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Enchanted Bookshelf (enchanted_bookshelf) | 3 comments Hey all,
Who here has a bookstagram account?
Lets connection on that platform too!
I'm @enchanted_bookshelf and will follow all accounts who follow me.
Let's start a follow train!
Put your name below so others can find you xx

roselovestoread (rosemariekoh) Hello! I followed you guys! I'm @roselovestoread. Just started my very own bookstagram last week

message 3: by Greer (new)

Greer (foxingontheedges) | 36 comments Hi I'm @foxingontheedges
great thread going to look you guys up. I love taken photos of my books and I love seeing photos of others books, I've gotten some great tips for my TBR because of it.

Cristal (Professional Book Procrastinator) | 123 comments Hi guys! I'm @addicted2thebooklife , I started my account maybe a month or two ago, but starting to get more into it. I love taking pics of books.

message 5: by Tehreem (new)

Tehreem Tahir Awwh this is such a cute idea! I've followed everyone above! My instagram account is @thirdpagee and i only started less than 2 weeks ago and i'm new to this whole book community but it's great so far!

message 6: by Julia's (new)

Julia's Paperback (juliaspaperback) I followed everyone who posted so far! My insta is @julias_paperback

message 7: by Nox (new)

Nox Reads (nox_reads) Hi everyone! I've followed everyone :) Mine is nox_reads! Feel free to DM me, I'd love to be friends!

message 8: by kento (new)

kento (daechwita) | 968 comments I’m @nonchalantdamsel :)

message 9: by Amanda (new)

Amanda  (manka23) | 2385 comments @wilcoxmandy

message 10: by Adam (new)

Adam | 18 comments Did you all make another Instagram account just for #bookstgram? I was just wondering because of all the cool @ names?

message 11: by Nox (new)

Nox Reads (nox_reads) Adam wrote: "Did you all make another Instagram account just for #bookstgram? I was just wondering because of all the cool @ names?"

Personally yes, yes I did.

message 12: by Meaghan (new)

Meaghan (ectophine) | 3629 comments My account is @paragraphs_and_pages! Following everyone above!

message 13: by Linaria (new)

Linaria | 2190 comments @liannah_the_dragon :)

message 14: by Adam (new)

Adam | 18 comments @have_u_read_this

message 15: by Karasmara (new)

Karasmara Helloo my bookstagram is @erhibiscus nice to meet you all!

message 16: by Keyona (new)

Keyona | 462 comments Hey everyone! I love the bookstagram community so much I don't go in my personal account anymore lol. My bookstagram is @chocolatecoveredpages I will follow everyone here!

message 17: by lostbetweenpages (new)

lostbetweenpages | 1 comments Mine's @lostbetweenpages_

message 18: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Bowman (kristenbowmanreads) Hey guys! I LOVE the bookstagram community so much and I'm always on mine, I'm a bit obsessed to be honest haha my handle is @wandering.bibliophile

message 19: by Lea (new)

Lea | 11 comments my insta is @aelira_privv

message 20: by Lea (new)

Lea | 11 comments lol i actually dont have like an accound dedicated to books but yeah

message 21: by ivy (new)

ivy (cunning239) http://ivysbookbloggings.blogspot.com/ check out my book blog, I just started it!

message 22: by Himanshu (new)

Himanshu Saliya (him186) | 120 comments Hi everyone. I am himanshusaliya on Instagram. Have followed you all.

Lauren (AWriterCanDream) (awritercandream) | 21 comments Hi guys, my instagram is a little bit of a mix with books, and everyday posts, but here's the link to it: https://www.instagram.com/awritercand... , I also have a blog where I've been posting book reviews and other book related content here; https://awritercandream.wordpress.com/

These Violent Delights (Robin) | 786 comments Here's my Bookstagram account, @faetasticreads
I'll follow everyone back :)

message 25: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Books Life Other Oddities (hannahbloo) | 1 comments My bookstagram is @bookslifeotheroddities
Here's the link: https://www.instagram.com/bookslifeot...
It's my favourite social media because of all the pretty book pics haha

message 26: by Mahnoor (new)

Mahnoor  Waqas (she.reads.too.much) (shereadstoomuch) My Instagram username is @she.reads.too.much :) I'll follow you

message 27: by Franky (new)

Franky Seale | 7 comments My Instagram is @frankyseale It is a mixture of books, writing and promo for my podcast. I have most of you added already. Please feel free to add me. I love to connect with other book lovers

message 28: by Nina Ann (new)

Nina Ann (ninaana) | 6 comments I just made a bookstagram page! I haven’t posted anything yet but I’m going to get started on it today D: so please follow me and I’ll follow back! @ninaanawrites
My personal page is @xninaannx but I don’t post much book related content on there since my non bookish friends complain hahahahaha so I made a separate page to spare them.

message 29: by Lara (new)

Lara (Bookish_turtle) | 833 comments I'm @bookish_turtle if anyone wants to check it out :)

message 30: by Veronica (VLWL) (new)

Veronica (VLWL) | 1 comments Hello!! I’m Veronica and I’ve just started out on bookstagram! You can find me @leeveronicaa. Do drop by and say hi! I would love to get to know you all :)

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