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A biased narration of crime!

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The Reader Once you read the book cover and you start reading the book, want to read the book till the end. It's a most sympathetic description of crime, and the crime is described with poetic phrases. Can I say 'hot coffee-chilled ice-cream effect'. Just when we understand the calm life of the locality and the generosity of the family, the crime occurs which is described chillingly. Also, some of the 'word of mouth' narrations of the criminals are too biased and evokes false sentiments. God knows if they ever spoke like that. I wish this was narrated unbiased with due credit to the officers who caught the criminals. It was a gruesome murder committed with no regrets. The narration should be biased against the criminals with no regrets too. The author sympathizes with all, including the criminals. Definitely you buy the book, but don't want read it twice ever! I read it because it was quoted as first ever investigative journalism. I don't want to become a journalist! You certainly become distraught. And if you ever watch the movie, you know how crime came be glorified like the author did! Imagine Harper Lee was interested too ! Crime of these nature are committed elsewhere too. Imagine if all journalists turns author out of it! In Cold Blood

SherryRose I saw a little clip from youtube of a guy from Maycolmb. He was annoyed because the wrong cop got all the credit. I’ve also heard that Harper Lee did all of the legwork. She interviewed the locals and kept many notes. After her death, they found her notes from ICB. The locals didn’t like Capote but they opened up to Harper Lee. Capote was known to be a liar so who knows what’s true and what isn’t. In the end, Harper Lee got no credit. If you see how each one of them turned out I guess she ended up much better than he did!

lena Capote's descriptions of Smith are enough proof to any reader that, whether or not he intended it, sympathy for him leaked into every prose of the novel. Totally put me off from the book.

SherryRose I’ve always been anti death penalty. However, if it’s a death penalty state, this was a death penalty crime. I agree that Capote seemed predjudiced in Smith’s favor. If it went the way it was written, they were both heartless killers and completely self absorbed. If the blame is supposed to be put on Hickock, Smith could have at least tried to put an end to it at any time.

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