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Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments AND ALICE IS CAGNEYS DAUGHTERRRR


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Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments i only foudn this cuz i was about to preorder it and it said LOOK INSIDE AND I WAS LIKE OMG THERES A SNEAK PEEK BUT IM MAD I READ IT CUZ I HATED ITTT AND I WAS TRYIN SO HARD TO LIKE IT BUT UGHHHH


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Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments btw when u click on the link, click on the book and thats where the sneak peek is

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Luna, I'm as shocked as you. I know it already. It was on a few days before. Sorry, I didn't say anything, but I didn't want to write any spoilers. I've compared the sneak previews and there are almost no differences with the pages.Enough to fear, but too less to hope. Perhaps it's really better not to be stuck with excerpts, but read it completely.
I hated it. Really. I just thought: Is Birdsall on drugs? Has she forgotten her own series??
I'm not only mad because of the shippings, but also because of the characters.
1) Skye is smiling all the time, she's a sweetie and we just know that because it is told us. We see and hear her only through the phone in the beginning. And why is her sudden change only because of this Dusek? He's a no-character. We don't get anything about him. He could be a ghost.
2) Jane is a writer, waitress and alone. (see below)
3) Batty has an ex-friend (!) called Wesley. WTF, why has super-shy, now 18-years old Batty suddenly a friend and even dumped him????? Can you believe that??? I would have forgiven Batty to get Jeffrey if she really had no other boy on the world, but so, please Batty, stay together with your stupid Wesley!
4) Rosalind is working on a farm and got strong muscles (????)
4) And Lydia isn't really so good as I hoped. She's too similar to Batty and a dog lover. And yes, she dances. But apparently, Birdsall had not tried it ( Flamenco on a bench). But it's not as bad as I wouldn't like Lydia.

Sorry, that I'm writing now and perhaps this is already night for you, but it's my time to awake (:
Can I calm you? I'm afraid, I can't. And your last sentence looks like you were calm enough then. But I understand how mad you are. I said previously that Skye will either marry Jeffrey or someone else - and apparently Birdsall picked the other option. I'm really afraid that the Czech Dusek should replace the German Bhaer (actually neighbour countries and both are surnames. Really, Dusek is no first name, but a family name. I was several times in the Czech Republik. How exotic is that for you?). I really can't understand why it was necessary to introduce so many new characters (Lydia's POV, Alice, her mother, her brother, Wesley, Dusek). In LW, Bhaer gets more and earlier appearances and this is more fair.
I didn't get into an important section, but looking at the chapter titles, I guess that we won't get much from the original characters and less from the side characters ( Nick! He married, but we don't know whom. *crying*). And probably Jane will just keep writing and stay alone (*sobbing*). I hope so much that Jane will find someone. Perhaps there will be someone who's vegetarian and likes cooking. But why vegetarian? I can't remember that Jane or any other Penderwick was a vegetarian.
I have already found a place for this book in my shelf, far away from the original books, and it's good that I'll read it this time in English. Probably, I won't buy the German edition (probably next year released).
But remember, we have the fanfic! I'm glad that I wrote it, but I wished it weren't necessary. Luna, we can always pretend that someone crazy has replaced Birdsall and ruined the official book, and the story here on the Fan Club is the right one. (Does this theory sound like Jane?)
I just can say: We can't judge before reading it, but I guess there's not much hope for Skeffrey. Or for Jane. I can't understand the good reviews, but now it's clear, why there were one star ratings. But in all cases, I would like the book as a standalone.
Why can't be my fanfic canon? Why is a book written in three years worse than a fanfic in three months by a non-native speaker? And why is Birdsall just a bad children book author?? This time it doesn't feel like Alcott, but like Streatfeild. And obviously, this is like if Harry Potter 7 would be narrated with Ginny's POV. All the great series have the development of their heroes. They're growing up and we're growing up with them. Birdsall can't understand teen emotions. She's a nutty coward, always skipping to child's POV. And of course, we won't get explainations. Read my fanfic, Birdsall, Skeffrey is possible and even literature ( it would fit to Jane Austen!) and astrophysician girls get never scientists, always attracting opposites. Harriet in Geek Girl gets a model, Nelly in "Max Minsky and me gets" a sportive Max, and Skye would get together with a musician.
OMG, this was my reaction and now my thoughts are out. Really, three years waiting and then such a mess!!! ):
The good thing is that Jeffrey is said to live in Germany and that's why this could be a hint for being supposed to be Bhaer and Skeffrey could still happen. (It's funny to imagine Jeffrey practically next door. (: )
Good news is indeed that Cagney is Alice's father and became a history teacher.
Mrs. Tifton can still get nice. I hope she'll change.
And all pets survived. (:
Bad news is that Churchie isn't there, she is away in Hawaii to be with her grandchildren. WTF, I thought that her grandchildren live in Boston! This is really weird. Has Birdsall forgotten this?? But perhaps she comes for the wedding...
I hope the best, even if I'm not sure if we'll get Skeffrey. It's still possible, but the probability is decreased.
I guess I'll read it in all cases and then I'll see if it's a worthy end. I won't destroy it for Lydia's sake. But then it will be Lydia's story. I just hope it will be also Skye's and Jane's.

