below:

James 2


And here is another mail


James 1

Emails like this remind me of when I was still what I call a “virgin” author who knew nothing about book marketing, and I kept trying lots of things without getting any results, and adding the fact that I was a bad writer at the time, then you will know how frustrating that can be for most authors who always find themselves in this same shoes as I was back then.

The “Do It All” Book Marketing Syndrome

Most authors are making the mistake of doing everything that they read in one post or the other online on ways to market and promote books, and I called this the “Do It All” syndrome.

To give you the picture of what I did back then that made me a culprit of the “Do It Al” syndrome, let me give you a brief example of what I wasted time doing that got me little or no results at all.

Once, I spent almost six month on Twitter as an active member growing my Twitter following to almost 1500 with the hope that it would help me as an author, but later, I learned that I was only wasting my time doing so because Twitter is one of the social media networks authors shouldn't spend much time on - the noise is just too much over there to really get any traction marketing and promoting books.

With the other stuff, like trying to write top reviewer and many other things like that, I will say all that stuff isn't scalable and just another waste of time because I’ve done all those, and I got nothing out of that.

I was such a naïve and clueless author, and later, I consumed all of Joanna Penn's The Creative Penn Podcast (that’s over two hundred hours of audio we are talking about) in just two days before I finally got to know about Goodreads, and I fell in love with it, and that even got me a guest post - How To Use Goodreads For Book Marketing (using my former pseudonym of Mayor A Lan) on which still till today can fetch me lot of traffic to this blog.

Let the truth be said, most of what most authors will do whenever book marketing props up are just mere wastes of time and energy. Some of these include spending countless hours on Twitter, posting on Facebook Groups, buying reviews, and soliciting reviews from Amazon top reviewers, review exchange (this took lots of my time when I was new on Goodreads and with no result to show for it), and many more methods like that.

But most of the time, all of these are purely waste of time and energy.

So, what should you be doing instead of all these?

This post is divided into two parts,you can read the concluding part below this thread.

Don’t forget to sign up for my Free 5 Modules Guide – The 80/20 Guide To Book Marketing. This is s 5 part guide that shows you the no wasting or time and energy way to marketing and promoting your books online.

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Mayowa Ajisafe (mayowaajisafe) | 8 comments The 80/20 Rule to Book Marketing

You should be familiar with the 80/20 rule also known as the Pareto Principle and learn all about the fact that 20% of all we do only brings 80% of the result and vice-versa.

So, what does this have to do with book marketing?

It simply means that 20% of your book marketing efforts will yield 80% of the results, and the other 80% will only result in just a meager 20% of results, and this is true for every author.

But what if you keep spending your time and energy on those 20% and do away with those 80% that will give you just 20% of the result? Surely, this is the smartest thing to do, but another question is – what is the 20% you should spend your time doing when it comes to book marketing?

Let’s now take a look at some of the things authors should be doing rather than wasting time and energy on what just doesn’t work.

Author Website and Great Content: Every author should have a website and this shouldn’t be news to any author.

Your author website or blog should be the main hub of your book marketing effort, and you should spend less time building a presence on a third party platform like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, and so on.

All you need to do is build your author platform with your blog/website as the main building block where your writings, books, and any other information about you and your books can be easily accessed and also where you need to provide valuable content for your target book buying and reading audience to attract them to becoming your loyal fans.

If you don’t have a website or blog and you are reading this now, feel free to contact me and let’s get you one!

And also, you shouldn’t made the mistake of having your website or blog on another third party platform like the common free blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr blog that many will go for, which is also another waste of time just because you are never really the owner of those blogs and you are at the mercy of the decision of someone else if they decide to delete, suspend, or throw away your blog due to one reason or the other. The best way to go is having a self-hosted website.

Email List Building: I see few authors who are really taking their time to build their email list, and this is really one of the things every author should be spending most of their time on.

Money is really in the list and this is just not another marketing cliché – it’s the smartest thing to do for authors.

