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message 1: by Lou, Book Queen (new)

Lou (aliceinbagend) | 527 comments Mod
I read the book before the movie but I'm not biased when I say that the book is miles better, I just think it is more interesting and more detailed. The movie does have it's good points (Theo James?) but I just like the book better. Do you agree?

Lora (on hiatus) | 106 comments yeah, same

⭐Anny⭐ (Book Princess) (annithebookprincess) | 175 comments BOOKS! The first movie was good and I also thought the second one was good enough (although it didn't really follow the books), but the third movie was...ugh, let's not talk about it. The decision to split Allegiant into two movies just wasn't a good one, no wonder the last movie isn't being released anymore. It's very sad though. And yes I agree about Theo James! :D

message 4: by Bea (new)

Bea I'm still reading the series at the moment so I haven't watched the movies, hope they're not that bad! I hate it when a movie based on a book doesn't follow the book *cough*Percy Jackson*cough*
I heard that they are making a TV show of Divergent, not sure if they actually will but I'm keeping my hopes up.

⭐Anny⭐ (Book Princess) (annithebookprincess) | 175 comments Oh that's news to me! I had heard they were planning on making the last (4th) movie for tv...

message 6: by Katelyn (new)

Katelyn (kcchameleon) BOOKS! I haven't even gotten myself to watch the movies yet, so I guess I can't say the books are better but... The books are always better. ;)

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