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Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments Oh thats smart of u not to say anything, well i changed the title so that no one will read if they dont want spoilers. i was just so angryyy i acted without thinking lol. "is birdsall on drugs" LOLLLL IM CRYING THATS SO TRUEE I SRSLY AM QUESIONING IT NOW AGH

AND YEAH WHAT HAPPENED TO SKYE, she's not the same sarcastic hilarious rebel we've known her to be this whole seriess. i didnt even see that about rosalind working on a farm bc i was so mad, i just skimmed through it. i barely acrually read it. THATS SO WEIRD THO ROSALIND ISNT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THE SKYE OF THE FAMILY WHAT ON EARTHHH

i hate that lydia is dancing allll the timeee and shes like "batyyyy singgg for meeee so i can dancee yayyaya" its so lamee

yeah there are sooo manyyyy newww characters, i couldnt even keep track of them. while i was skimming, i found myself comstantlyyy turning back the page to see who so and so was.

YEAH WHERE IS NICK!!??? at least he's aliveee but stilllll, i wannaaa knwoww heat happened and where he met her and where they live and agh.

yeah istg ur fanfic is soo muchhh betterrr so farrr. legit it should have been published instead of this junk.

JEFFREY LIVES IN GERMANYY?? ok i rllyyy need to go back and thoroughly read it haha.

IKR I WAS LIKE UMM WHY IS CHURCHIE IN HAWAII???? she probs will come for the wedding but it wont be the same.

i cant waitt for juny and sharla and twicebaked to read ittt, i wanna see if their reactions r the same or if they love it, god forbid. cuz i swear if u guys like it... u need to leave this group. lol jkjk, yall r entitled to ur own opinions but so far me and verena r team-what-on-earth-happened-to-this-series-and-why-is-skeffrey-not-happeningggg?????

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Well, "I acted without thinking" was really how I got the impression, but at least this was a reaction suitable to Skye (: How she is supposed to be.
And I developed some strategies to handle this book. I will perhaps read the ending first and then from the beginning because then I have an emotional cut. The first bad event was when I got my hands on a novel, where a Geoffrey ( Jeffrey) and Elizabeth ( Batty) got together ( A knight's vengeance) and probably I will connect then this Penderwicks book with this novel. I don't want to have this new shipping having influence on the other great four books.
I could only publish my fanfic on Wattpad so far, but there the access is more difficult. It didn't work on, because I would need install there something (and blah). What a pity, there are so many mistakes in it and perhaps I'll correct them.
Er- I like that Lydia is dancing. But she is a bit too, well, childish for her age. And Birdsall has a weird fantasy. The whole first dance is supposed to be Maurice Ravel's Bolero (I guess at least), but seeing Lydia dancing such a "sexy Spanish dance" and even Batty singing for her a Spanish song - I hardly believe this would work- and then it has to be more spicy. Lydia dances in my fanfic all the time still her ballet moves, but because it's not her POV it's not so annoying for someone who doesn't like it. But with Batty's first appearance, I guess we'll see her a lot of times
Will I like the book? As a new story, a retelling of Streatfeild perhaps. I'll connect it with the Geek Girl series ( There's also a Lydia, Nick and Natalie ( Cagney's wife)). But I'm thinking now about my rating and the review.
Actually, it will be disappointed here, as soon as the others will get to know it and if it really turns out how it shouldn't. Perhaps, we're still then a protest group. Batty was always for me Beth and perhaps Birdsall was shipping Beth and Laurie. I think she's a phoney. Some weeks earlier, I suspected that Little Women isn't the only influence, but mainly Little Men ( and this also because of the names). And Birdsall wouldn't tell us that. But I guess, she wouldn't admit it and that's why I loathe her.

