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Book Issues > Please can you delete these two audibles?

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message 1: by MK (new)

MK (wisny) | 86 comments I made errors when entering some new audible editions, I hit 'enter' before done, saving these in error (before I remembered I could edit books I added).

These two editions should be deleted:

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments It is always easier to add missing info to existing edition rather than delete and re-add new editions :-)

I added missing info for the first book. What's the ASIN for 2nd book?

message 3: by MK (new)

MK (wisny) | 86 comments Hi Michael,

Before I rememebered you could edit, I already created two new records for each of those books, with complete info, asins and covers.

The two I linked above should have been duplicate (incomplete) records, ready for deletion.

Sorry for the incomplete information the first time around.

message 4: by Michael (last edited May 06, 2018 08:35PM) (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments MK,

ASIN added for this edition of The Immortal Circus: Final Act is invalid (TheImmorta). I separated it with the other audible edition and queued it for merge. Will re-combine once the merge goes through.

Blank edition of The Girl in the Shadows with 0 shelvings is queued for merge.

All done.

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