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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana Ragsdale With Holmes "return" much of the case is brought to light. Any thoughts on all that has been revealed so far?

message 2: by Kelly Rose (new)

Kelly Rose | 60 comments What a complex case it truly is!

I love how Conan Doyle cleverly took Homes out of the story and threw in that mystery guy with the beard at the beginning, along with the warning letter so that you would never suspect that it was actually Sherlock Holmes himself hiding in the ancient hut.

Moreover, eventhough Stapleton may seem like an obvious candidate, he is all but forgotten in Watson's curiosity and pursuit of "The Man on the Tor." Even the escaped convict played in nicely.

I'd nearly forgotten myself what an interesting story this is. I'd love to see a movie adaptation of it.

Which aspect(s) of the case did you find most interesting so far?

message 3: by Diana (new)

Diana Ragsdale My thoughts exactly, Kelly!

As for what I found most interesting so far was probably just Watson's own observations. It was really interesting to see Watson on his own without Holmes there to correct him and shine light on the matter even if it was only for part of the case.

message 4: by Kelly Rose (new)

Kelly Rose | 60 comments I know what you mean! Yes Sherlock is a genius, but Watson is more relatable. I feel like my thought process is more similar to his and I can appreciate his dedication. It was neat when he took it upon himself to investigate Barrymore's night walking cessions lol.

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