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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments -Two criminals, or, partners in crime, are on each other's side in every situation they face. Muse A is sent to jail after getting caught, though Muse B gets away with it. Muse B spent a long time without Muse A.

Muse A was just recently released, determined on finding Muse B.

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Cassius Wyatt Lowell | 18 | Gay

Name: Cassius
Nicknames: Goes by Wyatt to most, allows Cas or Cassie for Jett

Age: 18
Birthday: November 15

Sexuality: Gay
Status?: Out, but not too many people know. He doesn’t care if they do, though

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Features: 5’8”, 130, lean with muscle, tattoos scattered on his arms, dimples when he smiles

Cassius’ parents were never really meant to be good parents, though when his mother discovered she was pregnant, they decided on starting a family. At age 20 and her third year of college, Aurora gave birth to Wyatt, and things seemed to be somewhat okay, despite the crowd both Aurora and Parker were in. Wyatt grew up in a poor suburb and attended the public school,

Shortly after he turned 9, his father passed away, overdosing on a plethora of drugs. Though he was absent for a lot of his life, it definitely affected him as a person. His home life, which was already bad, got worse when his mother stopped taking care of herself or Wyatt. She turned to worse drugs despite Parker’s death, wasting her life away as her mental state got worse and worse. Wyatt had a complex relationship with her: still managing to love her so despite how upset he got when she came home drugged off her ass, and despite the verbal and physical abuse he sometimes had to deal with.

High school was a wreck. Already being in the wrong crowd of kids, Wyatt got deep into the circle of drugs and alcohol. Being a stupid, reckless teen who partied and slept around was his reputation by sophomore year. When he was introduced to Jett, a lot of his life was altered. He hadn’t realized it, but he had fallen for him through their school years together. After feelings were confessed, they began to date, and they encouraged eachother into further crime. Stealing from the store and dealing bad weed to stupid kids turned into much more serious things.

•Stubborn, always tries to get what he wants
•Sensitive, rather emotional
•Reckless, acts before he thinks
•Loyal, often thinks about others before himself

▲Messing around
▲Driving fast

▼Being alone
▼Sad endings
▼His emotions
▼His family

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ||name|| Jett Dmitri Harrison
nicknames Jay from "Jett" / Meech from "Dmitri"

//age 19
//birthday March 15th
//gender Male
//sexual orientation Homosexual
//status Out.

//physical appearance

//features: 6'1", 170 lbs, average muscles

↠ Emotionally reserved
(view spoiler)
↠ Loyal
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↠ Determined
(view spoiler)

Jett was born into a broken family. His father, Leonard, was gone every night, tending to his sex addiction. His mother, Genevieve, knew about Leonard's tendencies, but stayed with him even though he cheated on her and hit her every night when he got home. The constant abuse got to Genevieve's head. She became addicted to cocaine, hoping that it would make her feel better. She was high all the time and could barely take care of Jett. Jett relied on his older brother, Rocco, who was eight when their mother became nonexistent. Rocco helped Jett as he went through school, and he didn't go to college to make sure that Jett finished high school.

Once Jett graduated high school, Rocco left for college. Jett was happy that Rocco finally took some time to work on himself and his future. Throughout high school, though, Jett became involved in many dangerous things. He started to sell drugs. Sometimes, he'd commit even harsher crimes, like arson and theft. Jett met his boyfriend in high school, and they've been partners in crime ever since. They are in this together, no matter what happens.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments It was just another day at the apartment that Jett lived in with his boyfriend, Cassius, who's been in prison for way too long. He felt so guilty. He should have turned himself in, but they had made a promise to each other a long time ago that if one got caught, the other would not get themselves involved. He stuck to the promise, figuring that he'd spend every day doing something in Cassius' honor. On certain days, it was just little things, like remembering to do the laundry, or doing chores Cassius would do rather than Jett. He was driving himself crazy without him, but he always stayed loyal, no matter how hard each day without him was. He wished that the next year would go by with the blink of an eye. From a year today, June 17th, Cassius' sentence would be over, and he would be released. Jett would be able to see him once again. This morning, Jett made breakfast for two. Every morning, Jett would make two plates of food, setting one of the plates across from him for Cassius. Since he was never there, Jett would end up eating Cassius' plate as to not waste the food. It was hard. He struggled every day. He wished he had turned himself in to be in prison with his boyfriend, but he knew the consequences. Besides, they would not be able to make a profit from prison unless they risked getting caught again and getting their sentences raised. Jett still dealt drugs. Ever since Cassius went to prison, he'd taken out four people who threatened him. Of course, they deserved it. Jett had to be extra careful; he didn't know if the police were onto him or not due to the fact that his boyfriend was in jail and might've spilled some information about Jett. Jett just wanted his boyfriend home, and he hoped that prison wasn't damaging him or changing him too much. He wanted his Cassius back. He was well aware that prison could change someone's entire outlook on life and could cause them to be reserved. Jett wouldn't know how to handle it if Cassius was not the same emotionally.

