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P.D. Workman (pdworkman) I am looking for beta readers for two books. Here is the second!

[Expected Release October 2014]

Young Adult
94,733 words

These signs shall follow those who believe...

On the run from Social Services and others who do not understand their beliefs, Nathan and his mom, faith-healer Billie Ashbury move into yet another a new town.

Nathan again faces the challenges of making new friends and of keeping his family’s secrets. But what he really struggles with is his wavering faith and reconciling his actions with what his devoted mother has taught him from the cradle. Could disobeying her ever be right? His life could depend on the answer.

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Dionne | 68 comments I'd just finished this story yesterday and found it really great. I liked the Main character Nathan who has diabetes and such and with a mom who doesn't believe in outside medicine nearly letting her son die. I could really sympathize with Nathan because I also have the same but it's only type 2, luckily. I can understand everything he's going through.

The story hit me from the time I, as the reader discovered he got those symptoms and stuff. It was like a kick in the pants for me.
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No matter what, it can be a hard thing to do and with a mother like that. I couldn't really like it when she tried to kill Nathan's best friend Chandra thinking she's a witch and such when she wasn't. Just because the woman (Chaundra) had epilepsy.

While I can understand Nathan's mother being like that but I think she let her faith take her too far even to give her son a shot of rat poison.

The ending felt right to me, Nathan got what she deserved and even Nathan got to know his daddy better. It was a great story and I enjoyed reading it. It may end up being one of many books I go back to in reading.

P.D. Workman (pdworkman) Dionne, can you put html code < spoiler>...< /spoiler> around at least the last three paragraphs? Then anyone who sees it can decide whether or not to view these details.

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Dionne | 68 comments You lost me there. Where is it?

P.D. Workman (pdworkman) When you look at your post above, you should see reply | edit | delete |flag below it. Click on edit.

Type (view spoiler) at the end of the post. That will hide the spoiler unless someone wants to read it knowing that it is a spoiler.

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Dionne | 68 comments Not sure if I did it right though.

P.D. Workman (pdworkman) LOL, no, it formatted my post, so you couldn't see what I typed.

I'll e-mail you!

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