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The Summoning System

Summons are creatures contracted to a certain person, village or clan that serve the purpose of assistance in battle. The skills of a Summon can be seized in a number of scenarios but they usually are not called upon unless required. A summon and its summoner might not always have the most outstanding relationship - oftentimes, a summon will attempt to to kill its summoner before contracting itself with them as a testament to the summoner's strength. If you choose to have a summon here on Naruto, choose wisely.

In order to sign a contract with a potential Summon, a Character must head out and look for the Animal or Creature of his choosing, in a Specific Location. The different species are often spread around the World and some are more accessible, whilst others remain elusive and hostile.

The most common Summonings are referred to as the Formal Summons. They are families of closely related Animals, with their own Histories, Cultures, Techniques and Traditions. When a Member creates a Formal Contract Animal, the Moderators will ask the Summoning to be made available to everyone. This does not include its techniques however. The Member can refuse to do so, and won't be punished or otherwise affected, in either scenario.

The Formal Contract Species are:

Birds (Wind Country)
Dogs (Fire Country)
Insects (The River Country)
Lizards (Mountain Country)
Slugs (The Rain Country)
Snakes (The Grass Country)
Toads (The Water Country)

Summons which are not part of the Formal Contracts Species, are referred to as Personal Summons. A Tiger Summon would be one, for example. As the name suggests, these can only be used by the Owner of the Contract. Personal Contracts are found randomly, and thus do not require the Member to go to a Specific Country (although summonings cannot be found in any village atmosphere).

Multiple Creature Summons
Alternatively, instead of creating a singular summon with large amounts of power, one may create what is known as a "multi-summon." These are summoning contracts bound to multiple creatures at a time, which allow the user to summon all of them at one time as opposed to one at a time akin to regular summons. However, these summons are individually much less powerful than their single-summon counterparts. As such, a C-rank toad summon would still be more powerful than seven smaller toads in terms of individual strength. What makes these multi-summons useful is their numbers. These summons are based solely on quantity over quality, and usually have a different method of combat compared to their counterparts.

Now, there are some regulations. Unless it is a swarm summon (see below), one may not spawn more than eight different creatures at a time. There is also a minimum limit; where there have to be at least three summons in this contract. Additionally, these multi-summons are limited to sharing the same specialty and element, and may never have more than 1 specialty or element even at A-rank or S-rank. Any jutsu the summon may have apply across the board for all of the creatures apart of the summon. As an example, a summon that creates 8 large dogs may not have jutsu specific to each dog, but rather jutsu shared among these animals. These summons may also not be upgraded from a lower rank to a higher rank, and are bound to the rank chosen. One may still opt to remove their summon at a later date though. Now, there are some individual benefits and restrictions for each rank of summon, and those are the following:

C-rank - These summons may be no larger than 60cm (2ft) in any dimension and are not allowed any jutsu, weapons or special attributes such as enhanced hearing, smell, vision or more arbitrary things such as sticky limbs, venom, and immense physical strength.
B-rank - These summons may be no larger than 1m (3.3ft) in any dimension. They are allowed 5 E or D rank jutsu for their specialty, however they are still not allowed weapons or special attributes specific to their animal group. The chakra pool for a B-rank multi-summon is 70CP split among the creatures evenly as opposed to 50 for each individual one.
A-rank - These summons may be no larger than 1.3m (4.3ft) in any dimension. They are allowed up to 4 C-rank jutsu and 4 jutsu of lower rank for their specialty and a couple attributes akin to their species. They are still not allowed any weapons, however they have 105 chakra split among them as opposed to 75 individually.
S-rank - These summons may be no larger than 1.6m (5.3ft) in any dimension. They are allowed up to 5 C-rank jutsu and 6 jutsu of lower rank for their specialty, up to 1 D-rank weapon each (if they have weaponry as a specialty) and a couple attributes akin to their species. Their chakra pool is 135 split evenly among the creatures as opposed to 95 individually.

Note: These summons may not have jutsu that create solid clones of the creature such as the Water Clone technique.

