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Dark Queen ****SPOILERS

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Melindeeloo | 696 comments Mod
Here's the place to talk spoilers for Jane Yellowrock Dark Queen

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Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1195 comments Wow, what a tremendous turn in this book. Whew, I finished it a couple of days ago and I am still spinning.

Leo, OMG!!

Jane is ill, Bruiser proposed, and she has finally found her family, both by blood and by love. That has been the one thing that I have been hoping for throughout this whole series. I wanted her to find someone related. I thought that if she was a skinwalker, then she must have a family connection somewhere, and I have had a feeling all along that her "grandmother" was still alive.

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 750 comments Finished yesterday and of course I am confused about something.

Jane said if she went back in time and saved Leo then worse things would happen and everyone would die - described scenes of the city in ruins, the government involved, bombs going off, etc., but I don't get why. The EVs were going to attack them anyway and start the war. They were already attacking after she killed Titus and were planning on attacking even if he won and lived. The government wanted Leo to win. So although I get that changing the past could affect many things, I don't see the correlation between Leo living and the outcomes she was seeing.

I was glad she gave her brother shit and didn't just let him waltz into her life.

And I have to say I LOVE Eli. I really do. I really feel the connection in their little family.

I have never much felt the connection between Jane & Bruiser. He won the love triangle and then bam they were a couple. But I never felt the connection. I did in this one.

When Jane drank Leo's blood during the ceremony and she saw all those events from his eyes it was amazing. It really made me like Leo so much more. And when Leo shouted down to the EVs "Come on up, dude. We've got beer!" I was LOLing.

It was a little repetitive at times when she kept reusing the same phrases to describe the vamps - things like that weird way they move that is more lizard like, or vamp still, etc.

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Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1195 comments LAB.. I have been waiting for someone else to comment about the stopping time thing. I really didn't get the gist of that either. I thought that because it was so late at night when I was reading that chapter, that I just wasn't getting something. I'm going to have to see if someone more aware than me figured it out. I will prowl the threads to see.

Bruiser wasn't really my choice either but I too fell in love with him for Jane in this boo. He has been treating her with such respect and humor that I feel like we have watched their gradual transformation.

I love that she has her "clan" including her witch family, vampires, shifters, and of course her humans. I bet that Nantale's "kits" will become Jane's too. So that she can raise them to "believe in personal freedom and responsibility", like she wondered if Leo would do for his "foster kits". I also love the brothers, Alex is growing up and Eli always has her back. Eli has an uncanny sense of foreboding and the speed to react. The duel was excellent.

When Bruiser and Leo spoke about their becoming friends, I thought, "Oh No she's going to kill one of them off!" Then when the Onorios became the judges, I though it was going to be Leo.

How about her Godchildren and their "Hi Unca Leo!" I think that was truly the first time that Leo was utterly confused and somewhat flabbergasted in a very human way. I think that Angie gave that gift to Leo on purpose. She is very intuitive.

I think that the next book will bring Jane back to her roots. I am glad that she pushes her brother's buttons, he deserves it. Eli, bless him, pegged him with that the first chance that he got. He has known about her for a long time, and never bothered until he needed to use her to get close to the Pellissier clan.

I'm glad that she cut off the head of the SOD. I wonder if Brute will ever become human again.

In the future, I think that Katie will be a problem. She is conniving and Jane figures her to be the most powerful vampire. That wasn't an idle statement. Leo groomed her all of those years and she did betray Leo, Edmund has not had that opportunity in this clan. Now is Jane technically the Enforcer for Edmund? There will be a couple of usurpers that's for sure.

I think that the teeth will bring Jane back again.

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 750 comments I'm just going to assume that saving Leo would've been one of those "butterfly effect" things. One action can set off a chain of events, etc.

I'm not sure about the Edmund thing. He was Leo's heir but Jane won the duel with Titus and was the Dark Queen. She had challenged him for America and Europe. And Edmund was doing things in her name while she was still on the island. When she got back she made a bunch of legal decisions before heading off to die.

Can you remind me exactly what the Dark Queen title was for? And Leo gave her the title, right? I know that's kinda a big deal to forget from previous books, but I find when ton of stuff happens in a book and there are tons of characters, and there are months/year until the next I forget a lot. :)

I think Leo will live. I think when this was supposed to be the last book, he was killed off. But now that there are more books I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back.

I still feel really bad for Rick. I always knew he didn't screw Jane over on purpose. That guy can't catch a break.

I loved the conversation between Leo & Bruiser.

And yes "Unca Leo" was awesome!

