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message 1: by Louise, Group Founder (last edited May 13, 2018 09:03AM) (new)

Louise | 680 comments Mod
Nominations for June's group read are now open!

It's an Open Choice month so any book in any genre, the only rule is that it must be written by a woman.

One thing I am doing differently this month is if you nominate a book, please indicate whether you would be willing to lead the discussion about it. If you don't want to lead, that's absolutely fine, a moderator will lead instead as we do now.

I'm trying to find ways to up the engagement and since I don't always have time to read all the books we chose it would be great if those nominating who are happy to lead discussion are given an opportunity to do so.

1. Book must be by a female author (transwomen and women using male pseudonyms are women)
2. No books that have already been group reads (see our list of previous reads)
3. You cannot nominate your own book.

How to Nominate:
1. Give both the title of the book and the author's name when nominating to avoid mix-ups.
2. Please use the 'add book/author' button when nominating - otherwise it becomes hard to distinguish and in a long thread your nomination may be missed.
3. NEW RULE! Please indicate whether you are willing to lead discussion on the book.
4. Try to avoid using this thread for chatter as it makes it very hard to locate what are actual nominations and what is just discussion.
5. One nomination per person.

Nominations are open until the 14th, when the poll will go up

Nominations so far
Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill - Fer to Lead
The End We Start From by Megan Hunter - Louise to lead
The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui - Kristin to lead
A Book of American Martyrs by Joyce Carol Oates - Liesl to lead

message 2: by Fer (new)

Fer Qc | 17 comments Dept. of Speculation
Offill, Jenny
I would be willing to lead discussion on the book.

message 3: by Louise, Group Founder (new)

message 4: by Liesl (new)

Liesl | 514 comments I’ll move my nomination for A Book of American Martyrs by Joyce Carol Oates to the Open Choice. I would be happy to lead the discussion.

message 5: by Louise, Group Founder (new)

Louise | 680 comments Mod
Hi Kristin, I want to pm you earlier but real life got a bit mad on me (hence why threads didn’t go up yesterday either). Am happy to do it however you want. I can still post the threads and then let you lead from there or you can do it all. Up to you!

message 6: by Louise, Group Founder (new)

Louise | 680 comments Mod
No worries, I'll get them up today.

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