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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fae romance where the heroine always wears gloves as she can see an object or person's past by touch alone; in book one she falls for a cop, in book two for a fae prince, in book 3 for another fae prince who used to be a demon

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Anna | 1 comments The heroine sees the history of every object she touches so she must wear gloves all the time. she works as an investigator and in book one her romantic interest is a cop, but he disappears in faery.
in book two she falls in love with an arrogant fae prince who in the beginning hated her, but in book 3 we find out he used glamor on her (he is disfigured but glamors himself to look handsome) and she starts to fall in love with another fae, the son of the fae queen, who used to be a demon in book 2.

I've been thinking about this series for weeks now and would really love your help!

Perennial Bibliophile (perennialbibliophile) | 12 comments Long shot but what about Jasmine Walt and Rebecca Hamilton 'Shadows of Salem'?

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