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I got through the reading preview again. Apparently, now are some pages omitted.
Actually, I don't want to be a spoilsport, but I don't see much hope for Skeffrey. It's sad, but I have already predicted, what has to happen and what mustn't.
1) Jeffrey is a freelanced musician playing in jazz cafés. What a pity, he could be such a nice music professor/teacher and equal to Skye.
2) Batty is becoming a singer, although she's so much gifted with animals. (St. Francis of Cameron). Why doesn't she become a vet like in my fanfic? Now both will probably spend a lot of time together. And being compared to a saint, it's for me clear that she is supposed to be saintly Beth. Jane has an increased interest in art and could be Amy. But this won't influence the story line.

For me it won't be so hard because I'll read it in a different language. But we have to wait to find out, if there's hope. I wish for you Skye fans all the best and I'm also very unhappy about Jane's fate. I just keep hoping. But I'm already creating a new cast for this book. I didn't want to cast anymore, but then I can like it if it's "good". And I'll write this then in my review. And perhaps I'll work on the Little Men theory. For me, it's fitting much more to the characters, even if there are similarities to Little Women. ( Little Men is the sequel to Little Women). But then it makes sense, why Jeffrey and Batty would get together. But it will change everyone's view of the story and the characters. I have these ideas already. It's just sad that nobody realized it and Birdsall had actually both books as inspirations. There are lot of names borrowed from Little Men, but no from Little Women. Most of you will not know the books,but I guess that everything Birdsall said about her inspiration was FALSE. Well, you see, I'm a theory lovers and I put so much time in understanding Skye that I apparently know her better than Birdsall ( and everyone else knows her better than Birdsall, I think!!). But whether LW or LM, Alcott had a bad solution and Birdsall should be a better writer.

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Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments wait is jeffrey actually a musician or was that ur prediction? sry i just got confused

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Yes, Jeffrey is a musician playing in jazz clubs in Germany.
My prediction was that Jeffrey should become a music professor to have bigger chances for Skye if she is becoming a astrophysics professor. And I said that the chances for Skeffrey are less high if Jeffrey is a jazz musician because in the books I know musicians and singers are often a couple. I wonder if Birdsall was inspired by the movie La La Land. I hope not! It has such a sad ending and two different ways are often not matching.
But of course, I don't want to say that all is lost. I think we all see that there are odds and there could be now only a good surprise, but we mustn't be then too shocked if it is disappointing.
I'll read the ending first, then it's settled and I'm not tortured.
But please aren't angry with me if I say that I like Lydia and her story, but then it will be only Lydia's story for me. But I would prefer having Jane and Skye also as favorite characters in this book! I long for knowing how everyone is supposed to be turned out. Yet, I can't understand the good reviews if the characters are so different! I support Skeffrey also because it's for me then Little Women. Whether Jo or Amy, I can see both in her. But with Batty it's like Beth marrying Laurie. Or the story how Little Men turned out. I posted this theory in my literature references, but you really don't have to read it.

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Actually, I'm thinking if I should write a sixth Penderwicks "book" as fanfic to get things turned out rightly (even with divorces if necessary) or you don't accept it as canon and we stay with my fanfic. Or Birdsall has a good solution - then it's less work for me (:

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
According to Amazon, I get my preordered book on 25th May. In this ten days you all will probably have read the book. But of course, you can start discussing and write how it ended. And what we can expect. I will read it anyway even if I'll read it then under different conditions.

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Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments When does it come out? i forgot to preorder it after i read the terrible sneak peek lol

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Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
15th May. In five days. Actually, I'm trying to read the preview again and I guess there's a lot of Lydia. Apparently, Skye won't appear until page 200. Can you imagine that? How should be this a closure? Are all these reviewers also under drugs?