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There was no way in hell Cassius even debated calling Jett, and his mother was out of the decision, as well. So when he was let out early for his sentence, the possible drivers were some good friends that he didn’t want to speak with currently, and a couple novices of his. Nicholas was who he chose, a friend of his and former drug baron.


“What do you want me to say?” Wyatt said lowly, chewing on his lip as he glanced over at the male for a second before back out the window. He was tracing the raindrops on the glass, a seemingly peaceful absentminded activity that would calm him down. But nothing could tame the anger and frustration and sadness and overwhelm he felt ever since he was given his date of release. He wasn’t the only one behind his crime and he had to go through its consequences alone.

“Damn, you still look like yourself. Just stronger.” Nico leaned over and shoved him with a small smile, just trying to mess with him.

Wyatt shrugged, didn’t bother looking over at the driver. He wasn’t wrong: the small, thin boy had definitely gained more muscle in his time. Even without the muscle development, a year affected his face, even if one disregarded the times he got beat. “How has Jay been?”

“Hell if I know. I’m dropping you off at your place, yeah?”

Wyatt didn’t respond, he didn’t know how. But Nico took that as his queue to take the highway to his apartment complex. His stomach was churning and his mind was burning with thoughts he had been thinking over for the past 365 days. And here he was, at a near loss for words. He managed to want to hurt Jett and hold him close as the same time, and wasn’t even sure if one outweighed the other.

Their brief meeting was nothing important, small ‘thanks’ and ‘good lucks’ being exchanged before the black Ford focus drove off down the suburb. Leaving him alone with the one thing he had been motivated by for an entire year.He knew damn well where their apartment still was. Senior year of high school and he finally got himself out of that terrible household to live in some shitty apartment with his boyfriend, only to have been sent behind bars without him. Did he want Jett dead for that? He began to fiddle with the lock at ease, though he felt so uncertain for someone who had been motivated by this for so long. His stomach churned and his fingers nearly shook.

((sorry, my starters always suck!!))

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((No your starter was great!! mine sucked, it was too short I'm sorry))

Jett sighed, tossing the dirty dishes in the sink and turning the faucet on, letting it run and opening the cabinet to pull out one of the blunts he'd rolled yesterday. He put it between his lips and walked to the other side of the kitchen, yanking open a drawer. It was a bitch to open, he had to always use force. He took out the lighter and cupped a hand around the end of the blunt, lighting it and taking a drag. He tucked the lighter in the pocket of his t-shirt, closing the annoying drawer with his hip and turning the sink faucet off. He ignored the dishes, walking into the living room and taking another drag. He exhaled slowly, sighing and plopping down on the couch. He turned the television on and flipped through channels, landing on the news. There was another stupid story on Trump's presidency. He rolled his eyes, turning the television off. "I need to do something with my fucking life." He groaned to himself, standing up again and deciding to go back into the kitchen. Instead of washing the dishes, he put everything in the dishwasher and ran it. He took a longer hit from his joint, eyes fluttering shut when he started to feel the weed numbing his head. He entered the bedroom, pulling the shade up and sighing when he saw the rain. He hated rainy days, it put him in a depressed funk that he couldn't get out of until the rain was over.

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Another minute and the door was open, just like that. And he was home. He turned the knob and door hesitantly opened, and there was the same place he would walk into with his boyfriend after their drug runs. Now he wasn’t even sure of Jett’s whereabouts. Was he even home? Did he want to kill him just as much as he did? Wyatt would be lying if he said that he only felt anger in that moment, because he felt so much more. Betrayal, hurt, guilt, envy, sadness, frustration, it was all there. And he knew that they made that promise years ago, to keep quiet regarding eachother, but did he really want that promise to happen? Prison was hell, and he would’ve been there for another year if it weren’t for his behavior there. After of couple mishaps, he managed to stay in line. But the time away messed with him a lot.

Small things as he walked around the house reminded him of Jett: drawers left open, what looked to be his worn in shoes, and simply the scent. Maybe it had been a year, but he could distinguish it anywhere. And other things didn’t, like the absence of dishes in the sink, and the seemingly emptiness of the house in general. It wasn’t their place anymore, not after a year’s time. He made his way around the small apartment, recognizing the couch and the keys left on the counter and everything, getting used to the place as if he were a guest at a friend’s house, except the thing was, he lived here at one point.

