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Day (yes2danny) please add a picture.

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ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) description

*R instead of S*

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) Reagan unlocks the door and steps inside. "And this where the magic happens. And by magic I mean nothing." She says.

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Day (yes2danny) "Well this is we're it will start happening "He grinned. "Hand over raisins please"

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) Reagan smirks and rummages through her night stand drawer and tosses him the raisins.

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Day (yes2danny) He catches it and james on her bed laying down.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "Why did you want them do badly?" She asks as she sorts though the drawer.

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Day (yes2danny) "Just because "He said as he watches her look through her stuff with interest. "Nice underwear "

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "Thanks. Black lace is my favourite." She laughs and closes the drawer.

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Day (yes2danny) "Oh is it now, you should model for with your small butt"He laughed sticking his tougue out at her.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "Definitely not." She says with a little laugh and sits on the edge of the bed.

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Day (yes2danny) He pulls her closer as he rests his head on her chest.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "I'm starting to think you really enjoy my chest," she says.

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Day (yes2danny) "Well I do"He shrugged as he poked it with an innocent smirk.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) She gapes her mouth open mockingly and clutched her chest. "Ouch."

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Day (yes2danny) "Did I hurt you? "he askrd nervously.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "No." She smiles and him and bites her lip.

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Day (yes2danny) "Don't bute your lip… "He said looking away moaning softly.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "Would you rather do it?" She asks jokingly.

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Day (yes2danny) "no… it just looks really sexy "

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "And that's a problem because....?"

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Day (yes2danny) "Okay… uhh… boner? "He said looking down.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) Reagan followed his gaze. "Well, would you look at that."

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Day (yes2danny) He looked away nervously.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "What's wrong?" She asks him.

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Day (yes2danny) "well, nothing its just that your the first girl who stayed this long. "he

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "Are you okay with what?" She asks him softly.

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Day (yes2danny) Thats not the problem, the point is for how long. He thought quietly.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "I don't plan on going anywhere. Unless, you want me to leave." She says sadly, hoping he doesn't leave.

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Day (yes2danny) "why on earth would I want that? "

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "I was just making sure. I didn't mean to upset you." She says sadly.

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Day (yes2danny) "You didn't,your perfect "he said smiling

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "You think so?" She blushes.

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Day (yes2danny) "I know so"He said kissing her belly as he lifted her shirt.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) She smiles and giggles as he kisses her belly.

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Day (yes2danny) "You even have the cutest giggle "He laughed as he pulled her on top of him.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) She straddled his hips and peered down at him. "And you have the cutest face." She holds his cheeks in her small hands.

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Day (yes2danny) "Well then your lucky, I might give you good looking kids"he smirked.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "Might?" She smirks back.

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Day (yes2danny) "Well, I may have lied about the…. part were you can't get pregnant "He said nervous.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) Reagan sits back and opens her eyes wide. "But..."

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Day (yes2danny) "I'm so sorry"He said quietly. "I just wanted it to happen "

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "Wanted what to happen?" She says, her voice frantic.

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Day (yes2danny) "Just to do it"He said shyly.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "To do what? Sex?"

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Day (yes2danny) "Yes"he said looking away.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) Reagan sighs. "We could have still had sex with a condom though." She turns his head to look at her.

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Day (yes2danny) "Wanted a better first experience "he said looking down.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) "Well, it was one hell of an experience, I can tell you that." She smirks, trying to cheer him up.

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