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Luna gosh I am SO MAD!!! Not with u, just with Birdsall I CAN BARELY TYPE IM SO MAD. We just watched P&P 95 and I wish Skye could have been like Elizabeth - against, and then finally freaking COME TO HER COTTON PICKING SENSES ALREADY and I'm mad that I even clicked on this bc you WARNED ME.

ok ok calm down girl get it together...there's still hope. Dusek could go die and Jeffrey come back and FREAKING CLAIM HIS GIRL.

guys what am I going to do???? I don't flipping WANT to calm down, what I WANT is SKEFFREY FOR GOODNESS @#$(%$&% SAKE. AAAGh I didn't know I could even get this emotionally attached to a book.

Here' the plan. I read the book. If Skeffrey doesn't happen, I'm giving it to Goodwill. If Skusek happens, I am going to have a late spring/early summer bonfire, WITH THE BOOK AS THE KINDLING NO JOKE I AM SERIOUS

wait what will happen to the title of the group??? Guys I'm so upset I almost cried, no joke, I know it sounds so stupid that someone cried over something this "dumb" but seriously I am so sad...Luna what was I warned me and what the heck I thought it was just going to be breaking the news about Rosy and Tommy (which is dumb enough but anyway) gosh I'm so disappointed and I don't have anyone to share with bc the rest of the fam doesn't know and doesn't want to...

oh gee whiz sorry this is so long I'm really grumpy now

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Poor Twicebaked, I'm really sorry. We all understand how sad you are. But again, you are not alone. And I know that even when I wasn't a Skeffrey shipper, I would prefer at least Pearson or someone else I know, and I was so glad when I got into Little Women theory because all seemed to be a hint for Skeffrey (I was so relieved!). And now it seems like Batty and Jeffrey will be the great romance of this book, and this is so weird! Skye will marry a suddenly appearing guy (actually, this is absolutely no-go for a series!) and even Jane could stay alone, and this is the worst case. Actually, not all is lost, but the less we hope now, the less we will be disappointed. But it's really a torture what Birdsall did.
And everyone is just like aw, this book is perfect, how happy, Birdsall, what a great author you are, it's close to Little Women - and this is the lie because Birdsall made it 100% clear that Batty is Beth, even in this very last book (St. Francis of Cameron, the burden of dust and dishes) and why would someone ever get the idea of shipping Beth and Laurie? This is sick.
I know that you can be quite creative with retelling Little Women and I also wrote one retelling, but no one would write it like Birdsall. I have already connected the last book with a lot of other books and I don't want to have this as a negative impact on the other Penderwicks books.
Birdsall, wait until the reviews of Skeffrey fans and we'll write our opinion, and I wish to pass all my theories and my fanfic to her
because Birdsall needed three years to ruin everything and even copied just her ideas from literature and that on a very bad, inconsistent way, and I just think she is mad because she doesn't understand Skye and I guess she will skip Skye so that we will forget Skye and just see Batty. And I'm ready to support you with all protest letters, bonfires, but I won't burn the book because I'll put it to the English books and I won't buy the German edition, unless it will turn out to be good at last.
Sorry for my long sentences, but I wished to tell everyone with my fanfic why Skeffrey can happen and also the Laurie-Beth-theory (Birdsall should say that clearer that she likes Beth. Because now there is no reason in the plot and not in literature and I'm also thinking about the influence of Little Men. Perhaps Birdsall is very, very amused how she tricked everyone. And Jane is writing a book about art forgery and what Birdsall is doing, is a very bad art forgery.

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Sorry, that I'm also so sad and I just can't cheer someone up if I'm depressed, too.
I wished the 15th May would be day to celebrate and not a book funeral. Isn't crazy how close these things are?

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
We shouldn't change our group name - it's loyalty and protest. I wish so much that Skeffrey happens. I wish it so much, especially so that you will be happy. Do you think that the fanfic could comfort you a little bit at least? I understand how closely attached you are to the books. I think I'm as much worried what happens with Jane - for me Skye and Jane are as much important. And of course, I wish that it won't be necessary to kill books.

