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message 1: by Natalia (new)

Natalia | 30 comments Hi all,
I'm looking for a beta reader, or a swap on my novel, 'The Playground Dwellers'. It's 48,000 words and is a MG adventure novel.

BLURB: When Hope Starkey is sent a letter by her long-lost dad, she finds herself in a battle against time (and two very dangerous criminals), to find out where he is. With her two sidekicks, mute Edie and Playground Dweller Will, Hope runs away, lies, steals, and even nearly kills someone. But will she find her dad, or is this all some huge joke at her expense?

I'd love to work with another children's writer, but I am happy to read YA too. I have plenty of time this month, but will have less time in June, so please respond quickly if you're interested.



message 2: by Aimee (new)

Aimee Walker | 10 comments Hi
I am a newly qualified proofreader, I am offering my services as a beta reader/cp in return for testimonials for my website. If you'd be interested send me a message.

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