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message 1: by Ava (last edited May 06, 2018 02:41PM) (new)

Ava | 2 comments Solved by Lillianrose
Hero is presumed dead
Hero had been missing in action for long time
Hero had a woman and child during the war, that his wife, the heroine found about after he was rescued. They were killed or he would have brought them back with him., I think the lady he had helped him escape from his captors.

He and his wife (heroine) had children, twin boys I believe.

message 2: by Lillianrose (new)

Lillianrose | 7 comments Could it be -

Hold close the memory by Heather Graham?

message 3: by Ava (new)

Ava | 2 comments Lillianrose wrote: "Could it be -

Hold close the memory by Heather Graham?"

Lillianrose, thanks very much, that is the book, they changed the cover lol, so I had a hard time finding it. Thanks a lot.

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