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Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments This is why I love this group. I love that we're all triggered but still trying to comfort eachother while crying our own heads off.
Yes twicebaked, I couldnt have said it better. I couldnt wait for u to read the sneak pek cuz i could already IMAGINE ur reaction and how mad u would get. But wow I didnt think it would be that bad, bc u NEVERRR swear even with the symboly things to replace words lolol.

i told my sister whos also into the series and ships skeffrey (but even close to as hard i do) AND SHE WAS BARELY EVEN MAD I WAS MAD THAT SHE WASNT LIKE OMG IM HERE ABOUT TO CRY AND SHES LIKE"whatever i shouldve expected this"

anyway i agree w verena, we should keep the gc naem the same even if skeffrey god forbid doesnt happen, bc its an amazing act of protest

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod

Yes, we should totally have like a protest or something outside of the White House and be like MR. PRESIDENT PLEASE ARREST THIS CITIZEN FOR DISTURBING THE PEACE PLZ.

ok I'm a little bit calmer because I think that Dusek could be like in a plane crash or maybe he dies from suffocation or drowning or maybe he falls overboard or gets murdered or something...honestly I know I'm being rlly mean, but he's just a book character and yk I am DONE. No more sympathy. I'm also worried that I'll read the book and then actually LIKE Dusek! plz make me stop, I'm getting worked up again...

oh my gosh how could she not be mad??? If she's a true Skefferey fan...ok well yeah anyway I need to be nicer now. I think Birdsall is trying to make us nervous and that Skye will be like "mmm don't know what I want to be rn" and then Jeffrey can come back right around when Dusek is getting on her nerves and bringing her dumb things like flowers and then Jeffrey will arrive and she'll realize how much she loves him and how wrong Dusek is for her and then she'll break up with him and the epilogue can be a fam reunion with the oldest two (three, for Verena lol) there with their husbands <3 and their adorable kids... I've got it all figured out. We should pass this on to crazy lady Birdsall. And then we can have a protest/rally.

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no wait guys!!! look at the preview on Amazon, and the list of contents...the name of the chapters...
look at chapter 13.

That could be Jeffrey.

#SKEFFREY AINT DEAD GUYSSSS!!! <3 my life is now worth living, I'm now hopeful again lolol

(also I couldn't read past pg 13 - what does it say abt Skye other than her being in CA? I also didn't get any info abt Alice... if you could, would you mind copying the stuff onto a post on the group so that I could read all of it? I mean, if it's not too much trouble, ofc)

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Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments omgggggggg yessssssssssss (or it could be batty but lets just hope for the better) AND SURPRISES CH 14 MIGHT BE AS WELLLL LIKE HE SURPRISES THEM AN DOMG GUYS THERES HOPEEEEEEEEEEEEE

ok so im worried after my one minute of hope... why does it say on ch 20 "goodbye?" like who's saying goodbye. did jeffrey ditch skye and sa "goodbye???"

and then like MAYBE ANOTHER BEGINNING IS 19 YEARS LATER LIKE IN HARRY POTTER OMG so we know what happened in all their futures??? idkkk i hopeee, cuz i love when they have epiloguesss.

im so sry twicebaked, its not letting me copy paste

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Actually, I don't want to smash your hopes, but I got different impressions of the chapter titles.
#13: Music around midnight
There was a little ache because I had the big Skeffrey moment in my fanfic also around midnight. But then it should include something like stars, sky and space - but actually, all chapter titles seem to be random. I would rather guess that it deals with Lydia and Batty because I had also a midnight adventure for Lydia in my fanfic. Music isn't the thing to persuade's rather something for Batty, and I hope it's only her and Lydia in this chapter.
#14: surprises
I had a chapter called "Wedding surprises" in my fanfic and I didn't call it "Surprises" because it's the worst chapter in Little Women. Please, Birdsall, don't mark it as a Little Women chapter, no!!!
It's the chapter when Amy returns from Europe and reveals that she secretly has married Laurie...and this would be a really mean if suddenly Skye decided to marry Dsusek..Dsusek isn't supposed to be Laurie. But actually, sometimes I doubt that Birdsall has a clear opinion who should be who.
But then we know what Birdsall was thinking about her characters.
And I'll try to buy the book tomorrow because I have seen that it's apparently already in stock here.
But if Skeffrey doesn't happen, then I want to get in like with Dsusek to accept it at least as standalone book. I hope that he isn't a boring Mr. nice guy, but perhaps cool and sassy.
But in all cases, he'll survive. We shouldn't expect a dreadful fate for him (;

