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Similar books?
Olivera Stojanovska Olivera May 07, 2018 12:32AM
I really liked Six of crows & Crooked Kingdom. What I really liked about them was the friendship aspect of the group, the different interactions between all these different combinations of characters. I also really liked the humour, and the whole Ocean's 11 vibe. So if someone knows books similar to these, please share them here :)

I suggest you the Raven Cycle (first book The Raven Boys) by Maggie Stiefvater. There's a great group of 17-years-old friends (4 boys, 1 girl), there's a quest, there's magic, medieval Welsh kings, love, friendship, bravery and so on. It's paranormal genre, but the best of that and with a lot of emotions. You will totally fall in love with the characters!

For the heist, yes, Mistborn is a great suggestion!

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Cid Iron Cast my fav!^^ Best Friendship Ever!^^ lol ...more
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The Thief is a great suggestion! I'd never thought of those two together before, but they are so similar! Mistborn, Vicious, and The Raven Cycle are also good ones!

Also, you could try Steelheart (and accompanying trilogy) by Brandon Sanderson. It's about an unlikely bunch of 'normal' people trying to defeat superheros-gone-bad.

The Five Kingdoms series (starting with Sky Raiders) by Brandon Mull is about a mismatched bunch of kids who get kidnapped and taken to another world as slaves. They have to work together - and with some natives of this other world - to try to find their way home again.

Lauren (last edited Jul 19, 2018 04:07PM ) Jul 19, 2018 04:05PM   1 vote
Throne of glass is an amazing series and features an assassin that sometimes thinks the way Kaz does. There is some serious friendship goals in this series too. We've got The assassin, the prince and the captain of the guard who are the bestest of best friends. The humour is also there and the writing is fantastic.

Dev (last edited Sep 07, 2018 05:27PM ) Sep 07, 2018 05:15PM   0 votes
it's definitely not ya, but the gentlemen bastards series by scott lynch was basically soc if leigh bardugo let the cast say fuck.

you should also check out the gentleman's guide to vice and virtue by mackenzi lee; it's ya, has a great cast of realistic characters and the entire novel is about how the mc stole a super valuable object from the french king and thought running in the streets of marseille with only said object (literally only he's goddamn naked) was the most brilliant idea in all recorded human time. plus the "we have to share a bed but we're both going to pretend we're not happy about this situation" trope.

edit: THE VICIOUS TRILOGY HOW DID I FORGET THE VICIOUS TRILOGY? a family can be two escaped convicts, one with supervillain powers, a twelve-year-old, an addict with ptsd, and an undead dog. in vicious this family sets out to murder a self-proclaimed hero and hand of god.

Thanks for commenting :D I don't think I've heard of the Five kingdom series :)

Check out the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. Similar feel but higher stakes. They plan out a heist. Collect a team. I think you'd like it from you said.

Emily (last edited Sep 09, 2018 05:16AM ) Sep 09, 2018 04:44AM   0 votes
Oh yes,
The gentleman bastards The Lies of Locke Lamora
Mistborn The Final Empire
Also heard that these were good...
The Thief
The Legend of Eli Monpress
All on my tbr list...

Hiya! You might really enjoy Railhead by Phillip Reeve.

Olivera Stojanovska Hi! Thanks for commentng, i don't think i've heard of Railhead either, but thank u for suggesting it, I'll check it out :D ...more
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Nads (last edited Sep 04, 2019 07:33AM ) Sep 04, 2019 07:27AM   0 votes
💫these are new ya books I found with different kinds of characters who team up for a heist: The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1) by Roshani Chokshi Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle, #1) by Jay Kristoff

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