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message 1: by Alison (new)

Alison | 4 comments I'm looking for a fellow writer or erotic contemporary romance and/or historical romance. I also am dabbling in YA fantasy, sci fi and the like. Would love to have a long term partner, pretty serious about their work but understanding of busy "real-life" work schedules too.

Here's a current blurb of a contemp romance book I'm finishing up;

Beth has lived a sheltered life up until something happens that sends her emotions reeling and instead of facing it she decides to disappear in a cross country trek. While attempting to change her life up a bit she gets caught in a bungled abduction by some notoriously bad people who mistake her for someone else. Now she must figure a way out of the debacle and get home without dying in the process.

Gabriel has lived a rough life. He’s been searching for a way out, but all his leads come to the same ending, back into the violent world he grew up in. Finding out the woman he’s recently kidnapped is not who he thought she was, but instead turns out to be a naïve, trusting young woman, he must decide if he wants to help her, risking his reputation and connections and everything else he’s built in his life in order to do so.

As they journey against time, through rough landscapes and dangerous people can they also navigate the infatuation building between them?

Let me know if you're interested and drop me a note!

Take care-


message 2: by Dave (new)

Dave Anderson | 54 comments Alison,

I have a 72,000 completed YA 20+ Romeo and Juliet styled romance and wondered if you might consider partnering up.

When we hear about kids like Cody Chandler, all but the most cold-hearted of us sympathize. Some of us may send them their prayers, but most of us forget about them in a matter of days. It isn’t that we don’t care. We just don’t have time to dwell on such things, so their stories sink deep in our subconscious and make us feel subtly grateful for our more fortunate births.
Having suffered physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by the time he was eleven, Cody has lived a life few would envy. But instead of being crushed by his experiences, he rises above his circumstance through an incredible act of sacrifice he hopes will free him from the ghosts who haunt him. When Cody is forced to examine the impact abuse has had on his life, he must decide how much of his past he can safely reveal. While revealing his deepest childhood secret might be liberating, it might also be his undoing.

message 3: by Oksana (new)

Oksana W | 140 comments Hi, are you still open to swaps? Your story sounds interesting!

I have a historical fiction novel with a major romantic arc that I would love to get some opinions on. It's set in WWII England, about a Polish special operations instructor and an English innkeeper. Please send me an email at if you think you might want to swap.

Thanks, hope to hear from you!

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