Frozen. Silent. The moment he stepped into the bedroom, he was hit with a plethora of emotions that he wished he could will away because of the extremity of them. His chest hurt and it felt strange to take one step closer because that meant he was one step closer to the boy he wanted to both kill and press his lips to.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett puffed along on his blunt, finishing it before he thought about what’s to wear for the day. He put the joint out on his jeans, then set the butt on the nightstand. He slipped his shirt off and pulled on a gray t-shirt. He put some jeans on as well, then socks. He stepped up to the mirror, running his hands through his hair. He sighed heavily, he felt so unmotivated without Cas around. He wondered what he was doing at this moment, he wondered if he was thinking about him. That’s when he turned, startled at the man in the door. Within a second, he realized that it was his boyfriend. His jaw slacked, eyes filling with tears. “Oh, my god...” he muttered. “It’s you.” He walked up to him without a second thought, hugging him tightly and burying his head into his neck. “I missed you so much, Cas... I missed you.” He breathed, eyes wrenching shut. His heart was going a thousand miles a minute; he wondered if Cassius was upset with him. He could feel it radiating off of the man. Jett could always sense when Cassius was angry. If he was, Jett could assume why. He wasn’t there with him, in prison. What if Cassius hasn’t been treated well in there? Jett couldn’t have protected him.

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Wyatt watched his boyfriend quietly as he looked over himself in the mirror. He managed to look nearly unfamiliar to him, as if they had never met. He managed to look taller, stronger. His hair was missed back and his eyes showed tire. He chewed on his lip anxiously as he watched the boy, so many emotions and thoughts going through his mind.

It was when he turned around and noticed him, when Wyatt was at a loss for words. He saw passion and trust and love and too many feelings at the sight of the boy. And the next second, they were touching again. The embrace, his nickname, his touch, it was everything he remembered. As if nothing had happened, though so much had. His love overcame the physical and mental pain he felt. His arms were around him without a thought, and he blinked quickly to avoid tears from slipping. He missed him, so much. And he wished that the past year never happened because it would’ve made everything so much easier. He didn’t know what the think, what to feel. “I’m sorry,” he was first to say , barely even realizing it had left it’s mouth until it already did.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett hugged Cassius tightly, tears stinging his eyes. He planted kisses all over his face, pulling back slightly and cupping his boyfriend's cheeks in his hands. He furrowed his eyebrows at the apology, stroking his cheeks with his thumbs. "No... You have nothing to be sorry for. Cas, I'm sorry. Every day, every single day... I thought about how unfair that it was you in jail and not me." He frowned, a tear escaping and rolling down his face. "I hate that promise that we made." He sighed. Surely, if he ever ended up in prison, he'd wish the best for Cassius. He sniffled, wiping his eyes. "I love you..." He looked into his boyfriend's dark brown eyes, missing the feeling of getting lost in them. Cassius looked the same yet different at the same time. He definitely gained more muscle, lost a little weight.

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Wyatt felt as if he was dreaming, everything surrounding him feeling so strange and far away from him. A part of him wanted to kiss him deeply, say he loved him, hold him close and ignore the rest of the word because Jett was what mattered to him. But another part of him wanted to hurt him, leave despite the pain it may bring, move on with the unhealthy state he was in. The overwhelming amount of emotion he felt was fucking with him so much, to the point where he was beginning to feel numb. He tried to listen to Jett, he really did, but it was difficult. He shook his head a bit, that one part of him not wanting him to apologize because he didn’t deserve it. “One year,” he mumbled quietly, his voice ridden of any emotion. He couldn’t let this get to him, not the love or the hate. So he was nothing for now.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett indulged in the hug, and after a few minutes of standing there, he pulled away. One year. He sighed, biting his lip. "I know." He muttered, a bit hurt by how Wyatt didn't tell Jett that he loved him, too. Maybe his mind changed when he was in prison; maybe he met someone else. Jett took a step back, wiping his eyes and looking at Wyatt up and down. "I'm sorry." He said quietly. The look on Wyatt's face scared him; he didn't seem to be phased by being home early at all. Jett, in his confusion, turned around and ran his hands through his hair. He took a deep breath. "Are... Are you mad at me or somethin'?" He asked, looking at the wall with his back to Wyatt. He wouldn't really know how to handle it if Wyatt didn't miss him or love him. Everything they've been through would be washed down the drain.

