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DigiWriting | 523 comments Mod
This folder is for readers to find new free books and for writers to promote their books. Writers, feel free to post notices when your books are free, when ARCs are available, if you're looking for reviews, book swaps, etc. Readers please note that reviews help writers get noticed so please take the time to post a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

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Valerie Gilbert (valeriegilbert) Greetings! I'm the author of three non-fiction short story tomes, RAVING VIOLET, MEMORIES, DREAMS & DEFLECTIONS: My Odyssey Through Emotional Indigestion, and just out, SWAMI SOUP. All are personal, philosophical, humorous, and metaphysical. Let me know if you'd like an ARC of SWAMI SOUP! :) Valerie Gilbert

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Ernie Luis (ernieluis) | 1 comments Hey guys,

I have a short story on Amazon titled Alternate. It's about time travel and follows assassins as they try to maintain the present, and has some fun twists. Would appreciate any reviews or feedback.

Thank you!Alternate

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Brian Schwartz (reviewerperks) | 1 comments Have You Ever Dreamed of Going Bear Hunting in the Alaskan Wilderness?

Worldviews Collide, and the Emotions and Actions Are as Volcanic as the Land, when a Sheik Travels to Alaska to Hunt Brown Bear in Ring of Fire: An Alaskan Adventure"Ring of Fire: An Alaskan Adventure," the Harrowing Tale by Author Tanyo Ravicz - Free on Amazon for a Limited Time!

Master hunting guide Hank Waters, a former Navy pilot, runs a wilderness lodge on the Alaska Peninsula. The opportunity of his career comes when Prince Tariq, the Crown Prince of Rahman, arrives in Alaska to hunt brown bear. Waters has always been ambivalent about guiding his wealthy clients to hunt the bears that he loves, and his fears are not groundless. Exploiting their privilege, the Prince's men violate one law after another in a rising spiral of transgression. Can Hank Waters and his staff — Kim the young Aleut woman, Frenchy the irascible cook, Betty the victim of hopelessness — maintain order among so many men accustomed to having their way in the world? How far should Waters go to accommodate his guests in exchange for the money he will earn?

Download your free copy of Ring of Fire: An Alaskan Adventure on Amazon from January 2 - 6, 2015 by visiting

Set in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, far from the centers of civilization, this short novel charts the destructive collision of two worlds, the world of global power, finance, and high technology, and the world of the American past, independent, idealistic, and itself compromised by its excesses. In the wake of the tragedy that unfolds, the climactic bear hunt is charged with moral excitement. Ring of Fire: An Alaskan Adventure is a parable of power and corruption and the fugitive virtues of simplicity and love.

“A tour de force … the author delivers a series of explosive surprises.”
—Shana Loshbaugh, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

“Violence, danger, rescue, romance, and writing that sweeps you along like a river at full flood.”
—Jane Morris, Primeval Press

“A worthy addition to that literary genre in which men and women face their personal demons … against a breathtaking and unforgiving landscape. Mr. Ravicz can exhibit a lyricism that goes beyond storytelling to literature.”
—Phil Wagner, The Iconoclast

“A master with his descriptions of settings as well as action … thought-provoking fiction that tests the human moral code.”
—Michel Violante, Reader Views

Your review on Amazon and Goodreads is greatly appreciated!

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Ken (kendoyle) | 33 comments Hello, short story readers!

I would love to have reviews (good, bad, or ugly) of my newest title. I can offer free e-book copies in MOBI, EPUB, or PDF format to anyone who would like to read and review. It's a short book (about 48 pages, 3 stories) so it should be a quick read:

Gateway of India


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Paul (paullev) | 9 comments My short story, "Sam's Requests," was just published on Buzzy Mag. You've heard of space opera? "Sam's Requests" is space rock 'n' roll. And it's free

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Bev (bevallen) | 3 comments There are free short stories to read here on my Goodreads blog. Something for everyone from scifi, through horror to autobiographical tales.

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R.C. Matthews (rcmatthews) | 30 comments FREE Valentine's Day satire / humor short story on Amazon from 2/6 thru 2/10.

Who Needs Love When you've got a cyborg lover... (Natalie Naughty Book 1) by Vickie Valentine

message 9: by David (new)

David Reynolds | 35 comments Smashwords is running its Read an E-Book promotion this week. This means that all my shorts are free (even the free ones) this week!

