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Irene | 3 comments Hi!
I'd really like to buy a graphic novel of Pride and Prejudice, and so far I've found 3 books. Didn't care for the drawings in the one by Marvel, so I think I'll choose between these two. Do any of you know about the books, and can anyone recommend one of them?
Pride and Prejudice The Graphic Novel by Jane Austen
This one seems to be criticised for having a bit washed out colors and someone commented on the artwork as awful while others said it was great, so I don't know what to think. I think this artwork seems to be a bit more detailed than the version under;

Pride and Prejudice by Ian Edginton
This has more of a cartoony kind of art, with very simplified images. They have their appeal as well, though. It's being criticised for a bit lacking when it comes to facial expressions, too much text, and that the artwork is somewhat "lacking" in general.

So.. I really don't know what to think. They don't sell these in any bookstore nearby, so I'll have to buy online, and therefore I don't get to see the books before I buy them. Do any of you have an idea of which one you prefer?
And while we're at it, do you know of any other graphic novel based on classics (not just by Jane Austen) you really liked and would recommend?

Sorry for the long post btw, but I really appreciate all views on the matter :)
Thanks! :)

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