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Wyatt hated it when they pulled away, all he wanted was then to remain together like that after a year apart. One year. A year without the person he cared about most, a year without the person he loved, a year without the only person capable of making him feel so much. He wasn’t sure what to make of that.
He shook his head again upon hearing the apology: he wasn’t sure what he wanted to hear from him, honestly. His hands were fidgeting, aching to have Jett’s in his own; it was almost a funny sight to see, his toned arms nearly trembling as his boyfriend turned away from him. He missed him and loved him so much, and he wished he could say that to him right now. Hold him close, kiss him, cry, anything. He shook his head again, still almost at a loss for words. Hearing Jett made the lack of emotion on his face falter for a moment, his eyes beginning to tear up but he refused to let anything fall. “I-I don’t know, Jay.”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett's shoulders slumped when he heard Wyatt's response. "Oh." He muttered, turning to face him. He looked at Wyatt for a moment before sighing and walking out of the room. He figured that Wyatt would rather be left alone right now. Was he mad that Jett hadn't turned himself in? Jett walked into the kitchen, opening the cabinet and taking out a handle of lime-flavored vodka. He took three large gulps straight out of the bottle, then took out a glass and poured in the liquor to fill about a quarter of the glass. He put the bottle away, then filled the rest of the glass with orange juice, too deflated to make anything else. He stirred it with a knife and dropped the knife in the sink, taking a seat on the stool at the kitchen island. He put his head in his hands, heart throbbing with pain. He wished that Wyatt knew how hard it was for him to not turn himself in. He thought about it every day.

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Wyatt watched as Jett walked past him out of the bed room, and his heart wretched with pain, almost as painful as the time he was arrested. The boy he had started to shun out had already accepted it and done the exact same. Resenting his feelings enough for him to resent him just the same. Tears were stinging. He was angry over so much: not being able to see him, allowing their plan to be flawed enough to notget away with it. But he was guilty, too. And upset and overwhelmed and frustrated and sorry, he was sorry most of all. He knew how bad they were from eachother, the playfights and real fights, the teasing and the screaming at eachother. But he loved Jett, he always had and nobody else. He finally turned and strided out of the room after a minute of regaining himself, missing the boy he had just seen for seconds. “Jay, I-“ He choked up and tried to compose himself, cursing under his breath for being like this. “I m-missed you.” He wasn’t sure what he was expecting out of this: himself losing his temper and hurting Jett, or them peppering eachother in kisses, or being asked an overwhelming amount of questions before hearing that he was already living with someone new. He didn’t know.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett had downed half of his drink by the time Wyatt came back to him, and he looked up from his glass, frowning. He slowly set the glass down on the counter in front of him and bit his lip. He listened to Wyatt call him by his nickname, which sounded like the beautiful melody he’d missed for so long. He then stood up from his chair, walking to his boyfriend and sighing when he stopped in front of him. “I missed you, too, Cas.” He said, cupping his cheeks in his hands and pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. “More than you know.” He meant that, too. He was pretty sure Wyatt was upset that Jett let him sit in prison for so long; but there was nothing Jett could’ve done that would’ve made Wyatt happy. Then again, they both committed the crime. “I’m sorry I was unfair to you.” He muttered. “I should’ve been in there with you. I’ve beaten myself up about it every single day. I’m so sorry.”

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Wyatt hadn’t realized it until it had happened, but his touch had returned and his boyfriend was right in front of him again. Apologizing and kissing him gently to wish it all away. Wyatt had beatings beyond compare evident across his stomach, face, and scattered on his limbs in bruises; so much had happened at the prison, he wasn’t sure if and when he would talk about it, or if they would return back to normal without a word about it. Frankly, he didn’t know what he wanted. He wanted to say it. I love you. But not only did he feel that urge, but he felt anger towards him. The boy that let him be sent off. However, there was an overwhelming sense of guilt, as well, and he didn’t know what to think, what to say.

After a moment of hesitation, trying to mask the emotion on his face, he took the boy’s shirt collar to pull him closer, an inch from his face. His lips. He shook his head, unsure what words were about to spew from his mouth. “You fucking let it happen, Jay. And it was unfair, it was so unfair. I’ve spent my time pondering why I’d ever want to hurt you, but I did, and I still do, but now you’re actually here and I don’t know what to do. Because you caused this and yet I’m still here,” he growled lowly, looking up to meet his eyes for a moment. His heart squeezed painfully in his chest as he spoke, unsure if this was what he wanted to tell Jett.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett’s eyes narrowed at his boyfriend, and he stepped away from him. “Wow.” He said, shaking his head. “I let it happen. I let it happen?!” He clenched his hands into fists. “Wyatt, we’ve been in this together ever since high school! I didn’t fucking call the police and tell them to look for you. The reason we got separated is because the guys we were after went two separate ways.” He laughed to himself. “You want to hurt me? Go right ahead! I’m sure it’ll make me feel better after what you’ve just said to me.” He shook his head again in disbelief. “I can’t believe you, Wyatt. Did you think I didn’t want to be there for you? Did you think I wanted you to go to jail?” He felt tears brewing in his eyes, so he turned around and walked back to the kitchen island, taking his drink and downing it. He set he glass down with a heavy sigh; he wanted to feel numb as soon as possible.

