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Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) Hi everyone!

I am Andres Rodriguez and I wrote "The Shallows Saga." This is my first book of the saga and I wrote this book to be more comical than serious since I felt that this type of book was lacking in the fantasy genre. I just released the book at the end of April and if your in the mood for some humorous fantasy I hope you check this out. I'm currently working on book 2. Thank you for your time!

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The Black Wizard


message 2: by Andres (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) I searched the amazon bookshelf under fantasy / humorous and found that my book is the only one that popped up.

If you are interested in reading the first three chapters, send me your email and ill forward them to you in a PDF.

I know there is a goggle of indie writers out there so thank you to anyone interested. All I ask for is feedback in return.

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