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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Dragon jewel/blue jewel series (trilogy?), jewel which controls dragons

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Nala | 1 comments GENRE: fantasy (monsters), adventure, Asian fantasy themes (dragons, temples, emperors)
SUITED TO: young teens (11-15 yrs)


PLOT DETAILS: The series becomes centred around a dragon jewel, which is allows the owner to control dragons later in the series. The title of the series as a whole involves a dragon jewel, a blue jewel or the such. I am pretty sure this series is a trilogy, and if it helps, the cover i read it with was black with a symbol on it and half of the boys face.
It begins with a young boy who has worked in a temple almost his whole life (orphan?). Late one night, looking through some scrolls he is reading, he leaves a candle amongst the shelves and this in turn accidentally sets the temple on fire and destroys many valuable scrolls etc. He runs away, pursued by pig headed soldiers (for the life of me i cannot remember the name of these monsters but they began w/ P i am pretty sure). They are one of the boy's main enemies throughout the whole series.
The boy gains friends who travel with him, at one point they encounter a monster in a cave which they defeat (a shapeshifter?) and sometime in the third book of the series the dragon jewel comes to knowledge, a blue jewel which as i mentioned earlier allows the possessor to control dragons. A main evil enemy (idk who) finally comes into possession of the jewel and is able to control dragons, the boy and his friends try and stop him and, by controlling the dragon the antagonist gives him a lot of pain. There is an encounter at a lake? I dont remember how it ends

- school library in Sydney
- Book was written in English
- Read around 2010-2012
- Published recently when i read it so most of the series published around the same time frame. (2009-2012?)

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Nala, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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