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Wyatt watched as his boyfriend stepped away from him and he already wanted to pull him closer, both out of love and hate. He tried to stop the words from spewing from his mouth, but he couldn’t. He took a step back and looked at Jett, his eyes portraying beyond emotion. “If you didn’t fucking go along with it, nothing would’ve happened! I ... I didnt know what was going to happen, and Im-Im sorry I took it too fucking far, but Im here, and I don’t know what I’m doing.” His hands were shaking with anxiety and anger and everything and nothing. He shook his head and looked up to meet Jett’s eyes. “I can’t hurt you, Jay, I can’t fucking do it.” The male made him feel too much emotion that he could bring himself to do it, especially right now. Only he could do that to him.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett raised a hand up, not wanting to hear anything else. "You can't hurt me..." he said, "but you want to." He narrowed his eyes at his boyfriend, eyebrows pulling together. He was hurt. He felt a pit in the bottom of his stomach, his chest was tight, and his heart was heavy. He wished that things could have worked out differently. "Listen, Wyatt." He said, deciding not to use a nickname; it would have made Jett uncomfortable. "I'm sorry that I ruined your life. I'm sorry that I ruined your chances at being happy. Clearly, you don't deserve me." He sighed heavily, grabbing his phone, keys and wallet. "I'm heading out, I have some business I need to take care of. Call me when you make up your mind on whether you're staying or going." He said, heading towards the door. He knew that he was being a dick, but he felt so defeated, and he didn't know what Wyatt wanted anymore. He walked outside and closed the door behind him, heading down to his car.

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((sorry!! i swear ill have something up tonight!))

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Wyatt stopped quickly when Jett stopped him, almost obediently. He bit down on his lip, hard, at what Jett said. That was their dynamic, they could always managed to hurt eachother and cause so much pain to the other, and yet it worked. And yet they still loved eachother, despite how terrible it might seem to others. It worked for them. It always had. You didn’t ruin my life. You’d didn’t ruin my happy in the world. his mind was screaming, but he was choked up now. He didn’t deserve his boyfriend. His beautiful, loving, sweet, worthy, amazing boyfriend. And he knew that. He almost followed him out like a lost puppy, taking a couple steps towards the door because he wasn’t sure what else to do at this point and al hebwanted was his closeness to the only person he loved again. But he let him leave. grabbed his phone from his jacket pocket the moment the door shut. He didn’t care about the bruises in his ribs and the pain he was feeling physically because this mattered more. He held a shaky hand up to his ear after pressing on the contact of the man he had just seen. Usually he was stubborn with stuff like this, but he was giving in now.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((no worries!!))

Jett got in his car and slammed the door, unable to control his anger and frustration. He had to admit to himself that he was upset and incredibly hurt. All he wanted was to sit on the couch with Wyatt, hug him, kiss him, catch up with him. Apparently, it wasn't what Wyatt wanted. Fine. Wyatt could have the apartment to himself for a few nights until Jett would build up the courage to return. He couldn't face Wyatt like this. He began to drive towards a hotel that he'd stayed at before when it was too dangerous to go back home. He felt his phone buzz in his pocket and answered it when he saw it was Wyatt. "Yes?" He said, voice flat and face expressionless. He was trying hard to hide the sadness in his voice.

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Wyatt chewed on his lip uncontrollably as he waited for a response. Maybe Jett wouldn’t come back until he was gone again, maybe he had already ruined everything between them that he had been craving since he was placed in that stupid prison. On the sixth ring, he picked up, though. He caught his breath and stopped worrying his lip, wanting to compile his thoughts into words but there was far too much on his mind.“Please come back,” he said quietly, his voice just barely breaking. Jett was always so much better at hiding his emotions, as much as he didn’t want to admit that.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett pulled the car to the side of the street and shifted into park, flicking his hazard lights on. He didn’t like to hear Wyatt when he was sad; his voice sounded weak and it made Jett want to wrap him up in his arms. He held his phone between his ear and his shoulder, drumming his thumbs on the steering wheel. He sighed heavily, biting his lip. “How do I know you won’t try to kill me if I come back? You seemed pretty upset. I was going to leave you alone and let you be free for a few days.” Jett said, staring at the road ahead of him. He wanted to turn around and drive back to their apartment so badly, but he wasn’t sure if Wyatt actually wanted him there to see him, or if he just wanted him there so he wouldn’t be alone.

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“I won’t. I-I wouldn’t. I came to see you, not the house,” he said softly, biting down hard on his busted lip once again. His eyes flitted around the house, discerning what was familiar to him and what wasn’t. He didn’t like admitting his vulnerability, neither of them ever did. The two often entertained themselves with the pain and the words they threw at eachother relentlessly, but it was always balanced out with the kisses and the cuddling and the long talks. But Wyatt couldn’t even contain himself right now, he wanted to return to the normality of his life despite how hard that may be. If it was even attainable.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett sighed softly at Wyatt's words, eyebrows pulling together in confusion. "I wanted to see you, too." He muttered, looking down at his lap. "I'll be back in five." With that, he ended the call and turned the car around, driving back towards their apartment. When he arrived, it didn't take him long to make it through the door. He stood in the living room, eyes falling on Wyatt. He didn't know what to do, he couldn't even remember how to move. "Just come here, Cas, spend at least five minutes with me..." he said sadly. "Wait until later to get mad at me. I promise you can let all of your anger out. Just... Please, be with me first." He walked towards his boyfriend, opening his arms for him.

