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Peyton (pemhorse8) description

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 1882 comments

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Peyton (pemhorse8) Hi!! My name Peyton and this is my journal. I am going to post random, but not random things.

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Peyton (pemhorse8) This is a wired little song that I wrote once. It all came from the soul.
Once I was young and free
I could fly if I wanted to
The sky was the limit
I believed I was free
I could ran to my heart’s content
I could not get tried
Even through I could run forever
I couldn’t run away
From growing up
My let started to get less free
I couldn’t fly anymore
The moon was now the limit
Yet I believed I was trapped
I tried to gain what I had lost
I keep failing, but I still tried
I cared what others thought about me
I keep making the wrong mistakes
Until the day when all was lost
The day when everything was found
Being able to fly and keep my head up high
Being ran to my heart's content
But flicker of hope was gone
As soon as it was found
Than after it was gone
There was no more hope for me
No more hope for me
But still I couldn't help looking back
To when I could fly
To when I was free
Till I could not remember anymore
My memory of it had disappeared
At the same time it had set me free
It set me free from the past memories
That had been telling what I had none of.

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El (teensforpete) | 15 comments Yo yo yo! Hi.

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Peyton (pemhorse8) HI!!!!!
I like your profile pic.

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Peyton (pemhorse8) Sooo.... In my journal I am going to be doing random quizzes. They are just fun to do!!!

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Peyton (pemhorse8) 30 Questions Music Tag

1. Last Song You Listened To - The World Was Wide Enough: by Lin-Manuel Miranda
2. Last Song You Purchased - the Hamilton album
3. Song You Discovered On Youtube/Tumblr - The whole Hamilton album
4. Favorite Soundtrack Piece - Burn: by Lin-Manuel Miranda
5. Favorite Band - The Rend Collection
6. Favorite Solo Artist - Lin-Manuel Miranda
7. Favorite Album - Hamilton
8. Best Live Gig Or Act You Wanna See Live - Hamilton
9. Guilty Pleasure Song - Alexander Hamilton: by Lin-Manuel Miranda
10. Song You Used To Hate But Like Now - Stay Alive: by Lin-Manuel Miranda
11. Song You Used To Love But Now Can't Stand - Thunder: by Imagine Dragons
12. Favorite Song From A Video Game - ?????
13. Group You Wish Had Never Split - ?????
14. Favorite Song From A Film - A Million Dreams: from The Greatest Showman
15. Favorite Song From An Advert - ????
16. Song You Grew Up With - 10,000 Reasons: by Matt Redman
17. First Song/Album You Ever Bought - 10,000 Reasons: by Matt Redman
18. Album You Found Accidentally And Love - Hamilton
19. Favorite Foreign Language Song - Arron Burr: by Lin-Manuel Miranda- Has some french
20. Song From The Year You Were Born - How Great is Our God: by Chris Tomlin
21. Song From Fav Music Genre - Guns and Ships and Alexander Hamilton: both by Lin-Manuel Miranda
22. Most Overrated Song - Cabinet Battle #1: by Lin-Manuel Miranda
23. Song You Would Recommend To Everyone - Right Hand Man: by Lin-Manuel Miranda
24. Song That Reminds You Of A Specific Event - My Shot: by Lin-Manuel Miranda
25. Song You Can't Help Singing Along To - You'll Be Back: by Lin-Manuel Miranda
26. Parody Song - The Election of 2016
27. Slow Song - Burn: by Lin-Manuel Miranda
28. Fast Song - Guns and Ships: by Lin-Manuel Miranda
29. Favorite Song At The Moment - Dear Theodosia: by Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Peyton (pemhorse8) School

I am still in JHigh and I my last day is on May 18th. I am so excited!! I have to take my Driver ED test on the last day of school. I better pass, because I paid 200 dollars to take it. (I think). I will be doing the driving portion on June 4-8th. I hope I pass, so I don't throw 200 dollars down the drain.

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