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
nah it's good, Luna, just roughly summarize it, if you have time. :)

NO GUYS WHAT IF GOODBYE IS BC SKEFFREY IS MOVING AWAY??? That would be sad but at least it would be cute. Maybe that's their wedding!!! :O

And NO. I AM NO FREAKING WAY GOING TO LIKE DUSEK/DSUSEK/WHATEVER HIS NAME IS. I HATE HIM AND I REFUSE TO LIKE HIM EVER EVER (unless he's just a one-time thing who helps bring Skeffrey around and then I won't mind him but he'll still be annoying like a fly that keeps buzzing in your ear). Sorry Verena but if you like him, I'm not going to speak to you for at least ten minutes.

Well maybe she named it "surprises" because it could be a hidden meaning - she's trying to make us think about LW and be worried, and then she's going to throw a curveball and be like lolol jk haha PSYCHE and then we'll all be like oh lol we're so happy yay. idk, just a hope here. I'm trying to tell myself Skeffrey is still happening. I ate a chocolate bar and maybe cried a little bit inside yesterday but I'm better today. Had a friend sleep over for the weekend and we talked about Skeffrey and we're all pretty sad about of my friends is on a trip tho and I can't tell herrrr!!! She left the week after I did, so we missed each other just barely, we both wanted a vaca after school lolol but now I'm worried that she might not mind abt Skeffrey if she knew, I just don't know and I want to fill her in and aaah I'm talking way too much I'm so worrrrieeeeeeed aaaaaaah ok somebody help me, I'm going crazy

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
As I said before - I want to like Dusek ONLY IF Skye won't be Skye, then Jeffrey not Jeffrey, Batty not Batty, Jane not Jane, but a freaking standalone book.
This is my plan:
Trying to buy it today or tomorrow.
Reading the end ( should I then tell you ?)
Deciding whether it's a worthy end with Skeffrey ( and Jane happy)
Then reading from the beginning
If Skeffrey happens, I'm happy that it's a perfect conclusion, it gets the best place and I will buy the German edition when it is released.
If not, then I'll read it for Lydia's sake and then I'll give the characters another past and I'll connect them with different books (Geek Girl, A knight's vengeance) because this would be possible since Lydia, Nick and Natalie I can switch to Geek Girl and Batty and Jeffrey to Elizabeth and Geoffrey from A knight's vengeance. Perhaps it sounds odd, but this is my plan and I'm sad that Skye and Jane aren't in, but I'm thinking then about writing an own epilogue for book 3 or 4, and then the series is for me finished, and I' ll stay with my fanfic.
And yes, apparently everyone is getting crazy, I can hardly focus on my studies, but feeling like before an exam.
So Twicebaked, don't worry if I said these things with Dusek - he'll be in the emergency case not the guy Birdsall wanted him to be.

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Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments plz don't tell m if u ns up reading the end lol. u can pm the rest of the group if they wanna know. thxxx

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Yeah I do NOT want to know (thanks for offering tho) - bc then I won't want to read it. But I want to read it, bc it's the very very last one, and I don't want to dread it.

We can always talk about it once everyone has read it - but still mark the spoilers as spoilers so that if someone stumbles on the discussion, it doesn't ruin it for them. ;)


Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I have now the book and I'm going to read it carefully after some skimming to the end. Please note that I know now all what is happening and I won't write spoilers. I'm thinking about my review.
It's better to read it completely. I guess that it won't take too long now. So you shouldn't postmmail me unless you are desperate to know, but I guess you wouldn't do it anyway.
I'm really eager to discuss it with you!!
And again: I try not to hint anything!!!

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Yeah maybe you shouldn't even say if you like it or not - because I'm pretty sure I know what your reaction will be if Skeffrey does/doesn't get together (ugh I feel terrible even typing that lol)...

ik it's probably REALLY hard not to spill the beans, but Luna and I will read it very very soon and then we can talk so just do not say anything and thank you thank you for not hinting or saying what you think! :D I can't waitttt, it should be here anytime today!!! WOW I can't believe today has come!

