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Newport International Group Projects Company: Don’t hate Texas (or any state) before you visit

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Feliks Unintentionally hilarious spam message. To hell with Texas and to hell with this marketing spin.

p.s.'the live music capital of the world'? Nonsense

Monty J Heying Conan wrote: "Big Bend National Park (as stunning as any of our national parks)"

You just blew any credibility you might possibly have had. Yellowstone? Yosemite? You really want anyone to believe for half a second that Big Bend is even on the same planet with these national parks?

Big Bend is an arid wasteland populated by mesquite, cactus, roadrunners (a long-legged bird that feeds on snakes), peccary (a shrunken aggressive wild pig) and gila monsters (a poisonous lizard.) Sportsmen call the peccary by the exotic name of "javelina," but they're just mean little pigs that forage in packs and can be lethal to an unarmed person on foot.

Except for a few main roads, you need a FWD vehicle to get around.

Big Bend National Park has to be the LEAST DESIRABLE of any American national park.

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