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Wyatt bit his lip as he listened, saying nothing. Expecting him to refuse because he knew that the way they treated eachother was terrible at times but it somehow worked. But he received an answer that he didn’t fully process until he hung up because it was so unexpected, he thought. He glanced at his phone for a second as he let the words settle before a sigh of relief escaped his mouth. He needed to be with Jett now, he knew that. He wandered around the house, finding himself back in the living room when he realized the door was open again, though now it was his boyfriend standing in it. He could feel his eyes pricking with tears and threatening to fall, but he wouldn’t let it happen. No. He stood there for a moment. Tentative, afraid. But he soon found himself wrapped around him tightly upon seeing the outstretched arms, burying his face into his chest and squeezed his eyes shut. All the emotions were crashing down now. “Ive missed you so much, Jay. So much,” he whispered, biting down hard on his busted lip as he tightened his hold. He could care less about both the mental and physical pain he felt. “I’m sorry.”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett felt all of his crazy thoughts come to a peaceful medium when Wyatt fell into his arms. Everything became right. All he wanted was his boyfriend's love; nothing more, nothing less. He cupped the back of Wyatt's head in his hand, the other gripping tightly at the back of his boyfriend's shirt. "I missed you, too, Cassie." He murmured, eyes wrenching shut. "God, I missed you. You have no idea. Every day I'd make an extra plate of breakfast and put it at your spot." He sighed heavily. "I know that sounds cheesy, but I wanted to feel as if you were still with me. It felt less and less real as time went on. I felt like I was in another world." He held back his own tears. "No matter how many times we argue, I hope you know that I need you more than anything."

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Wyatt felt his heart squeeze when he heard those words returned to him, in both the best and worst way. He listened as he forced himself to bite back on the tears. He never cried, not even in front of Jett. His words hit home; every day he could feel himself becoming less and less like himself, the disassociation taking over until he felt like he wasn’t living, just existing. He bit his tongue, his cheek, his lip, as he willed himself to keep his feelings weaker than how powerfully they felt in his mind. He couldn’t help but allow the smallest of crooked smiles slip onto his lips when he heard him. “I need you, Jay. Always have,” he murmured. “Fuck, I’m so s-sorry.” He knew that he was behind all of this and didn’t want Jett to apologize anymore despite the frustration he felt. He spent that year pondering where their relationship was put off, his mind constantly debating hurting him or keeping him close to his heart.

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Jett threaded his fingers through Wyatt’s hair, able to smell the familiar scent of his boyfriend through the bitterness of the sweat and blood. He hadn’t realized how badly Wyatt had been beaten. “Don’t apologize, Cassie... I love you. You know that.” He presses a gentle kiss to Wyatt’s forehead, sighing softly before glancing down at him. “You have to tell me what happened to you, and who did this...” He frowned as he lightly ran his thumb over Wyatt’s busted lip. Whoever did this was surely going to pay for it. Jett knew how to make inmates feel intimidated; he has done it before. He snapped out of his thoughts, taking Wyatt’s hand and leading him to the couch.

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Hands moved over eachother as if one letting go meant losing im all over again. Wyatt didn’t deserve him; he was going insane and jett was the only one who knew how to control him. They could beat eachother black and blue and Wyatt would still be there for Jett. It always worked that way. Wyatt buried his head into his chest, his boyfriend’s scent returning to him almost immediately, and held him close with shaky hands, despite both the physical and mental pain. He needed Jett. He looked back up to his favorite eyes when he heard him speak again. More touch, as if they couldn’t get enough of it. He flinched a bit when Jett ran over his lip, but let him do it. He wanted him to do it. A part of him didn’t want to show him the injuries that decorated his torso like ornaments on a Christmas tree. He held his love’s hand tightly and followed his lead to the couch, more or less shifting so he was nearly on Jett’s lap. Closeness. “I love you.” He couldn’t say it enough.

((no worries love, hope all is well! sending lots of love your way xoxo))

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Jett let out a sigh of relief, stroking Wyatt's hair slowly. "I love you." He murmured, not wanting this to go away. He wished they didn't fight so often, it hurt the both of them continuously. His hands slowly fell to Wyatt's waist, situating himself so that Wyatt was straddling his lap. He looked up into his boyfriend's eyes, his own softening. "You're still as beautiful as the last time I saw you..." He smiled softly, rubbing small circles into Wyatt's dangerously thin hipbones with his thumbs. He figured that Wyatt had no intentions of telling Jett how or why he had gotten hurt; he had completely ignored Jett's question. Though it made Jett want to know what happened even more, he understood wanting to keep it a secret.

