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Marisa | 3 comments Please provide:
* Title-The Story of Medieval England: From King Arthur to the Tudor Conquest

* Author(s) name(s)- Jennifer Paxton

* ISBN (or ASIN)-
ISBN-10: 1598037072
ISBN-13: 978-1598037074 Publisher

* Publication date- 2010

* Format- Audio CD and Audible

* Description-
These 36 lectures tell the remarkable story of a tumultuous thousand-year period in the history of England. Dominated by war, conquest, and the struggle to balance the stability brought by royal power with the rights of the governed, it was a period that put into place the foundation of much of the world we know today. As you journey through this largely chronological narrative - occasionally interrupted for lecture-long explorations of specific topics - you'll see key themes emerge, including the assimilation of successive waves of invaders, the tense relationship between kings and the nobility, and the constant battles over money and taxation. And because so much of history is driven by specific individuals and not just historical circumstance, each lecture is rich in intimate portraits that reveal those individuals at the key moments of their historical destiny, including Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and John Wycliffe.The result is a lecture series that winds up being not only informative but deeply entertaining, with each lecture drawing you in with its own particular fascinations, including a probing look at the scope of the Black Death, a realistic examination of the legends of both King Arthur and Robin Hood, a riveting description of the Battle of Bosworth Field, and a discussion of the surprisingly nuanced penalties of the early Germanic law codes.
These lectures consistently deliver a fresh level of understanding about medieval England, its rulers and subjects, and their significance for the world we live in today. The chain of theme and event that links our world to theirs will never be clearer, rewarding every moment you spend with this series.

Page count-

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message 2: by Melanie (last edited May 07, 2018 06:17PM) (new)

Melanie (mvalente89) | 1772 comments I don't have time to move these out of NAB right now, but here's the link to the works for another librarian that has time. The DVD needs to be deleted and the ISBN re-NABed as a separate work.

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