Swarm Summons
Swarm summon is a category of multi-summons that allows the user to summon a large horde of small creatures (No larger than .3m in any dimension) to attack the target. These creatures may not have any jutsu, weapons, attributes, or the like; and are simply meant to outnumber the enemy or provide a valuable distraction. Swarm summons must also be reasonable creatures that would actually be small enough to fit the description. Therefore a swarm of tiny lions or elephants will not be allowed.

The amount of creatures per swarm summon is based on the rank of the technique, and are unavailable at ranks below B-rank. A B-rank swarm summon may spawn no more than 50 creatures at a time. A-ranks may only spawn up to 75; and S-ranks are granted a wonderful 100 creatures. These creatures have no chakra, and aren't any better than a regular swarm one might find in the real world. They are simply trained to take orders from their master, as opposed to running wild. Swarm summons must be given a time limit of no greater than 3 posts for which they may remain on the field.

Twin Summons
This is a category of summon where the user is able to spawn two individual summons at one time. The strength of these summons is limited however, to avoid complete outnumbering of the enemy. The summons are not allowed jutsu or equipment equal to them in rank (ie. A-rank twin summons may not have A-rank jutsu or weapons), and must follow all other regular limits to individual summons which include the number of jutsu, equipment and the like. This means that both twin summons have the same specialty(ies), but the jutsu can be divided amongst them if you wish, allowing them to have various jutsu combinations. The total number of both twins' jutsu is subject to the maximum jutsu rule of a single summon. The chakra pools for these summons is naturally split evenly among the two, as they each have their own pools. Thus the default 50CP a B-rank summon may have becomes 25CP for each of the two twins. Twins do not provide any other benefit other than there being multiples of them on the field at once. As a general rule; Twins should never exceed the strength of individual summons for their own rank.


For Summonings, one must role-play out the initial contracts with their species of choice, therefore earning the rights to the breed. The only charges of EXP will occur for the initial Summoning Jutsu if one is missing it from their arsenal. All Summoning Contracts must follow the given minimum word-count. Afterwards, each additional summon may be purchased following the aforementioned costs for jutsu.

The word count for the initial training of one’s Summoning contract are as follows;

C - Rank 500 words. 13 EXP.
B - Rank 700 words. 14 EXP.
A - Rank 900 words. 15 EXP.
S - Rank 1200 words. 16 EXP.

When upgrading summons, they can only be increased by one rank at a time. The EXP cost is the same as it is for multi-rank jutsu. This does not require another RP topic.

There is also a limit for how many Summonings a Character can have a contract with. This means, that despite having a Contract with the Whole of the Species, a Character can only access a certain amount of Summons. This varies by Rank:

Genin/C Rank Criminals: 1
Chuunin/B Rank Criminals: 2
Jounin/A Rank Criminals: 3
Exp. Jounin & Kage/S Rank Criminals: 4

A High Ranking Shinobi who does not possess Ninjutsu as a specialty will only be able to have One Summoning Contract.

If one is to acquire the following Special Characteristic, they are able to possess one extra summon, regardless of their rank. i.e. A C - Rank shinobi is now capable of having two summonings instead of the original one.

Only one S-rank and one A-rank summon is permitted per character unless you obtain the Summoning SC, which allows you one extra slot of any rank of your choice.

If the summon is forced out of combat by the opponent, it cannot be summoned again in that topic. If the user forces a desummon, there is a three post cooldown before it can be summoned again, with its remaining CP the same as when it was desummoned.

Name: Summoning Related Jutsu.
Rank: E-S.
Type: Chakra Based.
Physical Requirements: Must have a Animal Contract.
Training Requirements: 700.
Description: After signing your contract with a species of animals your talent and power has become recognized and renowned throughout the entire species. You are now seen a leader in your own right and you become so respected by your contracted animals that you are now able to use techniques specific to that species for yourself, even creating combination techniques but all of which must still be trained.

