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Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments ||"The Worst Thing You Ever Did Was Save My Life..."||

Muse A was a new firefighter at the time of the accident, in his first few months of training. Muse B was being driven home by his fiance, the young couple celebrating their engagement with a few drinks with friends. Everything in his life seemed to be going perfectly, at least until the trailer crashed into them. After sustaining fairly significant head trauma, Muse B only remembers the night in little pieces, but he remembers holding his fiances hand before being pulled from the car. After a few months, Muse B is released from the hospital, but his fiance sadly passed away in the crash. Devastated by the event and unable to recall everything that happened, Muse B starts to grow more and more angry at his rescuer, Muse A. Wishing he had died with his fiance and looking for answers, Muse B shows up at Muse A's apartment. Through confusion and grief, a passion is ignited amongst the two men.

- I would prefer to play Muse B for this plot.
- I wrote this for MxM and I would like to stick to that

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Muse A: Bradley

Tall, muscular build kept up by weight training and working as a firefighter/paramedic. Dark brown hair that falls down to his chin in waves, and a short, trimmed beard. Simple, yet exciting personality.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments || Otto Vincent Brooks ||

| Basic |

Age: 18
Birthday: October 12th

Gender: Male

Orientation: Homosexual

Occupation: Part-Time Barista

Grade: College Freshman
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Biology

| Appearance |

Eyes: Light Green
Hair: Light to Mid-range Brown
Height: 5'5" in 165 cm
Weight: 125 pounds 56.5 kg
Build: Petite

| A Little More Personal |


Otto was always trying to find his place, never quite fitting in to any one place. Raised by his single mother, Otto and his older brother Randal were removed from the home on multiple occasions. Despite the rocky times, the family was pretty close; everyone looking out for one another. It wasn't until he was 13 that Otto realized his mother had any sort of problem. Within a year, his mother passed of an overdose. Fortunately for him, Otto's older brother was 18 at the time and took him in to care for him.

This let Otto avoid being sent to a foster home, and he was very grateful to his brother. At 16, Otto found himself in love with his 20 year old neighbor. Although it wasn't the typical romance story, the pair did end up together, Otto moving in during his senior year of high school.

Things were finally looking up for Otto; he was starting his freshman year of college and had just recently gotten engaged to his boyfriend of now two years. Everything came crashing down when the accident happened. Leo, his fiance had too much to drink and ran a red light, causing the collision.


▪︎ Observant, Focused
▪︎ Trusting, Loving
▪︎ Anxious, Self-critical


✔︎ Quiet evenings
✔︎ Outdoors; Woods, Mountains
✔︎ Painting


✘ The Beach, Humidity
✘ Arguments
✘ Crowds of People


↑ Curiosity, Creativity, Intelligence
↑ Passionate, Open-minded
↑ Hard-Working, Resourceful


↓ Anxious, Complicated
↓ Fixated, Idealistic
↓ Gullible, Naive

| Family Ties |

Colleen: Mother Deceased

Randal: Brother 22

Leo: Fiance Deceased

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments || Bradley Aaron Smith ||

| Basic |

Age: 26
Birthday: April 19th

Gender: Male

Orientation: Questioning Bisexual

Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic

| Appearance |

⇶ Eyes: Crystal Blue
⇶ Hair: Dark brown with natural highlights
⇶ Height: 6'1"
⇶ Weight: 220lbs
⇶ Build: Muscular

| A Little More Personal |


Bradley was raised as an only child by his mother and father as a typical, carefree suburban family until he enlisted in the military. After two tours and being honorably discharged due to an arm injury that eventually healed, he moved back home at 20 to try and decide where he would go next with his life. After two weeks of being home, tragedy struck when an electrical short in the house sparked a fire and burned it to the ground. Bradley was able to escape with the help of firefighters that had rushed to the scene, but none were able to make it upstairs to save his parents before the structure collapsed. After that night, he struggled through PTSD and the guilt of not immediately saving his parents
instead of leaving the house, and now dedicated his time to being a career firefighter to save others.


▪︎ Indifferent, doesn't connect with others easily
▪︎ Quiet, doesn't often initiate conversation
▪︎ Prefers to keep to himself


✔︎ Going to the Gym
✔︎ Stopping by his favorite bar for a couple of drinks
✔︎ Small, Quiet places


✘ War
✘ Spiders
✘ Crowds of People


↑ Physical, very strong
↑ Able to react quickly and carefully
↑ Analytical, Good at reading people and their intentions


↓ Suffers from PTSD
↓ Can shut down at times when he is stressed
↓ Very anxious dealing with large crowds

| Family Ties |

Christopher: Deceased Father
Mary: Deceased Mother

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Awesome!

message 6: by Harley (new)

Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments lol. now how do we want to start this?

