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Ryan | 389 comments Human:

Name: Jack Leith
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: He is smart and likes to have things that are logical like a machine. However, he is not greedy and knows what the right thing to do is. He also seems to be very good with machines and can usually create/fix them very quickly so he has earned a bit of a good reputation in the neighborhood he is in. However, when he does that he asks for nothing in return except just the satisfaction that he did a good job.
Appearance: Has green eyes and brown flat hair and is around 6 foot. He seems to have darker hands then anywhere else on his body since he messes with machines. His hair also is occasionally straight up from electricity. He also seems to have a weird left leg. (It is mechanical. ;)) His right arm seems to also be a bit weird and he can do some weird things with it like extend it slightly to reach something. (It is also mechanical. :D)
Occupation or Education: Engineer or something like that.
Likes: Helping others, creating new mechanical objects, coming up with new ideas for projects and fixing faulty machinery.
Dislikes: Faulty machinery, mean people, and very un-logical things happening.
History: He grew up with his family and had great grades in school. After school, he decided to get a career revolving around technology. He passed through the class better than most other people and decided to get a job on creating new machines. He did very well until the company he was in kicked him out for some odd reason, now he just works in his own workshop sometimes on machines while earning money somehow.
Other: He has messed with machinery so much that he is part machinery and seems to automatically know what is wrong when someone brings him some faulty machinery.

Name: Emily Roccer
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Very mean towards dragons and people that support them but people that are either neutral or also dislike them then she is fine with those people. She is usually secretive, and doesn’t talk much unless if she is explaining something like why she does what she is doing.
Appearance: Has a black suit of advanced mechanical armor on most of the time that modifies her voice and abilities and makes her look taller and bigger. However, occasionally she isn’t in it and has black hair with brown eyes when she isn’t. She is also around 5 feet.
Occupation or Education: A corrupt boss at a company.
Likes: Proving her tech is the best, being secretive, and people who don’t like dragons.
Dislikes: Dragons, people who like/befriended dragons, Jack Leith and hates Leina.
History: She was the highest up in the company that Jack Leith worked in and she liked his work but didn’t want him to find out what she was going to do with his devices so she fired him after he created enough for what she needed. She still is the boss at the company and made it very secretive after she changed it to fit her needs. However, a dragon found out about her company and actively tries to stop her and her plans. (She does have a deeper history but I’ll give it away later.)
Other: Her suit of armor is very advanced however it is weak to EMPs. She also has a few other contraptions if her suit fails.

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Ryan | 389 comments Dragon:

Name: Arthur
Age: 40
Gender: Bisexual
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: He usually only hangs around those that he calls his friends and is kinda shy to new people. However, around his friends he is very friendly and kind.
Appearance Human: He looks like an adult that is very friendly around his friends and almost always has a smile on his face. Also seems to always have dirt/mud/rocks on him somewhere.
Appearance Dragon: Has brown scales that looks like rocks and can become completely still to just look like a pile of dirt/mud/rocks. His eyes are green and he has brown wings but rarely uses them.
Likes: Being on the ground, helping those he considers his friends, and helping create new things.
Dislikes: Being in the air/being high up, bullies, and sparks that get too close to him.
History: He doesn’t remember his parents, just when he first woke up he was in the middle of a forest. He then learned on his own how to use his powers and how to transform into a human and back. After a while he stumbled into a city and discovered Jack and stuck with him ever since.
Other: He is an earth dragon, so he can control earth and materials related to earth (Ex: Iron).

Name: Leina
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Friendly unless if people give her a reason to not be friendly. She also wants to make sure that humans and dragons can get along as well. If people are already friends with dragons then she’ll basically thank them and help them out a bit if she can. (Both the dragons and people) However, she doesn’t trust most people yet so if they don’t know yet that she is a dragon then she’ll be in her human form most of the time. However she can’t control her powers in her human form sometimes but most of the time she can.
Appearance Human: She looks like an adult and has sky blue eyes. There is a slight glow coming from her if people/dragons look closely. And occasionally there is electricity or plasma near her hands or near her body.
Appearance Dragon: Has light blue scales that have electricity or plasma on them most of the time. Also has long light blue wings that look like they are electrified and if people/dragons look closely it looks like there is a slight blue glow coming from her body and eyes. Sometimes there is plasma or electricity near her claws.
Likes: People that befriended dragons, people that will help dragons, and people that will help her against Emily.
Dislikes: People that don’t like dragons, dragons that don’t like people and hates Emily Roccer.
History: She was a very young dragon when she came to the human world with her parents. They taught her that most humans can be trusted if you are in your human form and some have become friends with dragons. Later, she was just walking around when she overheard something about an anti-dragon company and went back to her parents and told them that she wanted to do something about that. They then taught her about her powers and said that she can go and stop them and that they will keep an eye on her and save her if they need to. She agreed and started trying to stop the company from hurting any more dragons.
Other: She is a form of electricity dragon, can control electricity/lightning, EMPS, and plasma.

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