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Name: Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Technique
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: N/A
Element: N/A
Description: A powerful jutsu, Ninpo Kuchiyose allows a ninja to summon animals and objects to fight on their behalf. The ninja normally signs a blood contract with the animal species, which allows them to summon different size and skill levels of creature. Signing this contract also allows the animal to reverse summon the human ninja to their location.

Chakra Cost: 5 (C Rank Summon), 10 (B), 15 (A), 20 (S)
Name: Simple, pick a name. Relate it to something to do with your character if you can.

Summoner: Who is their summoner?

Rank: Summons shouldn't really be E, D rank so we are assuming your summons would be ranked either C, B, A or S. Think about your summon entirely before ranking it - it is an important part of the application. Their rank will also equate to their chakra pool. Yes, like their summoners, summons must have a chakra pool as well. Their chakra pool is equal to the baseline amount of chakra for a rank divided by two, so they are as follows;

C-Rank- 25
B-Rank- 50
A-Rank- 75
S-Rank- 95

Appearance: Describe your summons features and physical appearance, things like their colour, any distinguishing markings, perhaps where their forehead protector is located (if they are the type of summon that is loyal to its summoners village). One of the most important things about a summon's appearance is its size - please be as specific as possible. Maximum summon sizes are as follow:

C Rank - 10ft
B Rank - 25ft
A Rank - 50ft
S Rank - 100ft

Personality: Another important field - be descriptive! How does your summon act in certain situations, how does it act around other people as opposed to you? How is your relationship with your summon - elaborate on personality traits of your summon: is it snobbish, is it lazy or is it energetic? Go into detail on what sort of things it eats and what it likes and dislikes.

Contract Type: There are a few different types of contracts -Formal, Personal & Clan Contracts. Formal Contracts are contracts with a certain species that you can summon when needed. A Personal Summon is a contract between a unique creature, that does not belong to one of the Formal Contract Groups. Finally a Clan Contract, which is an exclusive contract only available to specific Clans and their Members.

Species: Pretty simple - if its a Toad, Snake, Bird, Monkey, Lion etc. Be absolutely specific if possible. Currently all types of summons permitted must be animals and species of today's world as opposed to mythological creatures like Dragons, and yet also Dinosaurs.

Specialty: In regards to summons there, is a limitation on what specialties they are permitted at certain ranking and how many they are permitted. The specialties limitations are as follows:

C Rank - One Specialty. [Tai, Nin or Weapon]
B Rank - One Specialty. [Tai, Nin or Weapon]
A Rank - Two Specialties. [Tai, Nin, Weapon or Gen]
S Rank - Two Specialties. [Any, excluding Puppetry]

Elemental Affinity: Usually this would be one of the main five: Katon, Suiton, Fuuton, Doton, Raiton. If it does not have an element just write N/A. If your summon has an elemental affinity then it must be the same as one of the character's and they can only possess a single element. So if your character's elements are Lightning and Wind, your summon can only use either Lightning or Wind. Summons cannot possess advanced elements.

Summons Jutsu: Please refer to the Jutsu Section for the appropriate template. All Summonings can only learn a maximum amount of techniques that cannot be changed or altered as your roleplaying experience goes on. Due to this, we encourage members to think carefully when creating or choosing their summoning's techniques.

Limitations are as followed:

C-rank Summon – 6 Jutsu [4 E-D ranks] [2 C ranks]
B-rank Summon - 9 Jutsu [4 E-D ranks] [3 C ranks] [2 B ranks]
A-rank Summon - 12 Jutsu [4 E-D ranks] [3 C ranks] [3 B ranks] [2 A ranks]
S-rank Summon - 18 Jutsu [4 E-D ranks] [4 C ranks] [4 B ranks] [3 A ranks] [3 S ranks]

Weaponry Limitations:

C - RANK: 25 7 1 - - -
B - RANK: 25 7 2 1 - -
A - RANK: 25 7 3 2 1 -
S - RANK: 25 7 4 3 2 1

[b]Contract Type:[/b]
[b]Elemental Affinity:[/b]
[b]Summons Jutsu:[/b]

Use "< " and " > " Rather then " [ " and " ] "

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