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message 1: by Chase (new)

Chase Hebb (stonegullet) | 10 comments Here is another for you guys. More RTS like but a very fun one.

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Spence (paulbspence) | 119 comments Sins is a great game.

You'll need a fairly robust system to run it at full graphics, but it is worth it if you do.

message 3: by Aaron (last edited Jul 29, 2014 01:51PM) (new)

Aaron Nagy | 111 comments This game is amazing...fair warning the engine(Hearts of Iron 3) it uses only runs off a single core and up to 4GB of RAM. But this means it runs pretty well on an old machine as well.

message 4: by Chase (new)

Chase Hebb (stonegullet) | 10 comments I like the game I just suck at it.

message 5: by Melvin (new)

Melvin Patterson (mkpatt) | 31 comments I own this game, I just haven't played it yet. But I have occasionally played the predecessors and they have a fairly steep learning curve.

MorningLightMountain | 49 comments I play this game a lot. I am constantly coming back to it. I love each of the factions and the tech trees are amazing.

message 7: by Chase (new)

Chase Hebb (stonegullet) | 10 comments I recently purchased Elite: Dangerous. I want to have a go at flying my own ship. Not sure what I'll be a Trader, Miner, Explorer, Pirate, Bounty Hunter. As of now I am still trying to figure the ins and outs of the game.. I also purchased X:Rebirth Its in the same vane as Elite: Dangerous but single player only.

MorningLightMountain | 49 comments Please post your thoughts on whether elite dangerous is a buy after you have played it awhile. That game has been on my radar.

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