Be sure to check out the rest of the authors participating in this promotion; you never know what you may find.

Thanks and be sure to leave a review.


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Archie | 28 comments Hi, Short Story Fans!

I have two short stories available on Amazon. Both are .99 but tomorrow Part 2 will be AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!!!


Dealing With Smoke: Confessions of a Military Drug Dealer:Trilogy (Own and Dominate Book 2)

Dealing With Smoke:: Confessions of a Military Drug Dealer: Trilogy (Introduction Book 1)

message 11: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Cohen | 7 comments My comic short story "A Lot of Bull," featuring retired bull rider Cooper Lydell and his son, Tommy, is a free Kindle download today. Reviews most welcome!

message 12: by Lena (new)

Lena Goldfinch (lena_goldfinch) | 11 comments I have free review copies of my short story The Find available. This is a quirky, feel-good historical fiction short.

I recently updated the cover and would appreciate some reviews. ;)

The Find (A Short Story) by C. A. Glatkowski

Please private message me with preferred format if interested.

(aka C.A.)

A startling discovery leads to a journey of self-discovery...and trouble for one boy growing up in rural Tennessee in 1909.

One blazing hot summer, twelve-year-old Joel lands himself in a stinking pile of trouble with his pa. He has to dig himself out—he has to—because, when it comes to winning back his father's love, failure's simply not an option. After making an extraordinary discovery in the family cornfield—the find of a lifetime—Joel hopes to finally redeem himself in his father's eyes. But, as Joel's about to discover, matters of redemption are rarely straightforward.

Neither is the journey from boy to young man.

Come down home to the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and sink your soul into some rich red Tennessee clay. You never know what you might unearth...

A nostalgic, atmospheric short story for fans of historical fiction, told with a respect for traditional Southern values and the occasional wink.

message 13: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Barclay (shellcastle) | 6 comments "Rot" was written for a long short story contest and will be free to download in multiple formats for the foreseeable future. It is a story about possession told through the eyes of a frustrated demon who wants to be exorcised or for his vessel to hurry up and rot.

message 14: by Heather (new)

Heather Burnside (goodreadscomheather_burnside) Crime, Conflict & Consequences Short Stories 1 by Heather Burnside
I'm offering my multi-genre short story collection "Crime, Conflict & Consequences" FREE to introduce readers to my work:

message 15: by Ken (new)

Ken (kendoyle) | 33 comments Seeking reviewers for my latest short e-book. It's a collection of four short stories:

Gateway of India Book Two.

I can supply a free copy in whatever format you prefer, or give you a Smashwords coupon. Please PM me if interested.

message 16: by Steven (new)

Steven Simpson | 5 comments Today is the last day! I have two new novelettes that are free to download from Amazon. They are both quick, fun reads. The first one is a YA fantasy titled The Girl Whom the Dragon Tattooed.
Kelli had waited so long for her eighteenth birthday so she could finally get a tattoo. Little did she realize her new ink would transport her to an upside-down realm where savage dragons ruled and humans served. Her arrival triggers a bloody struggle for power and she ends up standing at its center. Now, she would give anything to get back home to her parents and their stupid rules!
Here's a link:

The second one is an NA/Adult science fiction story called Stasis.
Taking a job out in the asteroid belt seemed like a good way for Dan to run away from his painful past. After all, he would spend half of his six-year stint blissfully comatose in a stasis pod. Unfortunately, during his return trip to Earth, the ship’s computer that controlled his stasis had very different ideas.
Here's a link:

I'd love some reviews!

Check them out for free 'til July 12 at midnight!

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Victor Davis (victor-a-davis) | 4 comments The best things in life are free! I release 99 cent short stories more or less as I finish them, then round them up in a collection, then eventually mark them all down to free. So, here is a link to my older, free stories. You can also read them online on Goodreads. If you like them, I encourage you to check out my newer ones as well!

message 18: by Paula (new)

Paula Cappa | 128 comments Seeking reviews for my newly released short story Magic of the Loons. I can gift the book via Amazon to your Kindle or email you a PDF. (30 minute read)

Magic of the Loons by Paula Cappa Synopsis: Jackson doesn’t know the legends of the loons. When the mists fade, when the mighty loons zoom across Achilles Lake, when the male loon seeks its mate, the romance begins. Jackson has a secret rendezvous with Kai, his Loon Woman. She calls him her ‘birdman.’ Their heated lovemaking on the cabin floor is interrupted by an intruder. Jackson doesn’t believe the loons’ calls can evoke magical powers, or that their great wings might bring him beyond his ordinary world. Listen for the hot laughing song of the loon. What mysteries lie in loon magic? Believe.
A short story of passion, mystery, and magic. Magic of the Loons was originally published at Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Fall Issue 2014.