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Wyatt released an exhale of breath he didn’t know he had been holding until then, when he heard those words. He was sure that he himself had ruined that, Jett loving him, long ago, except Jett’s assurance made him only want to kiss him hard on lips like he used to. He wanted to tell him everything that mattered and everything that didn’t, hold him close and apologize and tell him how much he loved him because Jett deserved nothing else, certainly not a broken boy like Wyatt, he thought. Upon hearing his words, his blood rushed to his cheeks in a signature flush and tucked his face away into Jett’s shoulder. He couldn’t help but crookedly smile against the skin on the crook of his neck where he rested, still managing to get flustered by him after all this time. Wyatt didn’t see himself as beautiful, he was now scrawny and hurt and pale and hollow next to the boy he had fallen for years ago. “You’re so beautiful...” he mumbled. He knew the fighting was inevitable, where they’d push and shout and will to not see eachother again, but Wyatt always came crawling back because they needed eachother and Wyatt couldn’t help but shower him affection because there was nothing other that mattered to him. He would listen to anything he told him to do if he knew Jett wanted him to.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((soooo I changed Jett's appearance because I couldn't put my original appearance in my head when I was writing him. This one is a better fit, haha))

Jett's heart throbbed at Wyatt's words. This was the man he wanted to marry. No matter what they went through, they were always there for each other. Their love kept them from separating. Sure, they fought, but nobody's perfect. They were still young and still had time to work on themselves. Once they worked through that, then they'd be the best possible people for each other. Jett couldn't wait to see what was lying ahead for them, and he hoped that he would be able to give Wyatt the life he's always wanted. "C'mere." He murmured, tilting Wyatt's chin up to give him a slow, soft kiss. When their lips parted, he stayed only centimeters away from his boyfriend's face. He opened his eyes, scanning Wyatt's face. "I missed that." He whispered before kissing him again, with more passion and desire.

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Jett was beautiful and there was no denying that, he had known it since high school when he had undeniably fallen for him. Throughout the screaming and shoving and choking on sobs, they worked together and Wyatt wanted nothing other than being with the older boy forever. He was the only person who managed to make him happy, who managed to understand the emotions that ran through his mind like rapid fire that even he himself couldn’t comprehend. And before he knew it, his lips were pressed back to Jett’s, as he always felt they should be. It was the the most delicate kiss, as if Wyatt was so fragile that he would break like glass if it were any different. “I missed it too,” he murmured, barely even audible. It was barely even another second before he was enveloped in a deeper kiss, a hand reaching up to card his fingers through Jett’s hair and soon cup his cheek as he returned it.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett enjoyed every moment of their kiss, his tongue finding its way back into Wyatt's warm mouth. Jett tugged gently at Wyatt's hair, pressing their bodies together in need. He ran a hand down Wyatt's side and let it rest for a few moments at his hip before slowly running it down his thigh. His free hand began to roam Wyatt's chest, tugging gently at his shirt, fingers. brushing at his skin gently. The delicacy is what drove Jett crazy; a good crazy. After a few more moments, he paused the kiss to look into Wyatt's eyes. "I want to show you how much I really missed you, so that you'll understand..." Jett bit his lip, furrowing his eyebrows. "Do you want me to show you?" He was worried that Wyatt might not be ready; it had been a year, and their fight had just blown over.

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Wyatt welcomed it all the moment it all began, his mind sparking with something he hadn’t felt in forever. His gentle yet powerful touch only led to Wyatt to be leaning closer to his intoxicating lips, chest to chest as his mind went even more numb. His other hand tugged at The collar of Jett’s shirt huffily before tracing down his spine and settling at his waist. He tried to bite make any noise until he couldn’t anymore, a small moan escaping his mouth with Jett’s overwhelming touch that managed to drive him mad. Which was why it caught him by surprise when he pulled away. He looked up and searched his eyes as he spoke, his own eyebrows furrowing as he saw the boy in the dim light. “I want to be able to,” he admitted, biting down hard on his split lip as he looked over his beautiful boyfriend. A whole year without him changed him beyond words. He feared he would freak out on him and back out, no matter how badly he wanted it in this moment. Prison fucked him up bad enough, and he wanted to regain himself as a person. He looked down, forehead resting on Jett’s as he ran his hand gently up his thigh

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett nodded his head slowly at Wyatt’s words, watching his eyes carefully to try to recognize any fear or doubt. He gave him another passion-filled kiss, running his hands through Wyatt’s hair. Feeling his boyfriend’s hand travel up his thigh made his body go numb. He wanted this more than anything right now; he missed Wyatt. Unfortunately, his hand wasn’t enough to satisfy him. It was nothing like Wyatt. Being with Wyatt felt perfect; felt right. He gently lifted Wyatt into his arms and stood, kissing him as he made his way to their bedroom. He laid Wyatt down on the bed and crawled on top of him, making sure not to put all of his weight on him. He continued to kiss him, tongue slipping into his mouth to explore while a hand traveled down his boyfriend’s slim and fragile body. He was worried about how much weight Wyatt had lost; he was skinny when he went to prison and even skinnier when he got out.