Why wouldn't you like the idea of building and growing an email list of people who are interested in your book and who will happily queue and wait for your next book’s publication date (if you play your cards well anyway by engaging frequently and providing valuable content to people who are on your mailing list)?

This is really simple – find where you ideal book buying targets are in their great numbers, find a way to attract them to join your email list and entice them with a valuable and useful bribe or giveaway that they can’t resist, then engage them with updates on your books as well as useful and interesting content and watch how you will have a ready ‘I want to buy it now’ list of buyers for your next book(s).

In a short and precise words – you should start building your email list as from today, and you can’t be wrong spending countless hours (if you can avoid that) a day doing so because the rewards are just too great in the long run.

Reaching Out To Others: Most of my successes in blogging and in my writing career have come from reaching out to people and leveraging on the audience of blogger and writers who have a following of my right target audience in their large numbers and finding a way to be useful to them while at the same time attracting those audience back to my own platform with content marketing. This is how I grew a new blog from 78 visits a month to over 1,200 visits in just two weeks.

As an authors, another best use of your time is to find writers and authors who you share the same audience with, and reach out to them in a way that benefits both parties and attract some of their audience back to your own platform which have your blog/website as the main hub. Have a system in place to get them into your mailing list with an ethical and valuable bribe.

You can write guest posts (I’ve done this for Joanna Penn of and that single post till today even after almost two years, still fetch me great number of traffic to this blog) with a call to action at the end back to your website, you can offer to be interviewed, give your book away for free to their audience, interview them on your website (on this blog, I’ve reach out to and interviewed over ten successful and best-selling authors like Rachel Abott , Trevor Young , High Howey , Brian Cormack Carr , and so on, and those interviews on this blog have exposed me to lot of new audience, and my email list is also a happy beneficiary.

Social Media : When I mention social media here, I’m not talking about spending lots of hours on Twitter or Facebook trying to connect with everyone you can think of with or spamming around with a “buy my book” post or tweet with the hope of that having an effect on your book sales. These are not what I’m talking about.

One mistake many authors always make with social media networks is that of been on many of these social networks at a time when in actual fact, most of these social media aren’t a perfect fit for the kind of audience they are writing for. One example is a fiction author spending many hours on Twitter – his audience might be on Twitter, but that’s just not the right channel to reach them because of the noise and the ephemeral effect of Twitter posts, or a YA author spending time on Google Plus or Instagram and so on when his real audience, who are mostly young, adults are engaging themselves and playing Farmville on Facebook.

One take away here is to decide on what social network works best to help you reach your target audience, and it must be one where your target audiences are in their great numbers.

Another tip is to see all these social media network not as a place to grow and build your author platform – because this is another waste of time, and also, a large Twitter follower doesn’t really sell books or translate into any tangible book sales results. You should see these platforms as a channel to find your audience, and without wasting time, get them back to the only platform you own which is your website or blog, and have a system in place to get them into your email list and turn them into your loyal fans with proper engagement and useful content.

Another hint is for you to be on Goodreads! Yes, every author should be on Goodreads which I will always call The Facebook for Authors and Book Readers.

There are lots of great opportunities by being an active member of the world’s largest community and network of book readers and authors. You can download one of my free books -  Goodreads for Book Marketing that will show you the best ways to leverage on Goodreads for book marketing.


Wrapping It Up

These three things are the best use of your time as an author, and if these are all done properly, you can get all you want out of your book marketing effort like book reviews, website traffic, email list building, selling more books, and so on.

You should stop wasting time and energy on what doesn't work and spend your time on those few necessary and profitable things that will bring you 80% of the results.

Now Your Turn

Are you guilty of this “Do It All” syndrome? Tell us about it and what steps you will be likely to implement out of the three highlighted ideas of what to do.

Let’s hear you out, and join in the discussion in the comment box below. You are also welcome with any questions you might have, you can be sure to receive the best answer.

Also don’t forget to sign up for my Free 5 Modules Guide – The 80/20 Guide To Book Marketing. This is s 5 part guide that shows you the no wasting or time and energy way to marketing and promoting your books online.

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