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message 1: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (juno93) | 4 comments Astraea the Daydream

If I could see clearly
So nearly insightful
To reach through you dearly
But hold back my tongue

What love could afford me
So freely enchanting
The wind of your memory
Has left me unsung

Electrical daydream
You seam so enthralling
To cut through your light beam
A foot on the rung

The staircase the ladder
No matter the latter
Like a kiss from an adder
Or the axe that was swung

Through sky and the stardust
The lust that had called us
Through truth and the mystery
Our love has been stung

message 2: by Jai (new)

Jai Garg | 5 comments Kiss or an axe to grind.... hahahahaha... I like your style and the way you have put your thought together!👍🙏🏼

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