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Hmm, well I was thinking maybe Otto could show up to Brad's house and confront him? Maybe Otto could be drunk or something and Brad tries to counsel him?

message 8: by Harley (new)

Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments That could work. tracks down his address and shows up drunk. do you want to start? and I'm working late again tonight so I'll be off and on

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments It had been months since the accident occurred, but still Otto awoke in a cold sweat, shaking from fear. Every morning since the accident had been like that; alone, cold, and never feeling right. Never had Otto been alone before this; he had lived with his mother, then his brother, and then Leo. Their relationship had been a bit taboo, Otto being only 16 and Leo being 20, but it had worked, and they had been completely in love, or at least it felt that way.

There had been some warning signs, Leo's over-protectiveness of Otto, his excessive drinking, but they were in love. The night of the accident they had been arguing, Otto felt like Leo had too much to drink and shouldn't be driving. Trying to pull himself from the memories of that night, Otto stood up, the ever present ringing in his ears amplifying. That was it, his memory of the night ended at the argument, at least until he remembered a white hot pain and being torn from his fiance.

The cold floor sent a shiver up his spine as he made the way to the kitchen. His phone sat haphazardly on the kitchen counter, ten missed calls from his brother waiting to be answered. Randal was worried about him, everyone was worried about him. But what could he tell them? He wished he had died in that car with Leo, but he was still here, trying to figure out what the point was. Grabbing Leo's bottle of Jack, Otto drank straight from the bottle, not really caring anymore. As he drank, the torn note that sat next to his phone caught his eye. It was the name and address of the man who pulled him from the car.

Mostly mad at himself, Otto had to find someone to be mad at, and this person would be that for him. Shoving the note in his pocket, Otto continued drinking until the room felt slightly fuzzy. Feeling like he had enough courage to go now, Otto grabbed his hoodie and tossed it on, heading out the door with a mission.

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley laid curled in the comfort of his bed, the sheets tangled around him as he snored softly. He slept soundly until he was nudged awake and felt his face become soaked and pushed to the side. "Dammit Rosco!" he growled, pushing away the face of a large black German shepherd, who was hungry and ready to go outside.

He sat up groggily on the bed, wiping his face with the back of his hand as he stared over at the dog, now sitting patiently on the end of the bed with his head cocked to the side. He could still feel the effects of the sedative he had taken the night before to help him sleep and calm his PTSD episodes. He stood up, slowly and a bit unsteady, pulling on a black t shirt and a pair of gray sweatpants as he made his way down the hall, Rosco at his heels to go outside.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments The address was only a few blocks down from his own home, so even in his intoxicated state Otto was able to find his way. He looked like a mess; his hair haphazardly tossed around, a slightly over sized hoodie and black jeans on. Dark circles were evident under his eyes as sleep hadn't been restful since everything had happened. On his way to the mystery man's house, someone even stopped him to ask if he was alright, but he simply ignored the concerned citizen, blowing them off.

The buzzing of his phone in his pocket only brought the ringing sensation in his ear back up. Quickly rejecting the call, Otto found himself on the porch of the man who had pulled him from the car. His hands were covered in a cold sweat and suddenly he didn't know what he wanted to say. Unfortunately, he had already pressed the door bell. He could run off, but his legs felt frozen, rooted in the cold concrete below him.

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley had just let Rosco out and watched him take off across the field when he heard the doorbell ring. Who the hell would be here? he wondered, hugging as he shut the door and walked through the house, carefully and quietly so he wouldn't be heard to be home. He leaned up and peered through the hole in the door before setting a scrawny kid who looked like he'd been through hell. He feared the worst, wiring if he had been attacked or hurt and needed help as he quickly unlocked the door and opened it, looking the kid up and down. "Can I help you?" he asked shortly, noticing the kid didn't look fearful, but furious instead.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto felt his fist clenching as the other man opened the door. Raising his eyes to meet the taller man's, an image flashed by his eyes, but it wasn't something he remembered. As quickly as the image came, it seemed to leave. His memory of the event was very limited, but in that moment he knew this was the man that had pulled him from the mangled car. As the man asked the question, Otto found himself without words, completely unprepared for the confrontation he had wanted. Clearing his throat, Otto managed to make some words come out of his mouth, "Are y-you Bradley Smith?"