PM me with your email address. Looking for review posts on Goodreads and

Author bio: Paula Cappa is an award-winning novelist and short story author. Her supernatural mystery, Amazon Kindle’s best-selling The Dazzling Darkness won a Gothic Readers Book Club Award for Outstanding Fiction, and, Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal Award. Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural, a supernatural thriller won an Eric Hoffer Book Award in 2015. Both novels are published in trade paperback by Crispin Books. Her short fiction has appeared in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Whistling Shade Literary Journal, SmokeLong Quarterly, Sirens Call Ezine, Every Day Fiction, Fiction365, Twilight Times Ezine, and in anthologies Journals of Horror: Found Fiction, Mystery Time, and Human Writes Literary Journal.

message 19: by Steven (new)

Steven Simpson | 5 comments I just discovered this group:

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi guy's

I'm offering a free Mobi copy of my short story, well shortish, 8600 words Carly by D.M. Wolfenden for honest reviews. PM me if interested

Thanks in advance D

message 21: by Paula (new)

Paula Cappa | 128 comments Hildie at the Ghost Shore by Paula Cappa My short story Hildie at the Ghost Shore is now FREE on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Smashwords. Supernatural mystery.

Synopsis: We are in Old Belgium. Hildie the lace maker, Mistress of Runecraft, knows the secret spells of the runes from the wind-god Odin. When a mysterious old sailor visits her attic workroom, he requests a reading. Hildie agrees. During the casting of the runes, Hildie conjures the Ship of the Dead, Loki the trickster, and flame-eyed ravens. Who will survive this adventure in a land beyond the ghost shore?
Hildie at the Ghost Shore

message 22: by Paul (new)

Paul (modquokka) | 2 comments Magpie by Paul Jameson

'Magpie' is flying free on Amazon Kindle this w/end only ... 4th, 5th and 6th September. A rather dark and eerie wee tale.

message 23: by Scott (last edited Sep 07, 2015 08:56AM) (new)

Scott | 1 comments My most recent short story, "Immortal Curse," is going free starting tomorrow, September 8! First 1000 copies are free or until September 12, whichever comes first. It's only 3600 words so its a quick, fun, adventure-themed read.

message 24: by Mariyam (new)

Mariyam Hasnain (mariyamhasnain) | 22 comments Hey Everyone. This is Mariyam. I have written a dramatic love short "Never Say Goodbye - A Short Story of Love." The book is a quick read and consists of just 5000 words. The Kindle edition of the book is free on Amazon for the next 7 days. I would love and really appreciate to have honest reviews about the book. Here is the link of the book

message 25: by Craig (new)

Craig | 6 comments My first novella is currently free for everyone on Kindle for the next couple of days, you can find it here -

Getting Lucky

Here's a quick synopsis:

"Karma is real, and it's kicking my arse!"
When a homeless man is caught up in an underground experiment he gets more than he bargained for. Now he has his very own jury, following him everywhere, judging his every decision. Can he outrun fate and get Lucky in the process?

message 26: by Patsy (new)

Patsy Collins | 10 comments One of my short story collections is currently free -

message 27: by Kathy (last edited Dec 16, 2015 08:39AM) (new)

Kathy Golden | 32 comments My short story Help Me Make It Through the Night is free and part of this Christmas blog. Thanks for all support.

On Christmas Eve, two strangers, fit only for one another's company, meet for the first time at a bar. A chance meeting? Maybe not. But one thing's for certain. They both need someone to help them make it through the night.


message 28: by Helen (new)

Helen Laycock (helenlaycock) | 57 comments FREE STORIES

'Ante Mortem' - A dark, psychological short story for adults.
As he contemplates suicide, the narrator meets with an unexpected and ironic event.

This is from the short story collection, Peace and Disquiet


'Drop-Dead Gorgeous' - Black humour.
A mortuary is not where you'd expect to meet the love of your life, but Morris Braithwaite's luck is in...

