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The differences: Peeta & Gale
hannah renee. hannah renee. Jul 28, 2014 04:46PM
So. I would like to make a few good points on the differences. I am pro-Peeta, but I have logical and personality reasons.
Now. I tend to be a very deep and insightful person and here are reasons that Peeta is better.
1. Peeta balances Katniss personality. Opposites will always go together. There are some that like to say Gale is like a soul-mate to Katniss just because they're alike. HORRIBLE reasoning people. They are much too alike to make a pair; they're more like brother and sister. It even points this out in the book. Katniss and Gale are both full of fire, and they both need someone to soften them up (not a weak softening, mind you).
2. Peeta is much more selfless and kind. Sure, he got messed up in Mockingjay, but it's his basic personality (and that reigns supreme). Gale on the other hand (in my opinion) can be a complete jerk. Especially in Mockingjay.
3. Gale DOES have his attractive good points. He's loyal. He has that brooding,quiet manliness. He's basically a moral person (not good because NO ONE is truly good). For me personally,though, I like a guy who has more sensitivity, compassion and talkativeness; like Peeta! Nevertheless, I don't think that there is a true Peeta vs. Gale according to people's preference for personality. But for Katniss; it's Peeta. And for me too. But seriously, I know a lot about personality complimenting and matches; and opposites DO go together.
4. Some people like to say that Katniss just chose Peeta because of pity.... WHAT?! Where would you get that? Again, in the book, it points out that Katniss acknowledges that she must have the opposite of herself; that Gale was too like herself. She truly does love Peeta.
5. People like to say that Peeta is gushy and helpless. Too full of his feelings and is therefore weak. But who says that Peeta is weak? Just because you are full of feeling doesn't mean you are weak. Peeta's compassion and sensitivity in this day and age tend to be seen as weakness; but this is not: it is quiet strength. Meekness, NOT weakness. To accept not just the people who are his equals; but the people who are weaker and stronger. He is respectful. His sensitivity actually makes him stronger: because he refuses to be what most people would be in that time. Instead of being full of bitterness and callousness he still chooses to be kind, though he might have been angry at times. That is TRUE strength. No, Gale is not a bad character. But he does what is inevitable; not weak, just predictable and more of the norm.
6. Even though Peeta is not the same in the end, neither is Katniss. But there were parts of themselves left; it even says in the book: Katniss knew pretty much all along that she would choose Peeta. One thing I know is that while people can change radically, they never stop being truly themselves.
7.Does anybody think Peeta resembles Kristoff and Gale resembles Hans? lol

I had pretty much the same line of thinking as you, and for just about the same reasons.... great minds. lol BTW, I'm blanking on Kristoff and Hans. If I ever knew who they were, its not coming to mind. Reference for those guys?

She chose none of them. Gale gave up his love for her, because he knew she would never separate her sister's death from him. Beside, he loved Prim like he love his younger brothers and sister. He felt guilt. He knew they changed. They were meant to be, but then, their normality was ripped from them.

Peeta came back in 12.

Katniss chose none. She accepted Peeta.

Fantastic discussion you've begun, Hannah.

I thought, the most telling "difference" between the two characters was shown in the choices they made.

Gale always had his family, his town, and the "people" overall at heart, he wanted justice and revolution, so in the end, he chose the war.

Peeta, while certainly caring about larger issues, just wanted Katniss, and that never changed. He chose love, even after being tortured and brain-washed.

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