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message 1: by Anne (new)

Anne Berkeley (aberkeley) So I discovered groups. I knew they existed, but I'd never really checked them out. I did this weekend when I released Someone to Watch Over Me, and I'm pretty impressed with the response. I'm not a millionaire but I made six sales over the first night, eighteen yesterday and another 9 so far today.

Not only that, but I had sixty nine friend requests and counting. I've met some great people who shared my posts, and a group from my hometown that invited me to rent a table at their 2015 convention.

On another note, I think I was friended by my first wacko. I unfriended him very quickly.

message 2: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Everson (authorthomaseverson) What groups are you a part of?

message 3: by Anne (last edited Jul 28, 2014 07:26PM) (new)

Anne Berkeley (aberkeley) Anything romance, because that's what I write, but there are some that are solely promotional too, like...
Books, reader and authors.
Books gone viral.
Book review and promotion.
Online Book publicity group.
all things books.
Books, books and more books.
E Books rock.
Great reads.
Once you join one, the suggestions start popping up. I went in and read the terms before joining, just to make sure you were allowed to post promos and new releases.

message 4: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Everson (authorthomaseverson) I've been in a few of those. I didn't get a whole lot from them other than spam. No sales either.

You should check out too though. It will help you reach people that you may not normally.

message 5: by Anne (new)

Anne Berkeley (aberkeley) Great! Thanks! I joined many others, but like I said, they're mostly romance. I think that's why I got so many hits on it. I think you do better if you can find groups in your genre.

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