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message 1: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Vos (danielvos) | 3 comments About me-

I'm a 20 year old, boricua-Jewish trans man. I'm in a longterm (6 years in June) relationship with another man.

I've been writing and reading for most of my life. I'm good with constructive criticism. I won't let something offensive slide, but I'll be polite regardless.

What I'm looking to read-

* Finished manuscripts only. *

Anywhere from 40 to 160k word counts.

YA or NA preferred.

LGBT & nonwhite protagonists make my world go 'round.

Fantasy, sci fi, supernatural, urban fantasy, horror, magical realism, high concept contemporary, high concept romance, (especially classic) retellings

I adore diverse casts and healthy family/platonic relationships.

What I'm NOT looking to read:

Unfinished manuscripts. (first draft is fine)

Wordcounts in the 200k range

Low concept contemporary, mystery, thriller

Mental illness as a twist ending, mental illness used as an excuse to turn a character "bad".

Where to contact me-

message 2: by Trevor (new)

Trevor Morris | 67 comments Hi Daniel, I have an 88K completed fantasy novel that might just flick your switch. Tempted?

message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Vos (danielvos) | 3 comments @Trevor Certainly! Feel free to email a synopsis over :)


message 4: by Fev (new)

Fev (fevteen) | 1 comments Hey! I currently am working on a draft of my novel, but I hopefully plan to have this draft done by the end of this month/middle of next month. I'd love for you to possibly beta read for me. What kind of edits are you best at? Thanks in advance!

message 5: by Johanna (new)

Johanna | 7 comments Hi Daniel,

I have a manuscript you might like. It's NA science fantasy, just under 100k words. The protagonist is bisexual (though that's only mentioned) and there's a trans character that I'd like feedback on. Most of the characters are ethnically mixed. Would you be interested?

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