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley nodded slightly, wondering what was going on in the crazed boys head. He was so young, so innocent looking. Surely he wasn't up to stir trouble with him? He looked him over again before responding. "I am. Do I know you?" he asked, wanting to know more about why the boy was here. He looked familiar, but he couldn't place from where. Maybe an old friend? Distant relative?

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto felt pretty foolish at that point, realizing then that he hadn't really had a whole plan on how he would confront the man. What did he really want anyways? To know what had happened? He wasn't sure. All he knew was he was angry and this was the only other people who had been there , the only person who knew what had happened. Trying to maintain his anger without letting go, Otto shook his head in response to the question. "We don't know each other. My name's Otto... You pulled me from my fiance's car a few months ago. "

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley began to piece things together in his head. His swaying movement, his slurred words, he was drunk. He was a bit surprised at Otto's answer, not expecting him to have been a patient of his. He was noticing more and more how unsteady he was, and began to worry a bit. The kid didn't even look old enough to drink. "Come inside, we'll talk in here out if the cold." he encouraged, hoping to get him to sit down befire he fell over

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto crossed his arms for a moment, not sure if he wanted to take the man up on his offer. It shouldn't have caught him off guard that the man was being so kind, but it did. Finally, biting his lip, Otto nodded, reluctantly agreeing to talk with him indoors. The alcohol had seemed to work it's way into his blood on the walk over, now more unstable than he had been on the walk over. Whenever Otto walked there was a slight limp, but it wasn't from the alcohol; his leg had been crushed in the accident and Otto hadn't done his best with the physical therapy.

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley shut the door behind Otto and walked behind him, ready to catch him if he fell. He pulled out a chair from the kitchen table and let him sit, before making his way to the counter and beginning to make a pot of coffee, filling the pot with water. "So, Otto, what business brings you to me?" he asked, still not knowing why Otto had come to him

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Running a hand through his disheveled hair, Otto plopped down in the chair, this was not going like he thought it would. For some reason, Otto had thought he would storm in and demand answers. Instead, he had vastly over estimated his ability to hold his liquor. When the other man asked him what he was doing there, Otto stumbled over his words, not really sure of the answer. "I just... I can't remember..." Otto bit his lip, stopping himself from talking, not wanting to get too emotional. "I wish you'd just let me die," The words were quiet and small, but still decidedly there.

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley cast a sideways glance at Otto, realizing why he looked such a mess. He bit his lip, knowing he had to be careful with his responses if Otto was unstable. He poured two cups of coffee, setting one in front of Otto with a bottle of creamer and some sugar in case he wanted it, before sitting in the chair next to him, turned to face him as he took a sip of his coffee black. He set it down gently before glancing back up at Otto. "So you wish I hadnt saved you from the crash? Why?" he asked, pressing to know more.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments He should be able to explain it to the man, he had come all this way and now he found himself lacking the words to say what he wanted. Staring at the coffee on the table, Otto was still shocked by how kind the other man was being. It certainly made it hard to be mad at the guy, even though it was Otto's intention to yell at him. Sitting there, completely out of his element, Otto did his best to maintain his composure, at least what little he had left. "Yeah... I'm just- I'm alone now and I don't want... I wish I wasn't alive." What had been an aggressive approach initially was now just an upset and emotional sort of adult.

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley leaned in on the table and rested on it, wanting to talk through it with him. After all, he knew how he felt. Bradley had lost everything in his house fire, everything and everyone. He understood how lost he was, the range of emotions he felt. He didnt really know how to approach it, but knew he had to. "Look, kid. I know from experience what you're going through. I lost everything once too. It hurts, you feel lost, going through the motions every day with no sense of direction. I get it, but you've got to pull yourself out of it. Dying isn't the way to go..." he assured him, wishing he could say more, but unable to. Truth was, Bradley had barely been able to pull himself out of it, and still felt on the line sometimes.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments It felt strange, having someone put the thoughts into words. Maybe Bradley was right, but Otto didn't see any way of making it happen. The one all consuming thought that had occupied his mind ever since the accident was that he should have died in that car with Leo. Despite that overwhelming thought, Otto also lacked a large chunk of the time that night. He could remember the argument, then the fact that his cheek hurt, and then everything was blank for a while. Taking the cup into his shaking hands, but not actually drinking from it quite yet, Otto braced himself to ask the question he wasn't sure he wanted the answer to. "I can't remember all of it... Pieces, but not the whole thing. Can you... Can you tell me what you saw?" As he cautiously asked the question, the ringing in his ears that had seemed to die down slightly was now back.