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Juny | 66 comments I was hoping that Lydia would wake up from the awful dream and that when she awoke everything would be good with Skeffery. I was planning on a book party but now maybe it will be a bonfire to burn this book that should have never been written. Now that I read it I wish she would've just left us hanging, knowing that Skeffery would happen since thats the way she set it up.

This book is dead to me.

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Well, I can just offer you my fanfic here. It's also on Wattpad. It's "The Penderwicks - a marriage at last". It ends with Syke's and Jeffrey's wedding. I agree with you: I would never expect Batty and Jeffrey getting together, and I was shocked, when I read this suggestion in the discussion on Goodreads. I feared it because the bookclosures. But I wished that Batty should be more aware of the big sacrifices. ( Also dealing with Wesley!). And Skye should have cleared it with Jeffrey, Iantha, and developing the idea of her wedding more slowly. Skye doesn't seem like a tomboy in this book. Especially, with the fake veil!

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ikr??? I thought for surrrre it was a dream, because the ending made it sound like Lydia was like oh what this isn't real. I don't really remember the ending because I was kind of racing to see if Skye was actually that stupid, and so maybe it was just the impression that it was a dream, but I did honestly think oh maybe it's a dream *way too hopeful.

I was going to burn mine but Mom wants to read it... :\

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Really, the wedding actually is never described. Perhaps it took never place?It felt for me also like a dream, sometimes like a nightmare, but mostly because I don't understand the English text so easily and I skipped some words...

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You should read it in German once it comes out so that we can talk about it even more. lol I could just pretend it doesn't take place! Brill

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Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments omg on the last og imma just write "lydia then woke up from the horrid nightmare, just in time for skye and jeffreys wedding"

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Sounds good! And I'll include Nick and Jane (: Just a few lines as a comment because you preferred it as a groop discussion:

Batty and Jeffery was forced because Batty isn't thinking about marrying Jeffrey anymore. And just because both like music and are laughing together (And Skye and Jeffrey was also laughter together!). We never get to know Dusek - so why should we know if he is fitting to Skye better than Jeffrey? He says some Czech compliments and Skye blushes (that's so un-Skye).
The foreshadowing is always just the conclusion.
Batty says in book 1 that she wants to marry Jeffrey. And it's often referred that her predictions are always coming true.
In the last book she says that she shouldn't get married.
And this is the lack of inconsistency.!
In book 1 and 2: Batty loves Jeffrey soooooooo much. Book 3, Batty wants still to marry Jeffrey. Book 4: She doesn't seem to remember it...
Book 5: Just everything that she loves Wesley so much and she wants to protect her heart...and Wesley: nah, you fit to Jeffrey, so I'll leave and you'll be happy, even if you don't understand it.
This is inconsistency.
Skye's arguments for not marrying Jeffrey were never a clear no. Just: In book 4: She wants to study first, she doesn't want to have a baby, she doesn't want to lose a friend, she doesn't like music and she can't change her brain (as if brain matters for romantic love). Very well, but in book 3 she seemed to be quite jealous of Jeffrey's cousin...

Sharla (thehonestavocado) | 23 comments This was a very very disappointing ending. So unsatisfying.

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Juny | 66 comments If Jeanne Birdsall wanted to leave her readers satisfied, why set up this divide of will Skye marry Jeffery or Batty? That is just unfair. If she had planned for Batty to marry Jeffery all along then she should've made it more clear!

Sharla (thehonestavocado) | 23 comments Juny wrote: "If Jeanne Birdsall wanted to leave her readers satisfied, why set up this divide of will Skye marry Jeffery or Batty? That is just unfair. If she had planned for Batty to marry Jeffery all along th..."

Well it was pretty clear. There was a lot of Batty/Jeffrey foreshadowing.

