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message 1: by EndlessPages (new)

EndlessPages (liv_readsx) | 266 comments Mod
What are some books you have read that you think represent or talk about mental illness well?

message 2: by Nahari (new)

Nahari Lippman | 4 comments Girl Against the Universe is a very good novel about PTSD. I also read Turtles All the Way Down where the protagonist has a bit of a mental OCD or an emotional disorder, but mostly the story talks about maturity and the mental illness aspect is just a "color" for the character.

message 4: by Anna (new)

Anna (bibbidi_bobbidi_books) The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness.
Patrick Ness is really open about his own mental struggles on his Instagram and stuff, and he just makes insanely relatable plots and characters.
This book in particular has a scene with his therapist that made me cry.

message 5: by dolly (new)

dolly (cryptided) | 12 comments About a Girl and Cassandra at the Wedding were both really relatable books about depression, and both have beautiful writing
and of course The Bell Jar

message 6: by Creative Orange (last edited May 28, 2018 06:06AM) (new)

Creative Orange (Rumell Khan) (rkrespectedmember) How to Deal with OCD I am a person who has got OCD and this book has supported me.

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