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The Sparsholt Affair
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May 2018: Family Drama > The Sparsholt Affair - Alan Hollinghurst 3.5/5

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Nicole D. | 1497 comments This is a multi-generational story which starts during WWII with a group of friends at Oxford. There's a new guy on campus who has caught the eye of a couple of young men in the group. A brief period of friendship ensues.

Fast forward David Sparsholt (the eye catcher) is a successful business man with a wife and child and gets caught up in a scandal. Most of the rest of the book focuses on his son Jonathan, his life, and how he ends up in the inner circle Oxford crew.

The story was generally pretty banal, I liked the characters, there were some fun, quirky ones. Mostly the story centered on the gay world and the art world. As a result of that, I found it really hard to connect with most of the characters or situations.

There was kind of an interesting father/son dynamic with David and Jonathan. There was also probably a pretty important statement on acceptance of being gay but too subtle for me.

I liked it but definitely not raving about it.

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Anita Pomerantz | 6745 comments You are the second good friend I have who gave this one a shot. My other friend DNFed it. It sounds good to me, but I'm so done with everything and anything related to WWII that I'll probably pass. Your review doesn't inspire me to suck up the WWII-ness.

Susie | 4488 comments For me it was meh too. I wouldn’t go out of your way to read it.

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