Not that I liked it, but I think she was planning this all along. Which just makes me frustrated because Skye and Jeffrey complemented each other better. Agghhhhh

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Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments no I don't think there was actually that much batty and Jeffrey for shadowing... like legit the only thing was when she was 4 yo and was like "he could marry mee" but she was 4 then and plus she was sleepy so.. I mean they both like music but that's not enough proof
plus Jeffrey neverrr showed any interest towards her

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I agree with you, Luna, it was really slowed down. Perhaps Birdsall couldn't decide between Skye (which her fans suggested) and Batty. The foreshadowing was more a kind of family picture. Jeffrey in the middle, with Batty on his arm, and framed by Skye and Jeffrey. ( Book closure 2 and 3). But for me he was more Batty's childhood hero. He showed the same kindness to Lydia and Laurie did it for Beth. And ever after Nick saved Batty I was sure that she couldn't argue with this argument. Birdsall decided for Batty because apparently she is most similar to her. ( And this minima optima est, the youngest is the best, annoyed me because Birdsall said in an interview that she would always love the youngest best because she is a youngest sister). Perhaps that's why she expelled Skye and all memories with Jeffrey so that she wouldn't regret it and change it, and do it as Batty with Wesley.
A last confession: For me Skeffrey was important to keep Little Women. And because it would be a really, deep story with cozy characters. But I would like to keep this book now because I AM LYDIA. Well, not really, of course, and not so young anymore, but perhaps you'll understand my mixed feelings for this book better. You see my like for her in my review. I assume you'll figure it out why. At the moment, I try to push the book in a corner in one of my Little Women retellings. And there I'm still confused how it could match.

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Juny | 66 comments Verena,
for all my rant about Skeffery not happening, I did enjoy the other parts of the book which included Lydia and Alice. Although I wanted to see more of the original Penderwicks, I was kind of sick of them, except for Jane, and I just wanted to read about Lydia. Agh! I just wish there was a bit bigger plot besides Lydia and Alice just playing all day.

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Ik, I agree with you, Juny - I think if Birdsall intended to go the Baffrey way (ugh - Bats in the belfry), then she should have made it more clear. I also agree that there was some slight foreshadowing. But I really can't see it as being real foreshadowing bc Batty was, what, four?? I told my mom I was going to marry this teenager when I was seven - and that ain't happening anyyyy time soon. I just can't see why it would ever work out. Skeffrey had sm chemistry and they were so sweet together. I just don't understand the pull between/for Baffrey.

And Wesley! Like gosh he's so sweet! (eye crinkles!) And Batty says that she does love him, just not enough to go to Oregon. like (??) and I totally agree, Verena - what does the brain have to do with love, Skye? That doesn't make an ounce of sense. Sorry I'm talking so long, I just missed so much and have a lot to say :P

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Juny | 66 comments I must point out though that one of my favorite parts was when Alice screams to get everyones attention! It just cracked me up. Also I love it when Mrs. T comes over to talk with Jane and Jane is practicing what to say. Also I love that Alice does Tae kwon do and she does it on top of the wall for the sheep. <--- the silver lining of this book.

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
The book is good and well-written. But why can't it be a standalone book? I really like Lydia and Alice as a friend, but they weren't part of the series so far. I loved also that Lydia practices with Jane - it reminded me of Iantha, when she practiced a speech with Rosalind, when Rosalind was afraid of telling Tommy her opinion.
Would you agree that Lydia is a little bit like Jane and Alice like Skye, but have the opposite ages from book 1 ( 11 and 10) ?
Lydia seems to be like Iantha. I hoped that she would be a mixture of Iantha and Mr. Penderwick - the right parents!

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Juny | 66 comments Yes I agree Lydia is a bit like Jane and Alice a bit like Skye, though they definitely in my mind also have separate personalities that distinguish them.

Sharla (thehonestavocado) | 23 comments twice_baked wrote: "Ik, I agree with you, Juny - I think if Birdsall intended to go the Baffrey way (ugh - Bats in the belfry), then she should have made it more clear. I also agree that there was some slight foreshad..."

I think this sums up everything I was thinking too. I loved Wesley and Batty together. And even though I saw some foreshadowing between Batty and Jeffrey it was always weird because of the age gap. I just couldn't get over that. Plus I didn't want to believe that Jeanne Birdsall would take the same route as "Little Woman." I think maybe she was trying to parallel that story to much or something. I don't know. But I always hated that Amy and Laurie ended up together so I hoped against hope that she wouldn't do that with Batty and Jeffrey. Agggh

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