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The Boxer and The Goal Keeper: Sartre Versus Camus
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Rachel Louise Atkin | 54 comments Mod
May's book will be The Boxer and the Goal Keeper which should be pretty easy to get hold of. I found my copy really cheaply from a second-hand book store so would get your hands on it if you can.

I am actually going to be reading this one with you all so look forward to seeing what this book is all about and how it portrays the relationship between both. Feel free to leave comments and such down below.

Also I am working on the reading for the rest of the year so please bear with me.

Rachel Louise Atkin | 54 comments Mod
Don't know if anyone else read this but I finished it a few days ago. It's a book that looks at the relationship between Camus and Sartre but does very little for actually explaining the philosophy of existentialism or going into great detail about how their opinions on it differed.

It talked a lot about their relationships, especially sexual relationships, and surprisingly about their contrasting appearances which I didn't find too relevant. He also wrote his own take on their 'conversations' which I found weird.

I wouldn't even recommend this to someone as an introduction to the authors because there is genuinely very little to explain their philosophy and so only really gives you a very patchy portrait of who they were and how they knew each other. This is definitely a poor man's version of At The Existentialist Cafe which I would recommend 100%.

Anyway I have a full review of it on my profile if you want to know anymore. Excited to get back into some good stuff next month.

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