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A sharp intake of breath was all Wyatt took until his lips were captured by Jett’s again, his eyes fluttering closed and his mind racing and his heart pounding as he was picked up and taken back to the bedroom he had seen his love at the mirror, returning the kiss with just as much passion as his boyfriend. He was doubtful of his own self just as he was excited for this to be granted to him after a year of anger and frustration and love, it seemed, too. Makeup sex was always their thing, maybe this would just be the start of his return to normalcy right after their fight had blown over. He wanted to be able to.

Wyatt shivered as his back hit the mattress, wrestling with his tongue as his hands explored his body, from the nape of his neck to the small of his back to his hips. And just like that, his lips began to stray as he began to kiss down Jett’s neck, each kiss becoming tougher until he was eventually leaving small purple marks along his neck, just how they used to decorate their bodies. He tugged on the collar of his shirt as he continued marking up his boyfriend, wanting nothing between them now that this had started. He had nearly forgotten about the plethora of bruises that tinted his torso.

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Wyatt shook his head disapprovingly to himself when he couldn’t calm down, able to recognize that it was different from their usual. Not that they were the same or anything since the past year, but this made him only angry at himself. He was heaving for breath and he was scared to open his eyes but he couldn’t convince himself why and he was far from clean right now. Another minute or two passed and his eyes had finally opened partway, his breathing had finally softened to an extent. He sat up and propped himself up with his hands, not wanting to panic while with his boyfriend. He couldn’t do that. “I missed you,” he mumbled, still barely audible. But it was true.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett looked over at Wyatt and placed a hand on his thigh. “I missed you, too.” He said softly, leaning up to kiss his cheek. He laid back down against the pillows, his jaw tightening. Now what? Would Wyatt end up getting angry with Jett again? He found it possible; especially since the sex felt different. It felt good, but there was a few moments of what seemed to be hesitation or panic. He sighed softly, rolling over and grabbing the water bottle from the nightstand. He took a few sips before handing the bottle to Wyatt.

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Wyatt tensed up at the warm hand on his leg for a moment before he settled again beside Jett, mustering a small smile and an abdentminded blush at the kiss. He looked around the room he hadn’t been in for an entire year, everything looking all the same and yet so unfamiliar. And then he turned to the boy, his love he hadn’t seen in so long, just as he looked up to him with his eyes Wyatt always managed to fall for. “Thank you,” he mumbled in regards to the water, taking the bottle and sipping on it for a moment before reaching over back on the nightstand.and then he fell quiet. Afraid of how to address anything and everything, if at all.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett laid in the awkward silence, chewing on his lower lip in either anticipation or hesitation. He couldn’t tell which one. He kept glancing over at Wyatt, unable to form words. He couldn’t express the feeling between the two; either that, or he didn’t want to. He was worried that it would force them apart again. “Is there something you want to say?” He finally asked, eyes darting across his boyfriend’s face.

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Hearing Jett speak up again made him draw in a deep breath, trying desperately to calm down. He didn’t know why he had gotten so worked up in the first place, he didn’t know what was wrong with him. “I don’t know,” he whispered, his voice wavering at the end despite how quite he was. He took another shaky breath before he tucked his head into the crook of Jett’s neck at a loss for words and the shame of looking back to his eyes. Focusing on breathing so he wouldn’t break down, he couldn’t do that. He knew prison had fucked him up, but he just wanted to be normal again, now that he was here again. Had things changed? It felt like it and he knew it was because of his own damn self. “Sorry?”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Jett furrowed his eyebrows, and he rolled over on his side to face his boyfriend. Biting his lip, he tried to read the expressions on Wyatt's face. "Sorry? You're sorry?" He swallowed thickly, shaking his head. "There's nothing to be sorry for." He sighed heavily. "It's prison, isn't it?" He frowned, "It fucked you up, didn't it?" He felt the cloud of guilt return with even more rain. "I'm so sorry, Cas." His heart sunk to his stomach. There was nothing Jett could do to turn this around or fix it. He wished he was the one in prison. "Listen, you can say no. But maybe this will get prison off of your mind... Cory is having a party tonight, all the guys will be there. You love partying. It should be fun, you won't have to think about anything."

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