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley clenched his jaw, thinking about how much he should tell him, how much he would be ready to hear. He decided he needed to know the whole truth, and braced himself to relive what he'd seen. "Are you sure you want to know what happened?" he asked, wondering if Otto was mentally prepared

(any specific direction I need to take this story?)

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto bit down on his lip, but nodded anyways. He knew he would never really be ready to hear the whole story, but he also knew he needed to know it. Maybe if he could know what happened, then he might be able to understand at least part of it. Otto took a small sip from the coffee cup before setting it back down, not wanting to spill it any when he was told what happened.

(( Not really, I mean I was thinking that during their argument Leo slapped Otto, but Brad wouldn't know that. The only thing to know is that Otto hurt his leg and had a head injury and that Leo was drunk while driving and caused it. ))

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley took his reaction as a yes and leaned back in his chair to explain. "You two ran a red light and got hit head on by a trailer. You had a closed head injury and your leg was crushed. I was able to get you out fairly easily. Your fiance on the other hand wouldnt stop moving. It was obvious he was wasted, and he bled out before we could cut into the vehicle and get him out." he explained, pausing before telling him the last bit of the story. "He kept screaming something about he should have hit you harder..."

(I can work,it in somewhere lol)

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto was listening to the story and even though it was difficult, he felt like he was doing alright. It made more sense that way, that Leo had been stuck in the car. Of course the police had informed him that it was Leo that had been at fault for the accident, and it hadn't really surprised him. The last part though, that cut deep. Suddenly, Otto could remember the argument and Leo's hand coming into contact with his face. It wasn't the first time he had been physical, but it only ever happened when he was drunk, so he figured they would be able to work it out over time. Hearing Bradley's account of the situation made Otto bite down harshly on his lip, no longer sure he could keep himself from getting emotional. It would have been enough to realize it on his own, but now he knew that this third person knew about it. Slightly embarrassed, Otto furrowed his brow, "Sorry.... I shouldn't have... I don't know."

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley shook his head in disagreement at Ottos apology. "you needed to know..." he told him, before leaning forward a bit when he saw Otto getting emotional. He could tell by his reaction that it wasn't the only time he'd been hit, and wondered exactly what kind of grasp his fiancee had him in. He reached out and rested his hand on Ottos arm, offering a bit of comfort as he got upset.

(Idk what timezone you're in bit it's 1am here and I gotta be up at 7.,lol I'm headed to bed. good night!!!)

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments There was always something about being comforted that made it slightly harder to hold back the emotions. Otto could tell a few tears had made their way to the edge of his eyelid, so he quickly used his sleeve to wipe them off his face. This wasn't why he had come here, and he didn't want to burden this guy, who was now obviously a nice person, with his issues. Still feeling pretty bad about the whole ordeal, Otto shook his head, "I shouldn't have shown up here, I wasn't thinking straight."

(( Lol, same time zone. I also have an early morning and was meant to be asleep hours ago fml. ))

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley reached up his hand and lifted Ottos chin, just enough for him to be looking at him. "after what you've been through I don't think I would have either." he told him, nudging his drink back to him. "drink some more, it will help with the alcohol."

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments There was a hint of a blush on Otto's cheek when Bradley lifted his chin. Not many people would have taken the time out of there day like this man was. In response to the man, Otto picked the cup back up, taking a few more sips. Over the course of the past little bit, Otto was feeling slightly less intoxicated, though he had really out done himself. Leo had always been the drinker of the two, Otto wasn't even of legal age to be drinking, and he rarely did.

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley leaned back in his chair and watched him take a few sips. He decided to try and learn a little more about Otto, since he had him here. "So, whats your story?" he asked, "Did you grow up around here?"

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments (work literally is going to kill me tomorrow so I apologise obviously advance of I'm not super active. I have to be there at 630 and won't get off until almost 7pm

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto raised an eyebrow slightly, somewhat surprised by the question. The question itself should have been pretty simple, but somehow it was not. Shifting slightly in his seat, Otto spoke again, "Oh, yeah. I mean, for the most part I've been here. As for a story, I'm not really sure I have one..." The statement was pretty far from the truth, and it was obvious. After taking another sip, Otto relented, "So, my older brother took custody of me when I was thirteen and then I started dating Leo when I was 16. Moved in with him about a year and a half ago."

(( That's alright, I graduate from college tomorrow, so I'll be pretty busy as well! ))

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments (congratulations!!!)

