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message 1: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) You have to rename the characters. So if I say Ron Weasley. Then the next person has to re name them, either their last or first name or possibly both (for double points.) so I might say Jack Weasley, then I'll add another character's name for the next person to do. 20 points per answer. 40 points for renaming there first and last name. You can comment as many times as you want but at least 1 person must comment in between you. Thank You Johanna for this Game Idea.

First One-Luna Lovegood. Make sure to add another characters name for someone else to do.

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli Lily-Lunette Goodchild

Cedric Diggory

message 3: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Derek Cife

Bathilda Bagshot

message 4: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli Rosabeth Rogers

Susan Bones

message 5: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Rosanne Ganes

Albus Potter

message 6: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((Literally anything else lol))

Neville Weasley

message 7: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Hermione Granger

message 8: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) ((lol, poor Albus))

Hannah Gray

Percy Weasley

message 9: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli Peregrine Smith

Ron Weasley

message 10: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Wendall Ramef

Argus Filch

message 11: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli Caleb Finch

Fred Weasley

message 12: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Luke Farrold

Harry Potter

message 13: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli Henk Baker

Luna Lovegood

message 14: by Mirabel (new)

Mirabel | 25 comments Abby Smitherine

message 15: by Mirabel (new)

Mirabel | 25 comments Abby Smitherine

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