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Monadh | 137 comments LAB☺ wrote: "I have never much felt the connection between Jane & Bruiser. He won the love triangle and then bam they were a couple. But I never felt the connection. I did in this one. "

I like Bruiser a lot - always preferred him to Rick for Jane - but the problem is of course that he only became Jane's honeybun in book 8 (finally). The main mail protagonist (and Jane's antagonist as it were) is and has always been Leo. I've loved him from the beginning.

I also got the feeling (before it was decided that there would be more books in the series) that Leo was supposed to die true-death at the end and that Jane would ride off into the sunset, turn into Beast form and vanish forever, sort of a reversal of how she appeared on the scene in the beginning. Not quite sure yet how I feel about this no closure suspended ending thing...

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Frisco | 312 comments I am glad there are more books in the works because if it ended with Jane dying and riding off to become beast .... well I probably would have tossed my kindle and sent my keeper shelf paperback and hardback copies to the library used book sale.

I read a book series about Kate Shugak and beloved dog Mutt written by Dana Stabenow and

spoiler here:

the author killed the lead character of Kate Shugak and her dog in book 20 in the last chapter.... total shock ending

4 years later! four years of people hating the ending:

book 21 comes out and she brings back the lead character and hints that the dog may be alive and living in the wilderness.

redeemed but still so darned annoying.

So for another author to almost do that ..... I would've been a growling bear for days.
I hope Leo comes back and it doesn't have to be a every one has a happy ending but still have some good come out for Jane and her "brothers" Eli and Alex.

This book was so packed with action that I felt lost at times and I devoured it so fast that I think I will have to do a re read.

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 750 comments Frisco - I totally agree. If she killed off Leo and Jane I would've lost it. As you said not everything has to be sunshine and roses, but that would've been an awful ending.

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Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1195 comments LAB... I agree and disagree with the statement about Rick. He had no say when Paka put him under the spell, but he also had no problem sleeping with a woman for his undercover work. He was "with" Jane when he was with Kenebi's wife and she bit him. Which resulted in her death. He was then kidnapped by the crazy werewolf woman and Jane rescued him. In the beginning of the series, he was sleeping with a married woman as part of his undercover work. That was when Jane had to kill the "U'nta Lanta" (probably bad spelling on my part). So, while I do feel bad for Rick, I think that maybe there will be a mate for him who is not Jane. I was heartbroken for her and I hope that Bruiser is her one true love. :-)

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 750 comments Good points Vanessa. I am hazy about everything that happened when, since I read those paperbacks ages ago. I remember the undercover part and when he left her hanging after they got together and disappeared under cover, but didn't remember the specifics of him actually sleeping with the other chics. But your right, he made those choices. But when he left with Paka, Jane and he were working things out (I thought) and he was bespelled, which means he did not consent in my eyes. I hope he finds his own mate too, and am happy with Jane & Bruiser. Thjought i din't really feel the connection until this book.

Weirdly, on another topic, I remembered something yesterday about the ending. When Jane was told Leo's head was hanging on by a thread and they put him in the box, Jane/Beast thought more than once that they remembered Leo's head being taken off completely. So not sure if that was something to do with someone bubbling time or what. But she mentioned it more than once. Weird.

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Frisco | 312 comments How can I read a story, it flows along with the gory parts and I am reading like it is a action movie.... but when I read it in LAB's remarks I went ewww.
Oh, doesn't that description as you posted it make you cringe just a little and think yuck and I read that and it didn't bother me that much while it was in the context of the story.

Still thinking about that story and that says something good about the writing.

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Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1195 comments LAB.... Re: Leo's head. A lot of people have posted on Faith Hunter's Spoiler FB page about this and there are quite a few ideas. I am going with my theory. Jane might have bubbled time just a tiny bit and his head wasn't completely severed. She did see his head fly off but there may have been some time bubbling involved. I think that the bite of the Arcencial might have a healing property. It did take a long time for Katy to "come back". There is also some talk about his sanity if he does come back. I think that he will be OK. I think that Katy was always nuts and her revival just emphasized it.
You asked about the Dark Queen title. She is independent of, but linked to Leo. This title allowed her to create her own clan. I think that was also why Leo didn't put up a real stink over who she wanted for her clan. She is on a level with Leo, but not over him and not ruled by him. We will learn more about the title, I think, in the next books.

I haven't ever done a complete re-read and considering the next book won't be out for, (I think), 18 months, I think that I have time.

Faith Hunter has stated that she has 2 more books under contract.
Here is the link for her Spoiler FB page...

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