From the short story and flash collection, Minor Discord


'Occupational Therapy' - An adult fairytale.
Lily Blue has been living a lie for too long, but with a helping hand from her Fairy Godmother, maybe she can live happily ever after.

This is from the short story collection, Light Bites

message 29: by Cat (new)

Cat Nicolaou | 2 comments My collection of short stories titled "Life, Love and Death" will come out on Friday 26th. I was wondering if anyone would like an ARC for a review.

message 30: by Nick (new)

Nick Gerrard | 9 comments Can supply ebook version in all formats just contact me

Read a snippet here

message 31: by M.H. (last edited Mar 19, 2016 11:12PM) (new)

M.H. Snowy | 1 comments Humorous robot mystery short story (~8k words). Free copy in return for honest review on Amazon. PM me.
We Three Laws Of Robotics Are The world is about to change! by M.H. Snowy Enduring. Complicated. Conflicted.
The Three Laws of Robotics. Note the capitals. They're fundamental. Canonical. Like the Commandments. The epitome of philosophy.
The Three Laws of Robotics. Four if you count the Zeroth law – but I don't really; it's too esoteric. And you only need Three Laws for life broken down into its simplest form. If only they worked like they were supposed to...
Bots are part of the world. And your safety is ensured by Three Laws designed, more or less, by Isaac Asimov himself. Until little Ainslee upsets the apple cart and starts an avalanche that will change robots and the world forever.
Jackson is an investigator sent to work out how Ainslee turns state of the art Bots into macaroni. And if he doesn't do it within 24 hours his friend Drefen, the biggest Bot manufacturer, will be shut down by the Feds. In a race to save his own livelihood, and the family who call him Uncle Andy, Jackson faces a mystery like no other – but can he solve it in time?

message 32: by Nick (new)

Nick Gerrard | 9 comments Free download of Graffiti Stories collection for three days on Amazon.

Alisha ‘Priti’ Kirpalani (alisha_kirpalani) 14th 15th & 16th Sept 2016

Free Download

A Smattering of Darkness: Short and Shorter Twisted Tales.

A Smattering of Darkness

A collection of short stories of varying lengths encapsulating the grey shades of the human psyche. A riveting and deep journey into the minds of a terminally ill man, a battered wife, a mysterious teacher amongst other flawed but ever so human protagonists. Surprise endings, cheeky resolutions and thought provoking finales are characteristic of this anthology. Ranging from one line to full length, each story leaves a lingering impact that resonates long after the page is turned.

For India :
For USA:
For UK :
For Canada:

message 34: by Tim (new)

Tim Jackson (timwjackson) | 1 comments Hey, all,

My comic short story, “Two and a Half Weeks” is free via Amazon and Smashwords. It’s a prequel to my just-released novel, Blacktip Island. Any reviews would be greatly appreciated.

Caribbean dive guide Gage Hoase woos and wins a beautiful dive guest, then sends her packing. All is good until Gabi returns, with happily-ever-after on her mind. Now Gage has to figure a way to let her down gently before she offs him in his sleep.



message 35: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn McBride (carolynmcbride) | 17 comments Hi, everyone!
I have a short story I'm seeking reviews for. I'm willing to share free copies, no purchase needed. Here's a synopsis,
When a Djinn is discovered inside an author's computer, it's only the beginning of the strange twist Coriander's life has taken. Now she's on the cusp of an out-of-this-world adventure with a woman that's stolen her heart, and is offering to show her not just the stars, but other worlds as well!

If you're interested, please drop me a line at

My author's blog can be found at

Thank you for reading!

message 36: by Damon (new)

Damon Alan (damonalan) | 2 comments Hi All!

Over this weekend, Friday March 31, Saturday and Sunday April 1st and 2nd, my story "This Here Universe Ain't Big Enough..." is available for free on Amazon. It was published in the 2016 Annual Fiction Issue of The Bulletin, American Mensa's monthly printed magazine.

If you're on Kindle Unlimited, it's free at all times.

I'd love some reviews if you'd be kind enough. Reviews on Amazon are the hardest thing in the world to come by. Rarer than gold.

Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy.

Damon Alan

message 37: by Glenn (new)

Glenn McGoldrick | 36 comments Hi, everyone. I hope you're enjoying your stories...

My short story collection 'Nightmare Waiting' is available for free on Amazon Kindle, April 17/18/19.

