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message 1: by Sounds (new)

Sounds True (soundstrue) | 19 comments Hello,

I think my request may have been overlooked.

Please update cover for ASIN: 1622039106.

There is an updated cover available - shown on Amazon:

The kindle edition is already showing the updated version on both Goodreads and Amazon.

Thank you!

message 2: by Dan (new)

Dan (daevs) | 40 comments Hi Jessica,

The new edition has been added:

message 3: by Sounds (new)

Sounds True (soundstrue) | 19 comments Hi -

I'm not sure why there are 4 editions of this title on goodreads? There are 3 ebooks listed, but there is only one ebook for this title. You can see it here on Amazon:

The paperback is the other edition, and the cover is incorrect. The correct cover is on Amazon:

Can we please have this updated?

Thank you,

message 4: by Sounds (new)

Sounds True (soundstrue) | 19 comments To clarify further, these are the only editions that should be listed on Goodreads:



How can I get the others removed? I just wanted the paperback edition to have the updated cover (not have another ebook edition added). Hope this helps!


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