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Amiya (acgisme) Go.

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Amelia walked in to the dorm. She was very nervous as it was her first day here. Amelia looked around to see if anyone else was here.

message 3: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Hi! you new?" A girl came into the dorm.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Amelia looked at the girl and nodded," yes. I'm Amelia Aurora Fatehunter. Nice to meet you." She held out her hand.

message 5: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "I'm Queenie Verity."

message 6: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) She shook hands with Amelia.

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Amelia smiled,"it's great to finally meet someone from the light side!so are you the light Kai?"

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Amelia wondered over to the bed with her name on it. She began putting her things away. After pulling out a book and her bracelet, Amelia got out her phone and texted her parents.

message 9: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Yeah. Sorry, I'm just so dazed, I have so many things going on in my life."

((I gotta go in like 10 minutes.))

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"It's ok. I understand mostly. So you really are? That's so cool! Are there any other girls here?"


message 11: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Yeah, one of my good friends Eve." Queenie smiled. "And I really am the light Kai." She laughed.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Em smiled, " cool!"

message 13: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Thanks." Queenie glanced at the large clock on the wall. "Oh no! I need to got to the training room, I promised Jaxson I would go…" she glanced nervously at Amelia. "You want to come?"

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"Training room? Sure!"

message 15: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) ((See you there.))

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Amelia walked into the dorm room and fell back on her bunk. Then she got up and kicked her bed. Finally after mentally kicking herself, Amelia thought back and analyzed Dana's emotions and reactions. She understood now that Dana liked Zane and what she had done had upset her. Amelia felt really awful. She had grown up with many male friends and what happened was second nature for her. She decided to let Dana cool down, then go and apologized. She hoped Dana would forgive her. She really hated emotions. They ruin things.

message 17: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Dana ran into the dormitory. "Amelia, I'm really sorry for being mean to you. I've just never… had a crush… and I don't know how to act. But come on, let's go, someone is going to find me!"

message 18: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) ((I have to go… be back soon ))

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Amelia was very surprised by Dana's visit,"so you do like him? And I'm really sorry. I had a lot of male friends growing up so what I did is second nature." Amelia smiled, " so need some help?"

message 21: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Umm, that would be awesome." Dana frowned. "We have to go, I'll explain later." Dana started out the door. "Hurry!"

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A. ran after her.

message 23: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Dana ran to the dark academy, when she abruptly stopped outside the building and turned around.

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Amelia stopped short of the Dark academy. "Unmmmm." She was a bit afraid of breaking the rules.

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Amelia just stood and weighted the options in her head. Pros- new friend, see new place, new experience. Cons- see Zane, have that be uber awkward, be killed by Dana.

message 26: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Geez, I'm not going to kill you. I said I was sorry!"

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"It's not your fault it's mine and how'd you know that? I thought it." Amelia titled her head and gave a curious look.

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Amelia walked into the dorm and fell face first on her bed, laid there for a minute then turned over and looked at Queenie.

message 29: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Queenie plopped down on a bed. "So." She said, happily. "Talk."

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"Ok. Since I've been here, I've made a friend and lost one. Pissed several people off. Had a crush on a dark. Made a complete fool of myself. And generally had a awful feeling in my guy since the day I got here because of it and it's killing me every day. I'm pretty sure everyone hates me. And I just can deal with this life any more! I miss my old friends and life. I miss normal." Amelia said.

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Amiya (acgisme) Queenie stifled a laugh. Amelia certainly didn't sugarcoat! "Ok, least start at the beginning. Which friend did you make, and which did you lose?"

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"Dana. And now that I think about it Zane too. To both."

message 33: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "You didn't lose their friendship, neither of them!"

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Amiya (acgisme) ((It's my dad's birthday… I gotta go.… be back in a few hours maybe. Sorry.))

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

"I think I did. I'm sure they don't like me."

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

((It's ok, have fun))

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