I'd love some reviews if you'd be kind enough.


message 38: by Craig (new)

Craig | 6 comments My debut novella Getting Lucky is now permanently free on Amazon - it's a story about karma, fate and friendship.

Getting Lucky by Craig Anderson

Alisha ‘Priti’ Kirpalani (alisha_kirpalani) A Smattering of Darkness by Alisha "Priti" Kirpalani

Free for Three. 27th, 28th and 29th May.

Free Download of A Smattering of Darkness by Alisha "Priti" Kirpalani. A collection of short stories of varying lengths encapsulating the grey shades of the human psyche.

For India :

For USA:

For UK :

For Canada:

message 40: by Glenn (new)

Glenn McGoldrick | 36 comments Alisha wrote: "A Smattering of Darkness by Alisha "Priti" Kirpalani

Free for Three. 27th, 28th and 29th May.

Free Download of A Smattering of Darkness by Alisha "Priti" Kirpalani. A collection of short stories of var..."

Hi, Alisha.

I've downloaded the book. Look forward to reading and reviewing.

My short story collection will be available for free some time soon, if you'd be kind enough to leave a review for it. I'll let you know closer to the date.


message 41: by Joy (new)

Joy Mutter (goodreadscomjoy_mutter) | 2 comments Her demonic Angel by Joy Mutter The Kindle of Her demonic Angel is FREE on Amazon today, 12th February and on 13th February.

“Joy Mutter is a born storyteller. I particularly enjoy her style of writing and the way she draws her readers into her intimate circle and ensures you read to the last word.”

Some of the fourteen short stories in HER DEMONIC ANGEL are stranger than others, but most are different shades of dark. I wrote them in a variety of genres, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy. To whet your appetite, here are the titles of some of the short stories in the collection: Mirror, mirror; The boy they called Dragon; The day nobody gave a damn; An email from Jane; Stuff; Getting rid of the enemy; Skin; Too beautiful; Philately will get you nowhere; In memoriam. for the U.K. Kindle edition. FREE on 12th-13th Feb for the U.S.A. Kindle edition. FREE on 12th-13th Feb for the U.K. paperback edition. £5.25 for the U.S.A. paperback edition. $7.95 for the audiobook edition. for the audiobook edition.

Here’s an excerpt from Her demonic Angel

11 of my 12 Kindle editions are only £0.99, or equivalent currencies, on Amazon, and are always free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. The Kindle version of The Hostile Series Box Set is only £2.30 for all four books in The Hostile series. Random Bullets, Potholes and Magic Carpets, Her demonic Angel, The Hostile, Holiday for The Hostile, The Hostile Game, Confronting The Hostile, and A Slice of the Seventies are also available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes as audiobooks.

You can find all editions of my books here:

message 42: by Libby (new)

Libby | 1 comments "I want to express my gratitude to all of YOU, by giving you a short story! It's called COMMON SCENTS and it's a story about Georgia Davis (my PI heroine) when she was still a cop. It's part of a promotion dedicated to thanking the men and women in blue who protect us, so you may want to check out the entire promotion -- there are 18 free stories! Enjoy!"

message 43: by Zuzanne (new)

Zuzanne Belec | 12 comments Hello to all short story lovers.

Feel like a FREE short story - a warm, modern tale of ancient good? Set in modern India, it tells of a chance meeting between a poor boy and an old Brahmin succumbing to senility. How can an old man on the verge of passing help a boy on the cusp of hopelessness? If you enjoy stories of good and of hope, this story will warm your heart.

You can find it here:
If you like it, please subscribe to my group here: -

I'm looking forward to meeting you ;o)
Be well, everyone,
PS: You can also buy my collection here:

message 44: by Beth (new)

Beth Black (beth_black) | 7 comments My recently released collection titled Beth Black's Extraordinary Treasures is available for sale. Please enjoy these free samples of my works, including two stories from the book:

message 45: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Cohen | 7 comments Free today and tomorrow. A Cooper Lydell comic mystery short story.

message 46: by Madeline (new)

Madeline Kalvis | 1 comments I have a blog where I review unknown books by debut authors. Today I reviewed a collection of short stories for the first time. It turns out, this was a pretty unique opportunity to support a newly-published short story writer. Anyway, it turns out that lobsters can only be pushed so far: https://hotoffthepresses417708095.wor...

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