Bradley listened to him talk, interested in his story. He wondered exactly how much damage this kid had, and wondered if there was any way he could help. Bradley didnt really have anyone to talk to anymore, and another broken soul to share his ideas with may not be such a bad thing. "So where's your brother now?" he asked

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto subconsciously reached his hand towards his pocket, remembering how many missed calls he had from his brother. He knew he should call back, but it was just too much right now. Randal was great, but he could be pretty over protective. "Oh, he's still here... Wants me to move back in with him, but you know." Otto shrugged and then turned towards Bradley slightly, "How about you? You grow up around here?"

(( Thanks, lol ))

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley nodded his head with a sigh, realizing it was his turn to open up. "I grew up not too far from here. I joined the military and left for two tours, before getting hurt and discharged. I moved back home and ended up losing everything in a fire, including my family. I decided to become a firefighter after that. Been living here on my own since." he admitted, staring down at his coffee and swirling what little bit was left in the cup around a bit

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto didn't say anything for a moment, realizing that must have been what the man was referring to when he said he understood. Trying to find something to say that wasn't incredibly awkward, Otto nodded, "That's... a lot." After taking another sip from his cup, he set it back down again, "What branch were you in? Randy, my brother, he's a marine."

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley smiled a bit and nodded, "So was I. I was in Project Desert Storm before I got hurt." he explained, leaning back in his chair. "So what do you do? You told me your past, what'syour present?"

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto shrugged slightly, more than a little lost in his life at the moment. It was a pretty simple question though, and he had an answer for it at least, "I'm in my freshman year of college and I work part time at a coffee shop. I started classes and work back about a month ago." Otto had honestly been glad for the distraction, but now that the workload was winding down after making up his assignments, he found himself dwelling a lot on things he knew he shouldn't be.

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley nodded, listening to him and smiling slightly. "So what's your major?" he asked, curious about what he planned to be later on. He knew college was expensive, and wondered if poor Otto was paying for it himself or of he had a scholarship.

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto smiled a bit, knowing his one thing had always been school. Even when everything was going wrong, he could still focus on his schooling, and it had payed off. "Oh, I'm majoring in Chemistry and minoring in biology. I did some classes in high school and in the summer, so I'm a little bit ahead."

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley chuckled and nodded a bit, "Good. You seem more prepared for your future than others." he commented. "what's your dream job?" h asked, wondering what his goal was

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto shrugged, not sure exactly where he wanted to go with his life yet. As he started to answer, he felt his phone vibrate again, probably Randal still trying to get in touch with him. Quickly, Otto declined the call without taking the phone out of his pocket. Realizing how long he had kept Bradley for, Otto shook his head, "Shit, sorry man. I should go, I didn't mean to interrupt your life and stuff."

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley shook his head and leaned back in his chair and chuckling to himself. "Not an issue at all. I haven't had company over in years. it was nice to get to talk for a change." he replied, "Do you have somewhere to be? because I certainly don't."

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Relaxing slightly more, Otto shook his head, feeling a little better about the situation. Not wanting Randal to freak out, Otto bit his lip slightly, "No, I don't.... Sorry, that's my brother blowing up my phone, I'm just going to check real quick." Pulling the phone from his pocket, Otto read the most recent of the dozen texts that had been sent. Randal was at his place looking for him. Responding to him for the first time in days, Otto simply replied, 'I'm out, I'm fine.'

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley chuckled and stood up, surprising the counter and pouring him another cup of coffee. "then what's the rush to leave?" he asked, enjoying Ottos company andwanting him to stay for a bit longer.

(pulling an all nighter tonight, you staying up with me? lol)

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Putting the phone back into his back pocket, Otto shrugged slightly. "I don't know, just thought I was outstaying my welcome, you know." In all honesty, talking to Bradley was the most he had carried on a conversation in quite some time.

(( Lol, I never know! ))

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Harley Sixx (harleysixx) | 176 comments Bradley smiled and sat back down, bringing the pot and topping off Ottos cup. "not at all. like I said, it's been a while since I've had company." he replied, seeing rosco come trotting down the hall with his ears perked up, looking at the newcomer curiously

(I'm gonna be dead come 8am lol)

Billie [ Hiatus ] | 136 comments Otto smiled over at the dog, not having noticed him before. Growing up, his mother had never been able to have a dog, but one of the foster homes he and his brother stayed in for a while had one. Turning to look at Bradley, Otto asked, "Oh, what's his name?"

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